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Miserable Story, Short Story

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30 seven 1000, nine hundred or so and 59 days before, a strange country was born. She’s located in the heart of Africa, and seven prude met, in that case agreed that this Nation was an unusual 1. She was populous, good and around perfection.

Yahweh Himself had place His personal on this Country because two great waterways met to form a letter Y in her. In addition to that, the black rare metal was present in this same Land, alongside regarding one hundred and seventy additional minerals assets unmined, and millions of ravishing faces on her surface. You see, dollar the strongest and the most influential currency in the world highly regarded theirs as one dollar equaled their a single naira!

You understand, the rest of the world and her individuals started to enjoy and foresee great expectations, all because her people in diaspora excelled scholastically more than the indigenes.

Although son, the thing is, this Region was as well immature to lead herself, in support of ended up choosing leaders whose bellies her whole riches couldnt include. They began to indiscriminately my very own the dark gold and make money on their own. Since the dark gold was gotten in the Nation, the citizens believed it to be going to become very cheap for them to use, as it happens in other black precious metal producing countries. How wrong they were! And once the value of the black precious metal began to dwindle, the nation proceeded to go belly-up. Pumpiing that was very hard within the citizens set in, and cost of living was for the high. Actually I now listen to she is among the poorest Land in the world. The wealth? The lady lost that!

Dont become surprised, son. Sometime ago, some group of women were kidnapped by a sect called Boko Haram. A terrorist group that quietly found their particular way into this Nation, and triggered her a great deal anguish by simply killing her citizens. At first, they were against western education, and that was their idea. But as time went on, they will began to remove innocent lives. These girls were by their mercy for a long time after some time, funds was presented to buy ammunition to save the ladies, money which only got embezzled. Because of whatever, the ladies have been came back after getting impregnated against their can. I am sure these were used, to make to pass through mental traumas. Can they ever before be similar again? This wounderful woman has lost it!

Corruption under no circumstances ceased and it started to eat profound into nations around the world sector. And yes! It got to the sector. The citizens with the nation acquired deprived of adequate health care, and lots of lives went with it. I remember Obafemi Oluwatimileyin Paul, a graduate of FUTA, who lost his existence because he couldnt raise 25 million naira for a bone tissue marrow transplant. Even though he got sick serving his fatherland, having been deserted with out aid. A firstclass graduate and a promising legend was shed by the Land infested with negligence!

The educational sector had not been left out, also. A place that used to certainly be a training ground for the likes of Wole Soyinka, one of the few Africa Nobel Award winners got crippled. This sector started to lack fund and qualified personnel to efficiently help the learners learn. So , for most unreasonable factors, long happens struck. Right now, most teachers of this Nation can only always be boasted regarding from the borders and backside, because they are not qualified being shown to the worle. And i also am sure this is one thing the present president with the Nation found and referred to as the youths “lazy. ” When I observed that, son, I began to wonder if he was justified saying. If they had recently been educated beneath the same favorable atmosphere because the old kinds who out of cash records and still didnt big t do well, I would personally have reasoned with him. That academics prowess? She actually is losing it!

Yesterday, your woman hoped for an improved tomorrow. Currently, she wished she were in the better yesterday.

Oh! The nation? It can be NIGERIA, my son. Very little gold fish, will you ever find the scales? Maybenot.

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