Traffic and vehicles code of butuan town essay

Executive Brief summary In most producing cities, degree volume of the traffic needs suitable legislative enactment wherever different settings of transportation traverses within the City. In the case of Butuan, diverse local open public transport as jeepneys, multicabs and cabs, tricycles as well as “motorized trisikad exists. This paper checks the Targeted traffic and Travel Code as being a policy tool of the local government unit inside the conduct of traffic management. It presumes that good transportation system ignites the development of the city, thus the need of the development of community public transfer policy.

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Whilst Philippine tricycle is grouped as a automobile composed of bike fitted with just one wheel sidecar or having a two-wheel cab, operated being a public transfer for a payment, Butuan City has a large variation of one of a kind motorcycle innovations. And while the existence of these different modes of transportation gives a wide array of choices for travelers, the study might shows that with lack of an extensive implementation of traffic and transportation plans, local transport would be Desk of Contents I.

II. 3. Title Page Executive Overview Research Composition A. Plan Description a. Statement of the policy m. Brief great the coverage c. Difficulty description M. Policy Environment a. Social and emotional forces affecting the coverage b. Economical forces impacting on the policy c. Political forces impacting on the coverage C. Recommendation/ Policy Alternatives III. V. References Bout

Introduction The City of Butuan is the local center with the Caraga Place and among the highly urbanized cities in the Philippines, the only one in the region. The most up-to-date study by the National Competitive Council in the Philippines (NCCP) ranked Butuan as the 4th most competitive city of the Philippines.

*Based on the 2013 Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index in the National Competition Council Philippines and USAID.

One of the indicators mentioned by ranking program was the occurrence of in a position infrastructure facilitating market growth, including successful traffic system and travel management. The value of allowing infrastructure and transportation system in advancement cannot ever again be overemphasized. In the Economist Intelligence Analyze of Microfinance in 2010, the Philippines rated 1st in regulatory construction, 2nd in overall organization environment, and 4th in institutional advancement. While while using three element of the study means a good performance, the country positioned only eighteenth in expense climate element, which includes amongst others the adequacy of infrastructure and efficient transportation system.

A. Coverage Description The earliest local transportation-related policy in Butuan Metropolis was the achievement of the Visitors Ordinance in 1996. This is only consecutively, sequentially revised in 2000, with minor amendments in 2001 and 2006. Transportation and traffic guidelines were consolidated in 2010 consonant with the Terrain Transportation and Traffic Code. Generally, the Code advised a initial plan on the formulation of traffic supervision schemes and public transportation redirecting and flow aimed at relieving traffic congestion. The ordinance continues to be amended every now and then to take into account the changing circumstances of city development. The table listed below shows different local ordinances enacted by LGU. Overview of Local Transportation and Traffic Related Policies of Butuan Town YEAR 2000 2001 2006 2010 LOCAL POLICY ZERO Ordinance No . 2282 Code No . 2316 Ordinance Number 2928 Code No . 3616 TITLE Targeted traffic Ordinance from the City of Butuan Creation of Traffic Management and Control Board (TMCB) Creation of Barangay Targeted traffic Officers Traffic and Travel Code of Butuan Metropolis IDENTIFIED BASIS

Observation Declaration Transportation Code

Transportation and traffic concerns have hounded major metropolitan areas around the world, Butuan included, necessitating the supply of various infrastructures and the execution of an variety of policies aimed at solving these types of problems. As urban foule expand and city highways become progressively congested, city planners want comprehensive urban development and transport guidelines to address deep-seated social and demographic change.

To address the local travel policy, powerful and effective traffic administration legislation S. P. Ordinance 3616-2010 (Traffic and Travel Code of 2010) was enacted. The Code pointed out certain salient transportation and traffic goals some of which could be read listed below: a. control operation of personal and community utility vehicles operating in the b. c. d. elizabeth. f. g. h. Metropolis; provide and establish Jeepney and Shuttle bus Stops signages along its routes in coming to the City for the safety, comfort and ease of the using public; designate metered car parking areas in the City as it may deem important; recommend for approval by City Authorities the obtain by the City of an effective and efficient traffic control products that will probably be installed in designated areas; identify and designate the areas in the Metropolis where traffic devices shall be installed; make use of qualified targeted traffic enforcers and also other personnel necessary to efficiently and

effectively implement the traffic management of the City; impose fine for the violations on this Code; and restrict the velocity of every driving transportation and implement verified street.

The condition In 2009, the town recorded the best motor vehicle thickness in the region in 51 vehicles per kilometer of street. Vehicles for short-distance trips have channels scattered in different parts of the city. Fairly traffic fatality has become associated within the town. This can be related to a number of factors, such as the elevating number of automobiles that are not all well taken care of. The local government has also to consider the increasing with regard to better transportation and traffic system, offered the quickly mushrooming of industries and establishment in the region.

This newspaper seeks to look into the existing traffic and transportation code concerns in the light of: a. Difficulties with regards to coherence and enforcement of traffic code relative to traffic fatality and also other violations; w. How visitors management program responded to interpersonal, economic and political power in the city; c. Learning the process of neighborhood transport policy development regarding tricycles and also other means of transport; and m. Assessing the effect of visitors signals installed at key intersections inside the city. N. Policy Environment Butuan Town is located in the northern portion of the island of Mindanao the southern tropical isle of the Thailand (see Map on Annexure). Specifically, it really is in the northeastern part of the Agusan valley straddling both banks of the Agusan River. It comprises 81, 728 hectares, with 28 urban barangays, and fifty nine rural barangays, with around population by 2006 numbering to 552, 849 (City Government of Butuan, 2006). It became a town on September 2, 1950. The Agusan River manufactured Butuan good to forestry and agri-business, making it a haven intended for logging sector, which in the early development of the location, helps to urbanize the area. The challenge, however , is usually that the river every year floods the location, revealing their geophysical feature and the weakness of their drainage program, although on-going construction to further improve the geophysical and draining system is important of the current local government. As

the local center of Caraga place, it is the primary trading, organization, and administrative city, surrounded by the cities of Agusan Del Aspiracion. It is a very urbanized metropolis with a 1st class income praised for its multi-colored history, peaceful environment, wealthy prehistoric culture and favorable people, as a result helps in setting up a dynamic environment for business undertakings, both home-based and several

international. It is local government unit has received nationwide distinctions while recognition of its very efficient well being and expansion programs. Multi-colored tricycles are common in Butuan, with differing routes and fare matrices. They go around and even beyond the city appropriate. Jeepneys are being used in the main metropolis streets, with corresponding route numbers. Cars for rent are available upon ask for in most hotels and at the airport, although all are not metered. Metered taxes are also available in the city and bus companies ply the routes from Butuan to other metropolitan areas and zone of the region. Aside from the typical buses, jeepneys, multicabs and taxis, motor-driven public transport seem to ply the streets as exemplified by the existence of tricycles, “habal-habal, and trisikad. These three, is yet another innovation from the motorcycle back in the fifties and nineties, respectively. Motorcycle-based public transportation continues to prevail in most cities of expanding nations which is attributed to the fact that they are affordable by simply all sector of the contemporary society. Interestingly, this mode has become, since then, section of the Philippine’s urban landscape. System and availability is another given concept that explains for what reason some the gap is present and how come innovative modes evolved. Therefore, reviewing community transport policy can provide ideas on how the public sector combines the development of different ways with the form of available system. Moreover, deficiency of common or perhaps traditional varieties of a community transport network and facilities such as mass public transportation is generally substituted to innovative modes of the. Infrastructure Visitors signals or traffic signals are installed in intersections relating to a set of criteria including volume, pedestrian considerations and accident occurrence. These are employed in lieu of signage (i. e., stop and yield) in order to take care of conflicting runs at intersections. In particular, there is the need to

eradicate crossing issues that could cause fatal crashes among vehicles. Separation of flows is performed by means of phasing groups of moves (i. electronic. grouped will be those actions that do not need critical disputes among them). This is viewed on the most current improvement of its visitors structure as commuters are now able to experience advanced traffic technology with the increasing of on the lookout for Light Giving out Diode (LED) Traffic Count-down Timers over the major streets in the town. This new improvement inside the traffic structure is basically undertaken to point out to drivers and pedestrians from the waiting time through keeping track of down amounts and to properly reduce the level of traffic accidents in high-risk areas. ONE-WAY STREET Vehicular targeted traffic on virtually any one-way avenue or highway or servings thereof because designated by the City Council as a visible street, shall move simply in the direction indicated simply by signs built and preserved thereon. The streets or portions thereof described hereunder are hereby designated since one-way pavements. a. SAN JOSE ROAD (west to east direction). Starting from passageway with Ester Luna Road on the Western, then pursuing San Jose Street to the intersection using a. Mabini Streets on the East. b. HON. JOSE B. AZOTE Avenue (east to west direction). Starting from its junction with G. A Avenue and Marcos Diminuzione Street for the East, after that following Azote Street approximately its area with Montilla Boulevard around the West. Presented, however , that the remaining percentage of Hon. Fusta Street generally known as Hon. Azote Extension, coming from Montilla Chaussee going additional west, shall remain a two way street.

