The poet person john agard essay

Study how Half-caste and Nothings altered display their particular attitudes to racism The poem 1 / 2 caste is usually written by the poet Ruben Agard, who had been born in South America, with parents from mixed nationalities. The poem Nothings changed is by Tatamkhulu Afrika who was raised like a white Southern region African. The poems 50 percent caste and nothings transformed have the same motif to both these styles the poetry, and that topic is racism.

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In the poem nothings changed the composition is about a black gentleman who spent my youth in an most black, white colored segregated area, he despised the segregation in this contemporary society, and this individual comes back to this place looking to see that the area has changed and there is no longer any segregation, yet is shocked to see that racism (segregation) still exists in the area. The poem half body is about a half famille man speaking to an audience and debating the thought of half caste. In both equally poems the person in the poem despises racism, both people have suffered from racism.

In the poem half body the man runs on the conversational and chatty tone excuse me, located on one leg, Im half-caste he uses humour to make it through to the viewers but still it sends the message to them that he cannot stand the idea of racism, and the connaissance of this quote also demonstrates the idea of half-caste is laughable. He will not rant in about his argument but puts to a simple way for everyone to comprehend, very much like the popular Martin Luther king Jr with his presentation I have a dream.

His (John Agards poem) tone and words are incredibly comical and carry tips of sarcasm (and at times more than just a hint). He uses phrases like this frequently explain yuself, wha ya mean, the moment yu declare half-caste, the tone through this quotation is straightforward, harsh, and intensely sarcastic. The poem nothings changed provides many commonalities with the poem half caste, Afrika works on the very severe tone in the same way half caste uses a harsh tone. Into trouser cuffs, cans trodden on, meltdown. This displays the hateful tone Afrika uses.

Afrika uses one syllable words cuffs, containers, crunch can make the sculpt snappy and hard reaching, this shows that he is furious and is revealing his anger through the tone, while using mono-syllabic words showing this. The poem nothings changed is without references of rhyme to it, therefore it is free verse meaning that the composition has no vocally mimic eachother to it. Free verse gives the effect that the poem is slightly like a history. The point of this is to associated with reader seem to be as if you are following the person in the composition.

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