The Ottoman Empire Paper Essay

The empire was more of a military administration than a state. The empire is known as to have lasted a much longer time than any other disposition. The rulers with this empire were known as Sultans or Hunkar or Emperors and had been all Islam. Suleyman the Great was your Sultan whom ruled the longest when Amurath ruled for just three months making him the shortest judgment sultan.

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The sultans always emerged from the Ottoman family who had been strict supporters of the Quran. Credibility, hard work and charity had been principles that led the Ottoman Disposition. Sermons were often read with the intention of the famous Sultan at that time.

Any kind of property of the Sultan was known as Royal or real. Having discussed much on the establishment and basic history of the Ottoman with the empire, it truly is of utmost importance to now consider the empire even more critically and discover impacts of the Ottoman Empire especially on the Umma Muslims. Although Ottoman Empire was probably the most powerful and civilized old empires worldwide, it also experienced its faults during it is reign. This conventional paper specifically targets some of those disadvantages and particularly the mismanagement that was observed when the disposition was in power leading to section among the Umma Muslims.

A critical research of the Ottoman Empire shows various setbacks that the dynasty experienced which affected directly or indirectly the unanimity of the Ottoman Muslims. According to the traditions of the Ottoman Empire, when a Sultan died among his sons would end up being the next Sultan. On the other hand there were not any proper tactics as to who does become the up coming Sultan. There was therefore not any clear requirements of selecting a Sultan.

This kind of led to bloodshed as normally the one who ultimately emerged victorious had to remove his competition for order and peace to prevail. This obviously proceeded to go against the theories of the Muslim religion. Some Muslims supported the method while others were totally against it as it contravened the teachings from the Holy Quran.

This led to split among the Muslims. Another issue that led to the division of the Umma Muslims was the degree of respect approved to the sultans. The Sultans were almost equated to Jahve the Goodness of the Muslims. For instance during praying sermons had been read with the intention of the current Sultan.

Some Muslims even so felt that this was blasphemous because typically sermons were supposed to be examine in the name of Jahve the Awesome one. This therefore led to split among Muslims thereby damaging the unity between them. While discussed previous Sultan Suleyman served pertaining to 40 years and therefore goes down a brief history of catalogs as the longest serving Sultan.

The major position of the Sultan was to ensure that justice and fairness was exercised. Cases of injustice had been rare because the Sultan made sure which the laws were followed for the letter. Any injustice and unfairness called for the direct input of the Sultan. Scholars and theologians believe one of the reasons why the Ottoman dynasty declined and eventually collapsed was as the Sultans whom succeeded Sultan Suleyman are not keen on protecting the pursuits of the citizens in terms of proper rights.

The neglect by way of a leaders resulted in Umma Muslims to shortage loyalty because of their leaders and thereby there was clearly disunity among them. Once Sultan passed away his child Selim II took over the leadership in the dynasty. His behavior was absolutely inaguantable and offered a great deal in causing disunity among the Muslims. Having been an should be of alcoholic beverages and would spend most of his days and nights drinking for that reason forgetting his administrative function.

Having been also a enthusiast of women and a sex addict habits that are greatly condemned in the Holy Quran. Due to his negligent nature, he completely disengaged himself via making decisions that affected the common people directly or indirectly. This built the Muslims to be disloyal to the Sultan and thus led to a lot of division. As a consequence the Ottoman dynasty came tumbling down observing the end in the great dynasty. (Paul, 1971) At the end of the 16 century Ottoman was still an extremely strong dynasty and important too. However the Sultan style of leadership was little by little becoming unpopular thus burning off ground.

In its place was the bureaucratic electric power method of judgment. On the other hand this method of power was actually the pathway to the drop and fall of the world’s most important empire. This was and so because bureaucracy led to file corruption error neglecting the needs and interests from the people.

As a result, there is a lot of unpopularity from the government among the list of common people. This resulted in division among the list of Muslims and eventually the empire collapsed. (Leslie, 2003) Historians also believe that one other major contribution to disunity among the Ottoman Muslims was inequality by successors of Sultan Suleiyman. Since discussed earlier during the reign of Sultan Suleiyman the Central federal government was available so that any individual who had issues would present them ahead of the leaders.