c. LOPEZ JAENA Street (west to east direction). Beginning with its junction with Montilla Boulevard for the West then simply following Lopez Jaena Streets up to its intersection with Apolonio Curato Street and G. Flores Avenue, for the East. Provided, However , that the remaining area of Lopez Jaena Street by Montilla Chaussee known as Lopez Jaena Extendable, going a greater distance west, shall remain as being a two method street. Provided, further, that portion of Lopez Jaena Streets, starting from Montilla Boulevard about R. Calo Street shall be

shut to visitors during Weekends particularly by 7: 00 AM to 11: 00 AM and from a few: 45 PM to six: 00PM. g. VILLANUEVA STREET (east to west direction). Starting from it is junction with G. A Ave., on the East, after that following Villanueva Street up to its intersection with Montilla Boulevard, the remaining portion of Villanueva Street generally known as Villanueva File format, from Montilla Boulevard heading further western world shall continue to be a dual end street. elizabeth. T. DIMINUZIONE STREET (west to east direction). Beginning with its verse with Ur. Calo Road on the west, then subsequent T. Diminuzione Street up

to its intersection with E. Luna Street and G. A Ave., on the east. Provided however , that the remaining percentage of T. Diminuzione Street, and from Montilla Boulevard, going further west up to the intersection with Gov. Rosales Ave. generally known as T. Riduzione St ., shall remain as being a two “way street. farreneheit. ROSALES STREETS (east to west direction). Starting from it is junction with G. A Ave., around the west, then following Rosales Street approximately its intersection with Montilla Boulevard around the west. Provided, however , the fact that remaining portion of T. Calo St . coming from R. Riduzione St . going further west up to it is intersections with Gov. Rosales Ave. g. G. FLORES AVENUE. Via Azote St . to Lopez Jaena area.

All the others is dual end street.

h. E. CAPRICHO STREET (north to to the south direction). Beginning from its passageway with G. Flores Method Street around the north approximately its intersection with San Jose Street in the Southern region. Provided, yet , that the staying portion of E. Luna Street up to its intersection J. C. Aquino Ave. within the South (fronting the Both roman Catholic Cathedral) shall remain a two way road. Provided, further, that the outstanding portion of Electronic. Luna Avenue from the intersection of San Jose Street up to their intersection with J. C. Aquino Volátil. shall be sealed to targeted traffic

during Sundays specifically from a few: 00 was to doze: 00 midday and via 4: 00 pm to eight: 30 pm only. i actually. Marcos Meters. Calo Streets (south to north direction). Starting from it is junction with Noli Me personally Tangere Avenue on the southern, up to the intersection with G. A Avenue. m. Portion of Datu Silongan coming from corner of any. D. Curato Street up to the corner of M. Diminuzione St ., heading east. t. The portion of P. Gomez Street from corner of M. Calo St . into a. D. Curato Avenue going west. t. The road at the back of Langihan Marketplace station is located and up to J. Satorre Street. meters. Portion of A. D. Curato Street particularly that stretch out from the passageway of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Method to Noli Me Tangere Street going south. d. Datu Silongan from spot A. D. Curato going east Gomez Street by M. Diminuzione Street into a. D. Curato Avenue heading west. um. Portion of Marcos Calo Street, particularly that stretch by Noli Me Tangere Street to end of G. A St . l. Portion of Noli Me Interessare Street, especially q. Part of San Francisco Streets (south to North direction) from its intersection of To. Sanchez St, on the South up to 3rd there’s r. Rosales St on the North. r.

Area of R. Riduzione Street (north to south direction) from the intersection of J. C. Aquino Avenue on the north up to Teofilo Sanchez Road on the South.

Interchanges Level separation is recognized as as a final option to convenience congestion by intersections. Runs are separated by means of building overpass (flyovers). The overpass along Montilla Boulevard is one among various interchange jobs implemented to reduce congestion in major intersections. the traffic signal at-grade. This flyover eliminated the advantages of the corresponding kept turn activity in the phasing of

Nevertheless the constructed flyovers never be all you need its purpose for people are not utilizing it. The governments spend countless numbers for the project as a way

to fulfill its sensible cause but it really put to squander. This be a challenge to the ers that in every guidelines made strict implementation must not be overlooked for making policy environmentally friendly and would benefit the majority. Truck Ban The pick up truck ban has been in place since 1978 and now restrains large vehicles from using the bridge. Trucks are allowed only along designated roads and paths, specifically the brand new Macapagal Bridge. It has always been perceived as having detrimental effects on items movement and, consequently, for the economy. Yet , with the scheme it paves way for their positive influences on the economic climate in general. This is due to the perception that with fresh bridge the truck prohibit can possibly take full advantage of flow of products in the region ultimately causing economic gains. U-turn Scheme The U-turn scheme was implemented particularly those multicabs bound by Ampayon. The voluminous targeted traffic in Langihan with the occurrence of the many trisikad and tricycle hassles the commuters.

Physical and social forces Today most households own a automobile and many people choose to drive rather than use public transfer. All of this brings about greater blockage and boosts the need for even more road capability. In addition to expanding highway capacity, this can be a must of taking socially acceptable actions to help road users make their particular journeys safely and securely, reliably minus unforeseen hold off. The physical ecology of commuters attempts physical activity (Sallis et ‘s. 1997b). Public well-being history implies that population level changes in overall health behaviors are unlikely to occur without the modification of underlying environmental factors (Parks ain al. 2002). For example , large levels of vehicle traffic can easily prevent the make use of sidewalks and discourage jogging (Appleyard 1981). The lack of walking paths and trails, parks and available spaces stops recreational physical exercises from happening. Heavy traffic and/or reckless drivers provide another supply of danger intended for pedestrians and cyclists, because their presence increases the possibility of pedestrian-automobile collisions. While intuitively the majority of would consent that if an environment is perceived as unsafe most people probably would not want to walk, routine, or simply become there, the literature provides mixed studies about the impact of recognized safety and security upon physical activity and walking. Financial forces Transport policy and planning decisions often have significant economic expansion (also called macroeconomics) influences by impacting on government and consumer costs, employment opportunities, source consumption, output, local environmental quality, property values, affordability and wealth accumulation. Economical efficiency raises if transportation resource costs (including time, land, risk and energy) are lowered or in the event the value provided by transport activity increases. This is exactly why efficient highway and parking pricing, which tests users willingness to purchase roads and parking, may increase transportation system productivity even if this kind of reduces total vehicle targeted traffic The ultimate goal (or output) of vehicles is ease of access, people and industry’s capability to access desired resources, solutions and markets, which can include raw materials, labor, worksites, professional services, business meetings, clients and distributors. Improved accessibility (a reduction in time, money or risk instructed to reach methods and services) increased output. Building malls to the city has a tendency to significantly maximize local financial productivity, nevertheless once a fundamental paved road system exists, metropolis provides marginal benefit (SACTRA 1999; Kopp 2006). It includes an impact to the economy in the city with respect of putting up Robinsons and SM.

