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A monologue from the play by Euripides

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NOTE: This monologue can be reprinted from The Takes on of Euripides in English language, volume. ii. Trans. Shelley Leader Milman. Birmingham: J. Meters. Dent Kids, 1922.

JOCASTA: Believe me, O Eteocles my kid

Old age is definitely not by simply wretchedness exclusively

Attended: even more discreetly than rash youth

Experience talks. Why dost thou woo ambition

That a lot of malignant goddess? O forbear!

For shes a enemy to justice, and hath entered

Full many a mansion, various a prosperous town

Nor kept them until in ruin she consists of

All those who harbour her: yet this is she

In whom thou doatst. Twere better, U my boy

To progress equality, who have joins

Close friends, cities, heroes, in one steadfast league

For by the laws and regulations of character, through the globe

Equality was stablished: however the wealthy

Detects in the lesser man a consant foe

Hence unhealthy enmity comes its resource.

Equality, among the human race

Steps, and dumbbells, and numbers hath ordained:

Both the dark orb of night and radiant sunlight

Their total annual circuits similarly perform

Every single, free from envy, to the different yields

At the same time, thus night and day afford

Their very own services to man. Yet wilt not thou

End up being satisfied to keep an equal section

Of these websites, and to thy brother give

His due. Where in that case is proper rights? Such value

As dry reason disapproves, why payst thou

To empire, to oppression crowned with succeed?

To be a public spectacle thou deemst

Were honourable. Tis but empty pride.

Once thou hast much already, why fill in

To toils unnumbered? Things that are superfluous prosperity

But only name? Satisfactory to the smart

Is competence: for guy possesses naught

Which he can call his own. Nevertheless for a time

What bounty the indulgent gods bestow

All of us manage, they will resume that at their very own will:

Volatile riches fade in a day.

Can i to thee th alternative propose

Either to rule, or preserve thy local land

Couldst thou answer that thou hadst rather reign?

But if he overcome, and the Argive spears

Oerpower the squadrons who coming from Cadmus springtime

Thou wilt behold Thebes taken, wilt behold

Each of our captive virgins ravished by foe:

That empire which in turn thou seekst will show the levnedsl?b

Of thy loved country, yet thou still persistst

In mischievous ambitions crazy career.

So far to thee. And now for you I speak

O Polynices, favours the majority of unwise

Are those Adrastus hath you bestowed

And with misjudging fury will you be come

To spread dreadful havoc oer your native land.

Should you (which may possibly the righteous gods avert! )

This city consider, how will you rear end the trophies

Of such a struggle? How, if you have laid

The country spend, th initiatory rites

Carry out, and slay the victims? On the banking companies

Of Inachus displayed, using what inscription

Enhance the spoilsFrom blazing Thebes these glasses

Hath Polynices won, also to the gods

Devoted? Under no circumstances, O my son, through Greece

May well you obtain this kind of glory. But if you

Are vanquished and Eteocles prevail

To Argos, leaving the ensanguined field

Strewn with unnumbered corses of the slain

How can you run away for succour? Twill end up being said

By simply some malignant tongue: A curst cha?non

Is this which will, O Adrastus, thou hast formed:

We to the wedding of one virgin mobile owe

Our ruin. You are speeding, O my own son

In a twofold mischief: losing most

That you strive, and triggering your courageous friends

To perish. Um my daughters, this wild excess

Of rage, with joint happening, lay apart.

By similar folly when two chiefs inspired

To battle rush, dire mischief need to ensue.

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