The philippine american war essay

Back in the 1800s, the U. H. became a great imperialist electrical power, competing to extend their influence throughout the world. America had a few reasons for getting an imperialist country. Their very own desire for financial growth, armed service expansion, and spreading all their values and ideas motivated them to get over other countries. But not most Americans presumed that America should be imperialist. Those who disagreed with the pro-expansionist beliefs were afraid of issue with other countries, the amount it will cost, and didn’t desire to contradict the principles the United States held.

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The Philippines is just one example of U. S i9000. annexation. In 1899, the U. S. defeated The country of spain in the Spanish-American war and acquired Spain’s colonies, which included the Israel. The U. S. made a decision to annex the Philippines and sent 75, 000 soldiers to put down a Filipino revolt. The Americans had been very divided on the topic of whether or not the U. S i9000. was validated in intervening in the Thailand. Although the U.

H. made some positive input to Philippine society, their particular harsh remedying of the Filipinos contradicted it is ideals.

Therefore , the involvement was not validated. The U. S. acquired involved in the conflict with The country of spain for a few reasons. First, Spain was applying brutal control tactics up against the Cuban people, giving them explanation to intervene. The U. S. then simply sent a battle dispatch called the U. T. S. Maine to Tanque, but it erupted along the way and Spain was blamed devoid of proof. To excite the U. S i9000. citizens, press used a propaganda technique called yellow journalism, in which highly exaggerated stories can be written and were after that run in newspapers.

Following the United States conquered Spain, they will acquired many colonies such as the Philippines, and were faced with a crucial decision of whether or not or certainly not they should annex the Israel or scholarhip them independence. The country was divided within this decision. Individuals who were in support of annexing the Philippines as it had terrain full of economic potential, plus the Filipinos are not utilizing the land for their greatest profit. An article from your S. Farrenheit. weekly declares that the Filipinos “raise only enough food to live about; they may care to create money; plus they occupy property which might be useful to much better benefit by Americans.

 Several Americans favorite the idea of annexation because they will believed the U. S. was helping the Filipinos. When the U. S. troops arrived in the Philippines, they will helped build schools, highways, and medical offices. (Starron) Yet the unwanted side effects outweighed the positive when the U. S. decided to annex the Philippines. U. S. troops mistreated the Filipinos through torture. Starron states that “the misconduct that performed occur, including the water remedy, was the consequence of small groups of men underneath junior or non-commissioned command looking for weapons or information.

 The cure was a torture system instituted simply by soldiers on the Filipinos. The soldiers will force those to drink tons of dirty drinking water until these were bloated, then force it of them by simply jamming their rifles to their stomachs. The U. H. also had no directly to annex the Philippines the way they were. The tactics these people were using were comparable to the tactics that Spain was using when the U. S. intervened, contradicting the probe and values of the U. S.


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