Similarly, minimizing transportation costs reduces regional businesses’ delivery costs although also encourages local residents to shop by more central locations

which over the long-run frequently reduces regional shopping alternatives (SACTRA 1999). In these techniques, underpriced travel often harms local companies. This is not to suggest that transport costs needs to be kept unnaturally high to favor neighborhood businesses, but it really does speak about that guidelines that underprice transport often times have negative along with positive monetary impacts. Personal forces Politics factors therefore play an important role in shaping it is activities and priorities. Lawmakers are organised to bank account every regulation made as well for the performance from the Department and its particular agencies, such as the traffic enforcers. Improving highway safety can be described as priority hence Department to get Transport has national targets to reduce the amount of people hurt or killed on roads. With this, policy manufacturers believe these kinds of characteristics of recent urbanization affect eco friendly development. Therefore , it is necessary to understand their triggers in order to develop policies to provide new effective measures. Below political driving a car forces happen to be defined as these laws, musical instruments, measures or perhaps agreements which might be the result of decision-making processes. Methods are instruments used by actors to affect decision-making (Sabatier and Weible 2007). In the research version used, the policy decision subsystem also contains interactions between resources and the actors. The enactment of Land Transport and Targeted traffic Code apply the rules and regulations in accordance with traffic managing. However at present Butuan has no traffic management plan made. When RDC holds 74th Full Council Meeting, they will requested pertaining to the City Government of Butuan to Craft a Targeted traffic Management Want to include Advancement City

Sidestep and Alternative Roads to deal with the Potential Traffic jam Due to the Growing Urbanization with the City. As well to consider are the information of graft and file corruption error in the adjustment of regulations, usually leading people to surmise of the existing ‘kotong’ and ‘lagay’. Generally, planning policy (Briassoulis 2008, Geist et approach. 2006), travel and system policies (Herperger and Bürgi, 2007) have already been recognized as key political traveling forces of urban transform. C. Realization It has been declared that Butuan is in its maximum of expansion where industry are coming in. The creation of

estate requires vehicles policies and projects that affect the employment, productivity and profits of specific industrial sectors and businesses, and communities in which they may be located. Understanding the process of neighborhood transport policy development concerning tricycles may possibly yield some useful observations as well as confirm its part in the travel hierarchy. City transportation preparing must be designed to meet the end objective of addressing transport problems with regards to traffic movements, public transfer, pedestrian, environment and parking. The use of Targeted traffic Countdown Timers along the major streets in the city helps you to regulate if not to remove traffic fatality. The need to increase the highways, parking costs, and reroute scheme reduce problems such as congestion also to help achieve health and environmental objectives. Mobility and modal split is a crucial consideration in reviewing general public transport coverage developed with the local level for this offers an insight of how a certain function, for instance when it comes to motorcycle-propelled automobiles is seen from the plan makers perspective. The presence of a great enacted targeted traffic code inside the City must be coupled with a management prepare so that all the driving pushes in the contemporary society be correctly given because of considerations.

D. Advice The following advice have been designed to response the driving forces of Area Transportation and Traffic Code in the Town. a. Eco friendly traffic administration plan on alternate roads to address the potential traffic jam. b. Extra CCTV, Targeted traffic Countdown Timers and Law enforcement officials kiosk in the intersection areas. c. Imp?t of auto parking fees to prevent traffic jam and proper parking spaces with the establishments. deb. Number code scheme of both non-public and open public vehicles. e. construction of diversion highways to ease in the traffic death It is further recommended that amendments to the Code be created to include a motivation scheme intended for traffic enforcers reprimanding erring commuters. This will prevent proneness of traffic enforcers to simply accept ‘kotong’ and ‘lagay’ as they will be compensated monetarily for each and every commuters penalized. The device of this bonus system will be included in the legislation. Increasing infringement fees with proper enforcement and education could also help deter

future traffic violations. With heavy sanction on costs and fines, it is expected that traffic violations would by lessen in the event that not hampered. It would likewise help to improve the capacity-development from the traffic enforcers on their rights and liberties as officers carrying the intent with the law. Ongoing education is going to capacitate them to better put into practice traffic rules and will permit them to function efficiently without fear or second believed.

References Diaz, C. Environmental Policy in the Philippines Related to Road Vehicles. National Centre for Transportation Studies University of the Thailand ” Diliman Gomez, L. Oliveros, U. F., and Dela Jones, J. C. M. (2004) Travel Time and Delay Analysis Before and After U-Turn Slots, Unpublished Undergraduate Study Final Statement, Department of Civil Architectural, University of the Philippines, Diliman. Guillen, M. & Ishida, H. (2003) Motorcycle-Propelled Public Transport and native Policy Creation: The Case of “Tricycles and “Habal-habal in Davao City Philippines. Concejal, J. 3rd there’s r. F., Kubota, H., and Sakatomo K. (2001) A Comparative Analysis of Traffic Impact Examination in the Philippines, Japan and South Korea: Implementation plus the Use of Laptop Simulation because an Conditional Tool, Philippine Engineering Journal, Vol. XXII, No . a couple of, pp. 1-16. Regidor, M. Analyzing Affects of Transportation Infrastructure and Policies upon Traffic Flow in Metro Manila Using Advanced Tools and Techniques Tiglao, N. C. C., Concejal, J. 3rd there’s r. F., and Teodoro, L. V. R. (200 An Assessment with the Truck Ban and UVVRP, and Their Results on the Shipping Forwarding Sector, Paper published for review for the First Intercontinental Conference about Transportation Strategies in Singapore on September 2005. Proposed Philippine Targeted traffic Impact Examination Guidelines. U. P. National Center pertaining to Transportation Research Foundation, Inc. t_A_safe_and_secure_system_for_automated_traffic_management/

ANNEX N Butuan City’s Transportation and Traffic Code of 2010

Republic of the Philippines

TANGGAPAN NG SANGGUNIANG PANLUNGSOD Lungsod ng Butuan 11th Sangguniang Panlungsod 22nd Frequent Session Number of 2010 A RESOLUTION ADOPTED BY HONORABLE SANGGUNIANG PANLUNGSOD IN THE CITY OF BUTUAN IN ITS FREQUENT SESSION ORGANISED AT THE SP SESSION CORRIDOR ON 06 15, 2010 PRESENT: Professional Dino Claudio M. Sanchez Honorable Erwin L. Dano Honorable Raul O. Amoc Honorable Nazareno V. Diminuzione Honorable Audie G. Bernabe Honorable Lope A. Buñol

Honorable Rodrigo M. Dayaday Professional Sabiniano Um. Olandria Reputable Shiela D. Gado ABSENT: Honorable Josephine P. Marticion-Salise Honorable Lawrence Lemuel L. Fortun Reputable Ramon L. Carampatana Honorable Randolph M. Plaza ” Member ” Member On Official Organization ” Member On Established Business ” Member ” City Vice Mayor Presiding Officer ” Member ” Member ” Member ” Member ” Member ” Member ” Member, Chief executive Liga ng mga Punong Barangays

A GREAT ORDINANCE CREATING THE TARGETED TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORT CODE OF BUTUAN TOWN Be it ordained by the Honorable Sangguniang Panlungsod in treatment assembled through authority of the same that:



Section 1 . REASON FOR THE CODE. – The provisions established in this Code are meant to offer the administration, regulation and enforcement of traffic upon the public streets, streets and highways of Butuan Metropolis, including additional streets, alleys, highways, thoroughfares and private roadways that for the last ten (10)have been constantly used by lots of people.


Section 1 ) DEFINITION OF CONDITIONS, WORDS AND PHRASES USED IN THIS CODE. – The terms, keywords when utilized in this Code, shall for the purpose therefore , have the meaning assigned or attributed to all of them in this Article

unless otherwise the circumstance it is used has a different meaning. a. Abandoned Automobile ” Car left position or unattended in any streets, road or perhaps highway for over twenty four (24) hours. b. Air Pollution ” means an undesirable change in the physical or chemical qualities of air flow that endangers the health and safety in the people and also other living animals. c. Organization ” Any commercial activity customarily involved in, as a means of livelihood and typically involving some freedom or view and benefits of decision. d. Certificate of Compliance ” is a qualification issued into a vehicle owner/operator indicating that some vehicle approved the dark smoke-emission evaluation. e. Metropolis ” City of Butuan.