However with the change of leaders, the new leaders placed themselves thus highly that they were not available. The Muslims lost faith in their leaders; as a result there was disunity and later collapse with the dynasty. The leaders advertised people to electric power without using the ideal criteria.

There was major unfairness which brought about strife among the the general public. This in turn led to sections among the Muslims as some experienced that they were discriminated against in their very own country. At some point the leaders exuded high level of negligence as much as matters relevant people were worried.

The common people revolted and as a result there were disunity. This triggered internal problems. One more major issue that brought about split due to poor management of power by the leaders was the issue of succession after the loss of life of a Sultan. As already discussed if the departed Sultan was without an inheritor or that he had a number of sons there were stiff contest that always led to bloodshed. Scholars strongly believe that this may have played out a major function in label of the Umma and the final collapse in the kingdom.

A noteworthy distinction between Ottoman Empire and other kingdoms was that these were during the Ottoman Empire there were freedom especially for the non-Muslims to practice their particular religion. This brought division among the list of Muslims as being a felt that other beliefs were equated to their faith and this they found to become very unpleasant. Because of this there were aneantissements and splendour. This kind of led to a great division among the Muslims the majority of whom believed that though no religious beliefs should be equated with the Muslim religion Massacre was a desprovisto as it contravened the O Quran.

There was also an element of split and rule that commanders in electricity used in make an effort to gain reputation. The leaders will therefore incite the people against their own. The people battled each other over small differences but this was the plan from the leaders to be able to rule all of them more easily.

This was an excellent power mismanagement that found the Muslims divide in to big factions depending on whose side they actually belonged. (Shaw, 1977) There was superb self-centeredness and selfishness among the list of leaders which in turn again helped bring division. This was specifically so in regards to sharing of resources. There was unjust sharing and distribution of resources that brought hatred and thus section among the Muslims. The leaders just considered themselves and their people forgetting other people. Some people experienced sidelined and thus there were factions and consequently these groupings resulted in division among the list of Umma Muslims.

An additional challenge the Ottoman Empire faced was classification of Muslims. The Shia Muslims, the Umma and also other classifications. Every school felt that they can dominated the rest. This kind of again created division because all classes of Muslims felt that they would want to be regarded as superior to the rest. This eventually caused division among the Muslims because no group agreed to always be treated because lesser of the other.

Difficulties division came to exist when several groups demanded that the remaining portion of the groups must convert and turn into one of their particular. Section also arose when the dynasty made plans to deal with other kingdoms. The empire could hardly reach a contract as to who does go to the conflict. This kind of again brought division mainly because those not really selected sensed that they were not given a way to fight for themselves thus there have been differences upon these grounds.

There is also clear mismanagement of the disposition by the leaders when they would not give ample protection to their own. Most of the promises made by their leaders were never achieved or honored. The leaders who took after Suleiman set their pursuits first and forgot the people. The folks were neglected and those who had been treated well were only a small group.

This splendour resulted to obvious indifferences thereby there is disunity when it comes to who were once united. (Donald, 2005) As discussed earlier, following your death of sultan Suleyman, so many things altered. File corruption error was incredibly rampant specially when it reached provision of basic sociable amenities to individuals. Companies that were normally offered free had to be paid for and as consequence there was frustration and revolt among the people leading to division.

There was clearly a gross alteration of rules, regulations and policies that governed the people. The commanders made alterations in their prefer. The normal people were extremely disappointed and began to digital rebel.

The rebellions and revolts ended up being in bringing divisions among the once usa Umma Muslims community. The different major cause of rift was education because there are individuals who were supplied with good quality education while the rest could simply access the traditional education. This in turn was reflected in terms of development so that those with good quality education been seen in to develop more than rest.

This led to social category and thereby division. From the different issues mentioned it is very obvious that decline and eventual collapse in the Ottoman empire was due to issues affecting them inside and not disorders and conquest by Europe and other community powers. It is the mismanagement by their frontrunners that resulted in the label of the Umma Muslims and finally the most highly effective and influential dynasty inside the ancient moments collapsed. Performs Cited

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