Thesis cafe manila system composition


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The modern technology gave all of us the idea to make a business. A company that can offer to any person. A computer shop is appears to be perfect. This monitored the time, less be employed by the owner of the computer shop. But since they ever done it, they realized that there are things that needs to be solved immediately in order that it won’t affect the business

At present, most of the people especially in the business is using laptop. The use of laptop set changes to human being.

This lessen the job of a gentleman and some other items without spending enough time on a job their working on, because of the quick advancement from the technology, more business have got relied for the use of the computers.

Computer system is used on all operational and educational processing function of every business. It is more popular that the scope of laptop application need to extend beyond design and production to feature the business in the firm.

This kind of descriptive analyze determined the purposes and effects of usage on web cafe manila users. It absolutely was found that most cyber cafe users happen to be male, fresh, pursuing or attained a college degree and students that did not personal computer and has no internet access at home and belonged to the middle- income families. Internet connection was the internet cafe assistance most availed. Primarily, the used the world wide web for social media, watching movies, searching details and mailing or examining emails.


The internet cafe uses manual system in recording the usage of their personal computers. They use a log publication that contains this list: laptop number, time in and away, time to become consume and the amount to end up being paid apart from this test out, the server is also appreciated to ask or perhaps mind in case the costumer are going to extend their particular time they about the transaction. Next, they encircle the computer number, calculate that by computer the time, the costumer include consumed.

CCM (Cyber Cafe Manila) system is time consuming and hard. Sometimes costumer exceeded their usage since they are not guarded properly and having this kind.


Technology in today’s society is constantly innovating at an instant pace. Almost anything that encompases us is about technology, the need of technology is affecting almost every part of society, which includes company’s businesses have come to count on sales and inventory devices. Advanced program on product sales provide very reliable recording of sales with the business. Revenue and products on hand makes the organization more fruitful, efficient and convenient to the organization and its clients. This sales and inventory system is intended to help the organization to show with their customer they are in line with the usage of technology due to the demand is extremely high

By giving more reliable saving of product sales of the organization, hoping to increase their sales and a lot to increase the money of the organization. Using the electronic way of inventory is much more excellent and far quicker than making use of the manual program. Indeed putting into action sales and inventory system on a firm is a huge help because it minimize the work fill of the employees and minimize the element of man error.

Products on hand systems are being used in many different companies today as a device to make sure the company strives into success. Products on hand systems provide several different features for businesses; one purpose can be promoting the sales function by ensuring that the sufficient sum of product is available for buyers, another purpose is shrinkage control, that may be monitoring the frequency of loss, thievery or break of products obtain.


One of the greatest breakthroughs in male’s never ending search for knowledge is the discovery of computers. In the beginning, computers had been mainly used to get calculating purposes. However , since the year pass by, man came across theidea that computers works extremely well in various app. Technology provides since evolve with the development of more advanced and powerful computer system machines. Presently a computer is defined as “an electric system that accepts, shops, and process data to generate useful info and fix problems.  Computers have been completely classified in line with the fields of interest where they may be being utilized. Information product is one of these locations where computers bring inputting 1000s of data instead of using traditional mechanical strategies.

These are down the line processed to build desired outcome like summary lists and vital statics that can support an organization with the aid of a database, files can be maintained by adding, changing, upgrading and saving them inside the existing document or in a fresh file. There are many reasons why there exists a need for an info system within an organization. 1st reason is the growing scale the organization which usually would mean that there is also an increase in the number of jobs and embrace volume of info generated within an organization in which a computerized system can play a vital role. Growing number of industry’s competitors also need to be take into consideration. Having an info system that may provide quicker data control could be an border over the additional competitors to become competitive.

installment payments on your 1 DIFFICULTY STATEMENT

Cafe manila is having a technical problem with the compatibility about Operating System used by a computer store.

2 . a couple of PROPOSED STUDY

We proposed to the owner that using a system for business is much better than doing their business manually. It can benefit them a lot, not for our good nevertheless for the good with their business, even as we said this lessen the effort and of course it makes their business easier.

To be able the chat goes, we all suggest them to use our bodies. We suggested the system that we get and that was your cafe manila system. We can say that there is a problem in cafe` manila with the abiliyy to the os (windows). But we try our best to make their particular business much better than before and to make our system work and very beneficial.


To upgrade the organization of a computer system shop employing cafe manila and to reduce the work of the owner.


Develop a better business.

Implement standard and appropriate system.

Can discover network problems easily through the use of cafe manila. To hold the business set up and Functioning properly.

2 . installment payments on your 4 METHOD

We browse many content about the cyber cafe. We request different owner of a pc shop regarding our problem. We study how to resolve our problem about the compatibility. All of us discover that the vast majority of owner of any computer shop was using the free cafe manila program. 2 away of 15 owners was the only consumer ofcafe manila with the certificate. Cafe manila with accredited was require lots ofd money, in fact it is renewable yearly. Renewing this license and buying a system was an additional expenses. And not all the owner of a pc shop are able to afford to buy. And so they use the free a single, but there is a problem and it is the suitability on operating system to the cafe manila, only a few the windows are compatible to cafe manila.

There are several types of cafe manila and whole lot types of windows, yet we search of windows that are compatible with our system, it had been the or windows 7. The system that we have was the outdated cafe manila so it was secured and compatible simply by operating system (windows XP). All of us installed windows XP and installed our downloaded cafe manila then suddenly it works. Unnecessary a lot of money and the business was finally boost from manual to modern day. Sometimes finding ways is more preferable.

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