Metropolis Thoroughfares ” Streets inside the downtown area of Butuan Metropolis.

g. Deadly carbon monoxide ” a colorless pungent toxic gas formed the moment carboncontaining compounds or fuels are burnt off with too little air. h. Driver ” Every person who drives or is in actual control of a car. i. Disappear Points ” is that part of a isle, marked likewise on the ground with yellow collection in rectangle-shaped form, where a PUJ shall drop people within a time necessary for the reason. East sure PUJ ” a Open public Utility Jeepney, the regular way of which will probably be RTR, k. Fee ” An imposition or number of an assessment, tax, tribute or excellent. l. Pre-school ” a school for enriching the perceptive, physical, and social advancement young children, usually five-year olds, by means of games, creative actions, nature examine, etc .

meters. License or perhaps Permit ” The advantage or permission granted by law by a skilled authority to interact in some business or profession or

to engage in some transaction. n. LTTMO -Land the City of Butuan. Vehicles and Targeted traffic Management Workplace of

o. Motor Vehicle ” is a vehicle propelled simply by any power or engine other than buff power applying any general public highways or roads. l. Motorized Trisicads-for-hire ” bicycles having a carriage with oneside wheel made from G. I. water pipe with determine 24 plain steel platter or floors, with only seven hp (7hp) multi purpose engine as the power origin, can carry for least two (2) but is not more than half a dozen (6) travellers and staying operated to render travel services to the general public for a fee. queen. Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Enable or MTOP ” may be the document approving franchise or perhaps license given to a person, natural or juridical, allowing for him/her to control motorized tricycle- for-hire over zones specified therein. r. Non-working day time ” includes Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and/or all other days and nights declared by competent specialist as nonworking days.

t. Nursery University ” pre-kindergarten school. A place set apart to get young children.

Operator/Owner ” The person who retains the legal title from the vehicle.

u. Pedestrian ” Any person taking place or in an invalid chair or related vehicle powered by a person afoot. v. Persons ” Refer to normal or juridical being, vulnerable of rights and commitments or of being the subject of legal relations. w. PFC ” Parking Fee Collector accountable to issue parking seat tickets and collect parking fees in the chosen parking areas/stalls in the Metropolis. x. Pick-up Point ” is that part of a isle marked in the grass with a discolored line in rectangular contact form, whereat PUJs, at most two (2) units in any presented time, shall solicit travellers with a optimum stand-by moments of 5 minutes. y. PRIMARY SCHOOL ” an Elementary School offering formal teaching, teaching the rudiments of learning, and increasing up to half a dozen

years. z. Perfect Mover ” motorcycle device. aa. Privilege ” A permit or a grant or license to get the excitement from a particular or maybe a peculiar gain, advantage or perhaps favor. bb. Public Energy Jeepney (PUJ) ” A jeepney for hire that transfers passengers and cargoes from the other places on the city of Butuan and vice versa. cc. Residents ” Make reference to natural individuals who have all their habitual house in the region, city or municipality where the exercise of their civil legal rights and satisfy their city obligations and to juridical people for which what the law states or any additional provisions creating or recognizing them fix their house in a particular province, city or municipality. In the absence of such law, juridical folks are citizens of the province, city or perhaps municipality wherever their legal representation is made or exactly where they exercise their main functions. dd. Route ” The chosen streets wherever PUJs are only allowed to use in coming in and going out of Butuan City. ee. School- virtually any public or perhaps private business giving regular instruction having an average daily attendance of fifty or maybe more students. ff.

School Crossing Guard ” a school staff or volunteer duly equiped by the main and qualified by the Main of LTTMO who will protect and enroll in the guidance of school children in traversing a pedestrian to those several hours when college is starting, recessing or perhaps closing. fjeofj. School sector ” each and every street and everything public real estate or ways within 1000 (1000) feet of the restrictions of any kind of school. hh. SECONDARY INSTITUTION ” a top School or maybe a school of corresponding class and age groups ranging from 13 to of sixteen years old. 2. Services ” Refer to the duties, function or functions performed or discharged by government official, or by private folks hired or perhaps contracted by the government, while the case might be. jj. Part Car ” Carrier in the motorized tricycle. kk. Solitary Motorcycles-for-hire “is a motorbike mounted using a leg snooze, capable to bring not more three (3) passengers excluding the driver, operated to render transportation services towards the general public to get a fee. lmost all. Smoke Belching ” means an excessive emission of black or dark smoke from virtually any motor vehicle as a result of whatever freeways or highways. mm. And surrounding suburbs ” a community or community outside the downtown area of a town. nn. Sulfur

Dioxide ” a colorless stinky toxic gas used in making sulfuric acidity and as a preservative, fumigant, and whitening agent. It truly is formed by simply burning sulfur and creates a major element of air pollution in industrial regions. oo. Tax ” A great enforced contribution, usually budgetary in form, levied by law-making body on individuals and real estate subject to its jurisdiction intended for the precise purpose of supporting government needs. pp. TEB ” Traffic Observance Bureau of the City of Butuan. qq. Terminal ” The Integrated Jeepney Terminal from the City Government of Butuan located by Barangay Holy Redeemer, Butuan City. rr. Traffic control devices ” all symptoms, signals, visitors cones and devices not really inconsistent with erected by authority from the City Council or jurisdiction, for the purpose of controlling, warning tarmac markings, this Code, positioned or Metropolis official having or guiding traffic.

ss. Traffic control signals ” any gadget whether manually, electronically or perhaps mechanically managed by which visitors is otherwise directed to quit and continue or is otherwise handled. tt. Traffic Enforcer ” A person in specialist mandated to enforce traffic rules and regulations inside the locality, certified to apprehend drivers simply by issuing Traffic Citation Seats (TCT). uu. Tricycle-for-hire ” is a automobile composed of a motorcycle when you have a single-wheel side car or a motorbike with a two (2) tyre cab controlled to make transport providers to the average person for a fee. vv. Westbound PUJ ” shall be taken to denote a Public Power Jeepney, the totally normal route which shall be the towns of Buenavista and Nasipit. ww. Western Region ” Including the Barangays of Emancipación, Bancasi, Ambago, Bonbon, Kinamlutan and Dumalagan. xx. Sector ” is a continuous property area or block, say a neighborhood or a barangay, where a tricycle for-hire may well operate with no fixed beginning and destination. Zones happen to be herein considered may be set by the Sangguniang Panlungsod when applicable.


Section 1 ) AUTHORITY FROM THE CITY COUNCIL. “The City Council shall from time to time: 1 . Determine and designate the sort of all established traffic control devices presented, that this sort of shall associate with and conform to the latest standards as set and approved by the correct government agencies and instrumentalities. 2 . Create, specify, re-define, get rid of or transform all velocity zones, visible streets, through streets, auto parking meter specific zones, no-parking specific zones, bus stops, safety areas and specific zones, quiet areas and specific zones and specify the types of marks to be placed and taken care of for the identification of such areas or areas.

ARTICLE II LAND TRAVEL AND TARGETED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT WORKPLACE (LTTMO) Section 1 . CREATION OF LAND TRANSPORTATION TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT BUSINESS OFFICE (LTTMO). “There is hereby created a Property Transportation Traffic Management Table to be made up of the following, in whose term of office can be co-terminus together with the appointing authority: Chairperson ” City Creciente

Co-Chairperson ” City Vice Mayor Vice Chairperson ” Chairperson, SP Committee in Public

Utilities Members ” Chairperson, SP Committee in Police and Public Protection ” Chief executive, Liga ng mga Barangay or his duly approved representative ” City Representative, PNP or he designates his Metropolis Traffic Department head while his duly permanent consultant authorized

-Two (2) properly elected consultant from the transport sector to represent the associations of PUJ, AC and bus and tricycles, trisicad, motorela while others ” Regional Director, DOTC 13 ” Chief, Lets and Permit ” Director of the Butuan-Agusan Chamber of Commerce, Control and Industry or his duly specified representative ” City Prosecutor ” Town Legal Police officer ” Metropolis Engineer ” City Supervisor President, Petroleum Dealers Relationship of Butuan City or perhaps his properly designated long lasting representative Department

Ex-Officio Affiliate

” Targeted traffic Special Operations Officer 4 (Traffic Professional Director), Traffic Enforcement Bureau

Section installment payments on your POWERS, OBLIGATIONS AND CAPABILITIES OF THE TERRAIN TRANSPORTATION TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT OFFICE (LTTMO). “The Land Transportation Traffic Administration Board can be vested together with the following power, duties and functions: 1 ) Serve as a policy-making body that shall promulgate added policies, guidelines, rules, regulations relating to the effective and efficient administration of targeted traffic in the Metropolis;

