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Look more stylish this summer: top fashion trends of 2018

Looking to become more fashionable the brand new year? Here are a few of the top rated trends that dominated the runway this year and are here to stay for the rest of the year.

Dark denim: pull out those early on 2000’s denim jackets and denim tshirts because jeans was showcased heavily inside the designs of Jeff Ford, Oscar de la Renta and Versace this season. India too found the return of denim as almost all Indian retail stores stocked up on it. There was clearly an overflow of jeans, from pointed jeans to tailored dresses as the streets of India teemed with denim.

Athleisure: The trend of wearing sportswear has were able to ebb in to 2018 as major vogue brands like Gucci, Marc Jacob’s and Valentino transformed athletic use into high fashion in their designs there is much surprise. From yoga exercise pants, tights and tights for women to joggers, observe jackets and running coaches for men, athleisure has absorbed the roadways. Sports brands like Adidas and The puma corporation flash all their logos on the clothing while people show-off their style with brand athleisure put on. Plaid: Plaid dominated the runway in the spring assortment of Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi and Balenciaga. Plaid shirts and skirts bombarded the retailers as the population went mad for plaid. Indian designers such as Payal Pratap, and Teresa Liasom and Utsav Pradhan as well embraced scialle by giving this fun and colourful interpretations for the spring. Stay on top in the trend with out looking dated by incorporating scialle into shawls and your bags, try choosing the grungy with a little bit of glam look as you select those plaid coats and trousers.

Floral: Flower was an additional pattern that dominated the runway there is much surprise. It was transported over via last time of year and shows no sign of going away as Saint Laurent, Prada and Pasticcino and Gabbana heavily incorporated floral to their designs. Embroidered floral patterns also swept the fashion scenery as jeans jackets with floral adornments and back packs with flower designs cropped up in stores. India too brought big blossoms in all sorts of styles while designers like Shruti Sancheti, Payal Pratap and Pallavi Singhee showed off floral patterns on the catwalk.

Wearable art: Art-infused prints, via comic motivated designs to old classics like Andy Warhol made an appearance on the runway as brands like Calvin Klein, Mentor and Dior brought artwork back into fashion this season. Put on those graphical tees and carry those graphic imprinted tote carriers to add that little bit of large fashion to your outfit. Colors to wear come july 1st Summer means colour and for that reason Colour-blocking has returned in fashion. Though neutral shades like bistré and gray continue to remain in style, bright colors have yet again cropped up on the runway this year. ‘Gen-Z Yellow’ is the colour that has considered Instagram by simply storm and is also coming to substitute ‘Millenial Pink’. Gen-Z Discolored or Tumblr Yellow ranges from the hotter tones of orange to bright clown yellow. Various other popular colours this season include Lavender and the shades of purple in keeping with the announcement of Ultra Violet while the Pantone Colour in the Year.

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