The Student Union Politics: A Boon for Students’ Development Essay

Universities and colleges are the wats or temples of learning where the many influential experts, doctors, technicians, writers, instructors and political figures are created. While students’ first significant motive for joining college is education, there are various various other matters that affect their process of having education. As well as for the welfare and progress students and for their command skills, most of the colleges have got Students Union (SU).

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Scholar unions in accordance with the objective of their establishment is there for the welfare of students, yet most of the moments they are criticised for marketing politics inside the education sector. “There are many problems linked to admission, hostel fee, irresponsible teachers and lack of adequate infrastructure in colleges which usually students are unable to solve independently. The SU’s are always right now there to address this kind of problems, ” added Yami-Bhattarai. Practicing and discussing politics is disheartened at all amounts in various exclusive academic companies of the nation. The main reason lurking behind such restrictions is to keep an iron fist regulation over the subjects.

But in a bid to prevent this sort of crisis additional universities decided to completely uproot student unions rather than aiming to fill the loopholes in the system. This process has in opposition young Pakistani students in the leadership landscape of this region. While the honest and patriot youth functions diligently in academic discipline, a se?orial ignorant strain of rascals guideline the roost in the power corridors making decisions that may affect the destiny of millions of Pakistanis.

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