2 . Promulgate implementing rules and regulations in accordance with the provisions from the existing Metropolis Ordinances on Traffic; several. Regulate operation of private and public utility vehicles within the City; four. Provide and establish Jeepney and Shuttle bus Stops signages along it is routes in coming to the City for the safety, comfort and convenience of the driving public; a few. Designate metered parking areas within the City as it may regard necessary; 6th. Create a Group that should perform a comprehensive research for a more beneficial and useful traffic transmission control system for the adoption and implementation in the City; six. Recommend for approval by the City Council the acquisition by the Associated with an effective and efficient targeted traffic control gadgets that will probably be installed in designated areas; 8. To distinguish and select the areas in the City exactly where traffic devices shall be set up; 9. Concern additional rules and regulations on the imp?t of aigu? for the violations on this Code; 12. Employ qualified traffic enforcers and other staff necessary to wisely implement the traffic management of the City. 11. Manage and watch over the Adjustment Bureau (TEB). operation in the Traffic


Section 1 . CREATION OF A TRAFFIC ADJUSTMENT BUREAU. -There is hereby created a Traffic Enforcement (TEB) that comes authority in the LTTMO. It is general tasks and responsibilities are as follows: a. This shall act as the

enforcement and implementing human body of all targeted traffic rules and regulations with the City. m. It shall have 3 (3) sections which are responsible for the dedicated enforcement in the standards of safety and good functioning conditions of both public and private power vehicles in the City. c. It shall be responsible for organizing, designing, setting up and maintaining of LTTMO-approved traffic signs, signals, devices and regulates in the areas identified by latter.

Section 2 . COMPOSITION AND FUNCTIONS of TEB. – The TEB should be headed by a Traffic Exec Director. It shall be consists of the following areas with the subsequent functions, hence: a) Management Section: 1) It will be responsible for the registration of tricycles-for-hire, trisicads-for-hire, Single Motorcycles-for-hire units inside the City; 2) Responsible in processing franchises of tricycles-for-hire, trisicadsfor-hire, One Motorcycles-for-hire devices for the approval of the Metropolis Council; 3) It shall ensure that most traffic enforcers are equipped with the essential understanding of this Code specially the traffic regulations of the Town as well as the required skills in the effective and efficient observance and setup of this Code; 4) It can be responsi ble for people dissemination of information about the City’s visitors rules and regulations. b) Enforcement Section: 1) It shall be accountable for the faithful enforcement and implementation coming from all traffic rules of the Town; 2) This shall assure the devoted compliance of the Code simply by Operators/owners and drivers of both non-public and public vehicles including pedestrians inside the City. c) Engineering Section: 1) This shall be responsible for the planning, creating, installing and maintaining of LTTMO-approved targeted traffic signs, signal and regulates in the areas specifically discovered by the other; and 2) It will be responsible in the maintenance of the Traffic control systems, making sure the same shall always be in good functioning conditions and the same is properly shielded against any form of pilferages and vandalism. Section a few. STAFFING. ” The Transportation

Enforcement Bureau (TEB) shall be advancing by a Traffic Executive Director and is hereby assigned the subsequent staff for each section: a) Administrative Section:

1) Management Assistant; and 2) two ” man or women. b) Adjustment Section: 1) Traffic Executive Director as Enforcement Functions Head; 2) PNP City Traffic Mind as Helper Enforcement Procedure Head; 3) Representative, LTO/DOTC; and 4) City Visitors Enforcers. c) Engineering Section: 1) Town Engineer/OIC Chosen as its Head; 2) Assistance Traffic Architectural Head; 3) DPWH Traffic Engineering Brain; and 4) City Planning and Development Planner. Section 4. AUTHORITY OF POLICE AND FIRE DIVISION OFFICIALS. ” 1 . It shall be the work of any kind of police officer designated by the Primary of Authorities to fully impose the provisions of this Code and all the national laws applicable to street visitors in Butuan City. installment payments on your Officers with the City Fire Department who also may be on the scene of fire may immediate or aid the police expert in directing traffic at the vicinity or perhaps in the nearby area.



Section 1 . OBEDIENCE TO OFFICIAL TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES AND MARKINGS- The driving force of virtually any vehicle shall obey the instructions of any established traffic device, placed or perhaps erected according to this Code. Provided, that at any intersection where both equally stop symptoms and visitors signal lamps have been built or mounted, the driver in the vehicle shall operate his vehicle in conformity with the traffic turn signal light whenever similar is in operation, unless in any other case directed by a police officer or traffic enforcer.

Section 2 . TRAFFIC PRODUCTS. ” Almost all signs, indicators, pavement markings or other traffic control devices positioned or built on streets and highways of the Town is considered official when it comes to regulating, warning or helping

targeted traffic. Section 3- TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGNAL LEGEND. – When, traffic is controlled by traffic control signals showing the words “GO, “CAUTION, or perhaps “STOP or perhaps exhibiting colored lights consecutively, sequentially, one at a time or perhaps with arrows, the following hues only will probably be used and said terms and lighting shall show and affect drivers of vehicles and pedestrians as follows: a) GREEN ALONE or “GO. – Vehicular visitors facing the signal might proceed straight through or turn right or left unless an indicator at these kinds of place prohibits either such turn. Although vehicular traffic, including automobiles turning proper or remaining, shall yield the right-of-way to additional vehicles also to pedestrians legitimately within the area of an adjacent crosswalk at that time such sign is exhibited. Pedestrian facing the signal may proceed across the roadway within virtually any marked or perhaps unmarked crosswalk. b) YELLOW-COLORED ALONE or “CAUTION WHEN EVER SHOWN FOLLOWING THE GREEN or “GO TRANSMISSION. ” Vehicle traffic facing the signal is thereby warned that the RED or perhaps “STOP transmission will be showed immediately afterwards and such vehicle traffic will not enter or perhaps be bridging the area when the Reddish colored or “Stop is displayed. Pedestrian facing such transmission are hereby warned that here is inadequate time to mix the highway, and virtually any pedestrian in that case starting to mix shall deliver the right-of-way to all automobiles. c) RED ALONE or “STOP. ” Vehicular traffic facing the signal stop before entering the crosswalk on the around side from the intersection or perhaps, if non-e, then prior to entering the intersection, and shall continue to be immobile before the green or “GO sign is displayed; Provided 1 . Where zero sign have been erected at such area prohibiting proper turns against red signal, vehicular traffic facing this sort of signal, following first arriving at a complete quit as specified above, may possibly enter the area with care from the right lane to make a right convert but shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and other traffic carrying on as directed by the signal of said intersection; and 2 . On the intersection of the one-way pavements, where simply no signals have been erected at such intersection prohibiting proper or kept turns since the case can be against a red sign, vehicular traffic facing this sort of signal, after first visiting a complete quit as specified above, may well enter the area with caution from the right or kept lane to create a right or left convert, respectively, in the

3. Simply no pedestrian facing such signal shall your roadway within a crosswalk or. d) CRIMSON WITH GREEN ARROW. ” Vehicular visitors facing this kind of signal may well enter the intersection with care only to make the movement inside the direction suggested by these kinds of green arrow but shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians lawfully within a crosswalk and to different traffic legitimately using the area. Section four. INTERFERRING WITH OFFICIAL VISITORS CONTROL DEVICES, SIGNS OR SIGNALS. ” No person shall, without legitimate authority, make an attempt to or in reality alter, deface, injure, hit down or remove virtually any official targeted traffic control device, indicators or sign or any wording, shield or insignia on it, or any component thereof. Section 5. BLOCKAGE OF PRESENCE OF TRAFFIC SIGN OR SIGNAL. ” No person, business establishment shall hand, suspend, place or build any awning, frame, porch, cornice, or any other output so as to obstruct the awareness of virtually any traffic indication or transmission placed or erected because authorized by law. Section 6th. RED AND GREEN ILLUMINATED SIGNS NEAR TRAFFIC INDICATORS. It will be unlawful for any person, place of business or enterprise to set up or keep any crimson or ok or reddish colored or green neon indications within 60 (50) foot of virtually any intersection in which traffic is definitely controlled by signal signals, unless this kind of person or business establishment or entity has become issued a written permit by TEB certifying that this sort of light or sign at the specified area does not amount to undue destruction to a new driver of a vehicle plying the streets in the City. Section 7. TRAFFIC LANE MARKINGS. ” 1 ) In certain roads in the Metropolis where targeted traffic is managed by sidewalk markings, such markings will probably be white in color. 2 . When a busted line is used in the centre or lane line, this sort of line can be described as guide line and may certainly not be crossed by vehicular traffic except if vehicle movement can be created using safety. 3. When a sole or a sturdy or a dual solid collection is used for a center or lane line, the line features a regulatory character and it is not to always be crossed simply by vehicular targeted traffic unless when ever such motor vehicle is changing into or away of private pavements. a. Whenever a combination of sound and damaged lines are used, any stable line showing in the same lane on what the vehicle is traveling such automobile shall not mix anytime, other than when turning into or away of private pavements or roads

intersecting streets, however when the damaged lines come in the same side of the road of the automobile that is touring, such automobile may get across at any time. m. When traffic cones are used by the appropriate authority to temporarily control the flow of traffic in lane other than those designated by the permanent pavement markings, the lanes chosen by the cones shall have the same regulatory result as the permanent tarmac markings.


Section 1 . SPEED CONSTRAINTS. ” No person shall drive a vehicle over a street, intersections or motorway at a speed greater than that is fair and sensible under the conditions and without view for the traffic, the width in the street, freeway, intersection and the actual and potential risks that exist. In most circumstances, rate shall be therefore controlled because may be essential to avoid colliding with any individual, vehicle or other conveyances. Section installment payments on your SCHOOL SPECIFIC ZONES. ” No individual shall drive a vehicle upon any highway within school zones and grounds in a rate greater than can be reasonable or prudent, having due view for the traffic on, and the surfaces and size of the roadway, and in no event at a velocity in excess of ten (10) kms per hour. We. STREETS VIEWED AS SCHOOL SECTOR. ” With regards to this Code, the following streets in the City are hereby declared as SCHOOL SECTOR. a. That part of ADVERTISING Curato Streets, fronting the Agusan Secondary school, from its corner with T. Sanchez Streets on the North and Noli Me Toccare Street within the South; b. That element of AD Curato Street fronting the Butuan Central Grammar school from its part with Datu Silongan Street on the North and P. Gomez Streets on the To the south subject to twelve km/hr.; c. That part of San Francisco Avenue fronting Urios College (College Building) from the corner with J. C. Aquino Method on the To the south and Hon. Azote Streets on the North;

d. That part of E. Luna Avenue fronting Urios College (elementary building) from its corner with Hon. Azote Street on the North and San Jose Street within the South; at the. That component to Montilla Chaussee fronting Butuan City Educational institutions on their corner with Hon. Fusta Extension for the north and J. C. Aquino Opportunity on the to the south; f. That part of Delete Pilar St fronting the Agusan Schools

(main building) from its corner Jose Basa for the South; Mindanao School of

g. That part of San Jose St . facing the Northern Midwifery;

h. That part of Montilla Boulevard fronting the Saint Joseph Specialized Institute from the corner with Rosales Avenue on the North and Capital t. Calo Streets on the to the south;

That a part of Montilla Chaussee facing the Timber Metropolis Academy to the intersections of said Montilla Boulevard and J. C. Aquino Avenue; The corner of Delete Pillar street going north to Magsaysay Bridge of Mateo B. Tupaz Roads facing the annex building of Agusan Colleges; A corner of Noli Me personally Tangere and Marcos M. Calo roadways annex building of the Agusan Colleges; facing the

That part of the Langihan Road and the Ong Yiu Road facing the Ong Yiu Elementary School;

m. That part of Nazareno Calo Garottere. fronting Jornalero Elementary School; n. That part of the National Motorway fronting the Caraga Condition University;

to. That portion of the road fronting the FSUU High School by Ambago, Libertad; and s. That section of the road fronting the Sanidad National High school graduation. II. INSTITUTION CROSSING PADS. ” Almost all public and nursery, pre-school, primary and secondary schools are required to produce and promote their own

school bridging guards. This kind of part-time specialized work of the school personnel or volunteer must be offered by the school with uniforms1 and traffic paraphernalias.

III. TRAINING FOR SCHOOL BRIDGING GUARDS. – The respective schools shall ensure that their very own school traversing guards are correctly and properly equipped with suitable knowledge about traffic regulations. The City shall ensure that these crossing protection is afforded with such exercising by the LTTMO at no cost. a couple of IV. TASKS, RESPONSIBILITIES AND POWER OF THE SCHOOL CROSSING PROTECTS. ” The crossing pads shall: several 1 . Aid the students to cross the street safely from school and never act as an enforcement police officer, however they will probably be encouraged to take note of drivers who have encroach within the crosswalk in a dangerous way; 2 . Need motorists to stop and obey a school crossing stop indication;

3. Control vehicular traffic at chosen crossings to allow children to cross safely; 4. Record children to varsity authorities/heads who fail to cooperate; 5. Serve as Liaison to Traffic Officials, parents and school brain; 6. Survey all hazardous pedestrian conditions to the visitors management in addition to appropriate people behavior to the principal; several. Provide for the scholars instruction relative to suggested routes to school very safe pedestrian procedures; 8. Shall be prohibited by using intoxicants, smelling of liquor will be relieved on the spot, and shall not smoking while on responsibility; 9. Shall only watch over a proclaimed crosswalk that is approved by the traffic power; 10. Shall not stop or delay traffic unnecessarily, the moment large groups of students leave the schools previously, cross all of them in groupings; Report unruly students for the School Primary as well as pupils who will be crossing beyond the crosswalk place.

Section three or more. HOSPITAL AREAS AND SPECIFIC ZONES. ” 1 ) No person shall drive a vehicle on virtually any roadway within the hospital areas and specific zones and environment at a speed higher than is reasonable or sensible, having because of regard intended for the targeted traffic on, as well as the surfaces and width from the roadway, and in no function at a speed more than ten (10) kilometers each hour. 2 . When it comes to this Code, the following roads in the City are hereby declared as HOSPITAL AREAS. a. That part of Montilla Boulevard facing the Meters. J. Santos Clinic and Hospital to the intersection of said Montilla Boulevard and J. C. Aquino Opportunity; b. That part of San Jose Street facing the Butuan Town Maternity Hospital; and c. That part of the national freeway facing the Butuan Doctors’ Hospital.

Section 4. ACCELERATION LIMIT INDICATORS. ” There shall n e installed and preserved in the specific zones mentioned in section two and three or more above, inteligible signposts suggesting the speed restrictions set forth under this Code.

Section a few. PARKING AREAS AND HOTELS. – No individual shall drive a vehicle carelessly or negligently or for a acceleration or in this manner regarding endanger or injure people or house in any auto parking areas or public parks. Section 6. ACCELERATION CONTESTS. ” No person should be allowed beneath this Code to engage in or to aid or remedy by whatsoever means, any motor vehicle velocity contests or perhaps exhibition of speed on any streets, roadways, alleys or freeways within the City; except if the same is permitted by the City Council. Section six. EXEMPTION. ” The speed restrictions set forth in this Code will not apply to the next instances: a. An authorized urgent vehicle addressing an emergency call; b. An unexpected emergency vehicle used in the quest for an violator of the legislation; c. actual or suspected

A firetruck or car of the Bureau of Fire Protection responding to a fire alarm where driver of the said car sounds audible signal simply by bell or perhaps siren.

This provision with the Code shall not relieve the driver of the above-mentioned authorized emergency vehicles from the duty to push with credited regard to get the safety of most pedestrians bridging the streets.


Section 1 ) DRIVING ABOUT RIGHT AREA OF THE ROAD- 1 . Out of all roads and streets and highways in the City, automobiles shall be influenced upon the proper lane thereof except underneath the following circumstances: a. When the right half the roadway is usually closed to traffic whilst construction is within progress or perhaps being mended; b. Upon a highway designated and signposted for the one-way targeted traffic. 2 . A person traveling a vehicle shall not be allowed to pass or overtake another car in all pavements and roads in the City, except in emergency conditions. Section 2 . OVERTAKING AN AUTOMOBILE ON THE LEFT SIDE. ” The following rules shall control the ruling and completing of the vehicles proceeding inside the same course: a. The driving force of the vehicle overtaking one more vehicle carrying on in the same direction, shall pass to the left thereof in a safe length and shall not again travel to the correct side from the roadway till safely clear of the overtaken vehicle.

w. The driver of an overtaken automobile shall cave in to the right in favor of the overtaking motor vehicle and will not increase the speed of his vehicle until passed by the overtaking motor vehicle. Section three or more. RESTRICTIONS ON OVERTAKING ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE. ” The driver of the vehicle overtaking and passing another vehicle on the left hand side shall make sure that the side of the road is evidently visible and is free from on-coming traffic for a sufficient as well as distance in advance to permit these kinds of overtaking and passing will be made completely without interfering with the safe operation of any nearing vehicle in the opposite course of the overtaken vehicle. Section 4. WHEN OVERTAKING WITHIN THE RIGHT CAN BE ALLOWED. ” 1 . Zero driver of the vehicle might overtake and pass an additional vehicle from the right part, except beneath the following conditions: a. If the vehicle overtaken is producing or can be visibly gonna make a left switch; b. Upon a streets or motorway with unobstructed pavement, but occupied simply by parked automobiles, of adequate width and with lanes marked for 2 or

more lines of shifting vehicles in each direction; c. After a visible street or upon virtually any roadway on which traffic is restricted to one way of movement, in which the roadway is definitely free from obstructions and of enough width for at least two lane of going vehicles. 2 . In any case if the driver of a vehicle can overtake and pass one other vehicle in the right, he shall all the time exercise required caution making sure such activity is safe. Section 5. TAIL GAITING. -1. The driver of your vehicle shall not follow or perhaps tail walking another vehicle more closely than can be reasonable and prudent, having due consider for the velocity of such vehicle as well as the traffic after and the current condition of the street or roadways in the City.


Section 1 . ONE-WAY PAVEMENTS. ” 1 . Vehicular targeted traffic on any kind of one-way street or motorway or parts thereof since designated by City Authorities as a visible street, shall move just in the course indicated simply by signs built and taken care of thereon. 2 . The streets or servings thereof described hereunder are hereby designated as one-way streets. s. SAN JOSE STREET (west to east direction). Beginning with junction with Ester Escaparate Street on the West, then simply following San Jose Street up to the intersection with A. Mabini Street around the East.

HON. JOSE W. AZOTE Avenue (east to west direction). Starting from the junction with G. Flores Avenue and Marcos Diminuzione Street on the East, after that following Fusta Street approximately its area with Montilla Boulevard on the West. Provided, however , which the remaining portion of Hon. Azote Street referred to as Hon. Fusta Extension, via Montilla Chaussee going further west, shall remain a two approach street.

u. LOPEZ JAENA Street (west to east direction). Beginning from its verse with Montilla Boulevard for the West then following Lopez Jaena Street up to it is intersection with Apolonio Curato Street and G. Flores Avenue, on the

East. Provided, Yet , that the leftover portion of Lopez Jaena Street from Montilla Boulevard referred to as Lopez Jaena Extension, going farther western, shall remain as a two way street. Provided, further, that portion of Lopez Jaena Street, beginning with Montilla Boulevard up to R. Calo Road shall be shut to traffic during Weekends particularly via 7: 00 AM to 11: 00 AM and from 5: 45 PM HOURS to several: 00PM. sixth is v. VILLANUEVA STREETS (east to west direction). Starting from it is junction with G. Flores Ave., for the East, in that case following Villanueva Street up to its area with Montilla Boulevard, the remaining portion of Villanueva Street called Villanueva Extension, from Montilla Boulevard going further western world shall remain a two-way street. watts. T. CALO STREET (west to east direction). Starting from its passageway with Ur. Calo Avenue on the west, then following T. Diminuzione Street approximately its intersection with E. Luna Avenue and G. Flores Volátil., on the east. Provided nevertheless , that the remaining portion of Capital t. Calo Avenue, and from Montilla Chaussee, going additional west up to its area with Gov. Rosales Volátil. known as To. Calo St ., shall continue to be as a two “way street. x. ROSALES STREET (east to west direction). Beginning with its passageway with G. Flores Volátil., on the western world, then next Rosales Streets up to their intersection with Montilla Boulevard on the western world. Provided, yet , that the staying portion of T. Calo St . from 3rd there’s r. Calo St . going even more west approximately its intersections with Gov. Rosales Ave. y. G. FLORES OPPORTUNITY. From Fusta St . to Lopez Jaena intersection. Every one of the rest is definitely two-way road. z. Elizabeth. LUNA STREETS (north to south direction). Starting from its junction with G. Flores Avenue Street on the north up to their intersection with San Jose Street in the South. Presented, however , which the remaining area of E. Capricho Street about its intersection J. C. Aquino Volátil. on the To the south (fronting the Roman Catholic Cathedral) shall remain a two way street. Supplied, further, the remaining percentage of E. Vitrina Street in the intersection of San Jose Street approximately its area with T. C. Aquino Ave. shall be closed to traffic during Sundays specifically from five: 00 am to 12: 00 noonday noontide, meridian and coming from 4: 00 pm to eight: 30 evening only. luke weil. Marcos Meters. Calo Avenue (south to north direction). Starting from the

verse with Noli Me Interessare Street for the south, approximately its intersection with G. Flores Avenue. bb. Area of Datu Silongan from corner of A. G. Curato Road up to the part of M. Calo St, going east. cc. The portion of G. Gomez Road from spot of M. Calo St . to A. M. Curato Opportunity going western world. dd. The trail at the back of Langihan Market by J. Satorre Street about Romulo Rosales Street where the former Gas station is located and up to J. Satorre Street. ee. Portion of A. D. Curato Street particularly that extend from the junction of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue to Noli Me Interessare Street heading south. ff. Datu Silongan from nook A. G. Curato going east Gomez Street coming from M. Diminuzione Street into a. D. Curato Avenue going west. gg. Portion of Marcos Calo Streets, particularly that stretch from Noli Me Tangere Street to end of G. A St . you do not need :. Portion of Noli Me Toccare Street, specifically that extend from the spot of ADVERTISING Curato Opportunity to Marcos Calo Avenue going east. ii. Area of San Francisco Streets (south to North direction) from its intersection of To. Sanchez St, on the Southern region up to L. Rosales St . on the North. 4 jj. Portion of 3rd there’s r. Calo Streets (north to south direction) from its intersection of J. C. Aquino Avenue within the north approximately Teofilo Sanchez Street on the South.


Section 1 . AUTOMOBILES APPROACHING OR ENTERING INTERSECTIONS. ” It shall be incumbent of drivers of all cars approaching or entering any kind of intersection to observe the following: a. The driver of any vehicle getting close to an intersection shall produce the right-ofway to a motor vehicle which has entered the area from a different sort of street.

b. When two (2) cars enter a great intersection coming from different roadways at around the same time, the driver of the automobile on the left shall yield the right-of-way towards the vehicle within the right. Section 2 . VEHICLES TO

PRODUCE RIGHT-OF-WAY. – Whenever any individual driving a car or truck approaches an intersection using a “Yield Right-of-Way sign facing him, he shall yield the right-of-way to any people within a marked or unmarked crosswalk in such intersection, or to any kind of vehicle which can be within this sort of intersection or perhaps approaching so closely thereto as to comprise an immediate risk. Section a few. EMERGING BY AN STREET OR DRIVEWAY. ” The driving force of a vehicle emerging from an intersection, driveway or perhaps building shall stop this sort of vehicle quickly prior to driving a car onto a sidewalk or perhaps onto the sidewalk area stretching across this kind of alley, driveway or building, and shall yield the right-of-way to the pedestrian since may be required to avoid striking the pedestrian; after entering the roadway, shall yield the right-of-way to any or all vehicles nearing said roadway.


Section 1 . POSITION, STOPPING AND PARKING ABOUT “NO-PARKING STREETS. - 1 . No person shall stop, playground or leave his car standing if attended or unattended upon the roads, roadways inside the City which are declared since “NO-PARKING STREETS. 2 . This does not however , affect the driver of any vehicle which can be disabled although moving over the street or perhaps roadways, presented however having said that driver shall display the required early-warning devices. Section installment payments on your STANDING IN LAUNCHING ZONES INTENDED FOR LOADING AND UNLOADING ONLY. ” No individual shall end, stand or park an automobile for any purpose or period of time other than the expeditious launching and unloading of passengers which shall not exceed 5 mins, in a place duly chosen and proclaimed as Traveler Curb Reloading Zones. Section 3. SELECTED “NO CAR PARKING STREETS. - The following streets and roadways within the Town are announced as “No Parking Streets: Within the proclaimed Pedestrian Side of the road; Within an intersection; On a crosswalk; Within half a dozen (6) yards of the intersection of curb lines; Inside four (4) meters through the driveway of any open fire station; In front of a private drive; The whole duration of M. C. Aquino Avenue in the foot of Magsaysay Link intersecting M. Calo Avenue to Narra Road; l. Streets inside the Rizal Playground except parts of Electronic. Luna St ., facing the Roman Catholic Church during Sundays and Holidays as well as during marriages, burials or special house of worship services. Duly licensed PU Cars in Butuan City shall be allowed and provided preference to park on the right aspect of San Jose

(West to East direction) facing Almont Hotel; a. b. c. d. elizabeth. f. g.

Southbound street of Montilla Boulevard, through the pedestrian overpass (near Butuan City Colleges) up to the verse of Erigbuagas Street; Northbound lane of Montilla Boulevard from the south boundary distinctive line of M. T. Santos Medical center property to the yellow container fronting Crown Thrifty Mart Building; Northbound lane of Apolonio G. Curato Streets, from the part of M. C. Aquino Avenue about San Jose Street; Southbound lane of Gov. Jose Rosales Avenue, from the corner of T. C. Aquino Avenue to the area fronting the to the south parking lot of Gaisano Nearby mall; and both lanes of Ochoa Avenue, from the spot of J. C. Aquino Avenue and twenty (20) meters northward and southward. 5 On the left side of all one-way streets except in the car parking spaces provided by establishments operating out of the area.

Section 4. REMOVAL, IMMOBILIZING OF ILLEGALLY HALTED, PARKED VEHICLE. ” 1 . The TEB is hereby authorized to maneuver or need the removal of any kind of vehicle ranking, stopped or perhaps parked upon the roads, streets and highways from the City in violation of this Code within the following instances; a. If a vehicle parked or left behind is so handicapped as to make up an obstruction to targeted traffic and the drivers or person(s) in charge of the automobile are simply by reason of physical injury disabled to this kind of extent regarding be incapable move or perhaps provide for the vehicle’s removal. b. If a vehicle is definitely left un monitored upon any kind of bridge in the City exactly where such car constitutes a great obstruction to traffic. c. When a car is kept unattended or perhaps abandoned after a road, street or alley and is also so left illegally concerning constitute an absolute hazard or perhaps obstruction to the normal motion of the visitors. d. Each time a vehicle can be left unattended or left behind on a streets or looking at a public or personal driveway to be able to constitute an obstruction to vehicular targeted traffic for those who make use of such entrance for the purpose egress and ingress.

e. When a motor vehicle is kept unattended or perhaps abandoned on the street, highway or section thereof so as to interfere with or impede development or vehicle repairs being made on it; PROVIDED, adequate signs providing notice of on-going development or fixes and prohibition of auto parking are properly posted. installment payments on your The bills incurred in the removal of this kind of vehicle should be borne by owner/operator or perhaps driver in the vehicle. three or more. The TEB is hereby authorized to immobilize virtually any vehicle discovered violating the provisions on Parking Limitations and Parking Prohibitions of any existing Ordinance in the City will be immobilized by clamping any of the tire with the said breaking vehicle using any vehicle immobilizer or any type of other exceptional tool/gadget specified to immobilize violating motor vehicle. 6

Section 5. AUTHORITY TO GET RID OF UNCLAIMED VEHICLES. ” 1 . Sixty (60) days following the TEB shall have taken custody of the children or taken out the vehicle as prescribed above, the TEB is hereby authorized to recommend to the City Mayor the disposal of such automobiles. Such temperament shall be for a general public auction underneath such process as the City Mayor shall establish while using approval with the City Council. 2 . Written notice of these kinds of public auction shall be brought to the last known address in the last regarded registered owner of the vehicles, at least fifteen (15) days before the date of the auction. a few. Any owner/operator, driver or perhaps persons officially entitled to this kind of vehicle taken off or considered into guardianship as approved above, may possibly at any time just before such auction pay to the Office of the Metropolis Treasurer each of the costs and expenses in relation to the removal, towing and storage of such vehicle. Section six. PROHIBITED CAR PARKING. “It should be illegal for virtually any person to park a car or truck upon any roadway to get the principal purpose of: a. Showing such vehicle(s) for display or sales; b. Cleansing, greasing, or repairing this kind of vehicle. Section 7. AUTO PARKING STALLS. ” The TEB is hereby authorized and directed to create, mark and designate parking stalls for the parallel or viewpoint

parking of motor vehicles upon designated areas or streets. in Section 8. CHOSEN PAY-PARKING AREAS. – The following the City happen to be hereby recognized and street/roads

designated while “Pay Parking Areas where parallel or perhaps angle auto parking of motor vehicles are allowed. a. MARCOS CALO ROAD (South to North Direction). The whole span of the correct side thereof, starting from around the corner with Gomez Street for the South approximately its intersection with M. Flores streets; b. A. D. CURATO STREET (North to south Direction). The whole span of both sides thereof, except that location along the pavement to Rizal Park, beginning from its intersection with L. C. Aquino on the To the south up to their corner with Lopez Jaena Street and G. Flores Avenue on the North. c. SAN JOSE STREET (West to East Direction). The entire span with the right side thereof, starting from its verse with Ester Luna Streets (formerly Conceiving Street) within the West about its junction with Apolinario Mabini Streets on the East and some of the side thereof, starting form, the junction with Ester Vitrina Street around the West approximately its area with A. D. Curato Street on the East.

d. ESTER LUNA AVENUE (Formerly Embarazo Street, North to South Direction). The portion of said street, particularly at the proper sides thereof, starting from it is corner with Villanueva Road on the North up to it is junction with San Jose Street for the South.

e. HON. CALAMIDAD STREET (East to Western Direction). The portion of explained street, especially at the proper side thereof, starting from its intersection with Marcos Calo Street around the East up to its corner with S . fransisco Street for the west. farreneheit. G. A AVENUE (north to South Direction) The whole span of G. A Avenue particularly the right area thereof, beginning with its verse with David Rosales Road on his North up to its intersection with Lopez Jaena and A. D. Curato Streets on the South.

g. VILLANUEVA STREET (East to West Direction) Portion over the right side

provided that old westbound PUJs may park along Villanueva Extension. h. DAVID ROSALES ROAD (East to West Direction) The part of said street, particularly at the right area thereof, beginning from its verse with G. Flores Avenue on the East up to the intersection with Montilla Chaussee on the Western world, except that portion from the spot of Bay area Street up to its intersection of 3rd there’s r. Calo Streets. Section being unfaithful. RATE OF PARKING CHARGES. ” Automobiles parking in the above specified parking stalls shall be charged a corresponding fee outlined herein beneath: a. Initial Five hours ” Twelve to fifteen (P15. 00) pesos or any b. Being successful hours ” Five (P5. 00) pesos per hour. c. Monthly fee ” of Three 1, 000 (P 3, 000. 00) pesos. Section 10. FAVEUR. The driver or perhaps operator is definitely exempted by paying parking fees if perhaps he meets any of the subsequent conditions: a. Short stops not exceeding seven (7) minutes; m. Loading and unloading of merchandise as well as from automobiles owned or hired simply by owners of stores in the area. After loading or unloading the car must leave, otherwise that shall be subject to the parking fee thus above offered; c. Car parking between 10: 00 o’clock P. M. up to a few: 00 o’clock A. M.; and d. Government”owned motor vehicles parked whilst in the personnel on board are carrying out official features. Section 14. DUTIES OF A PARKING CHARGE COLLECTOR (PFC). ” 1 . The appropriately assigned PEC shall issue the corresponding official parking window of the driver with the parked car in the chosen parking booth or areas and gather the corresponding fee. Upon invoice of the auto parking fee from the driver, the PEC shall at all times concern said new driver with an official receipts highlighting the amount paid. fraction thereof.

2 . Any kind of collector who fails or refuses to concern an official invoice for payment received will be severed from his situation and should be punished by simply an imprisonment of not more that Thirty (30) days or a great of no more that One 1, 000 (P 1, 000. 00) or the two such fine and imprisonment at the discretion in the court.


Section 1 . DISPLAY OF PLATE NUMBERS AND DECALS. ” Motorists, owners and

employees of cars are required to strongly attach and display the plate numbers of their particular vehicles in a fashion that it is legible and visible from both the front and rear part of their vehicles. Stickers demonstrating the vehicles’ current sign up shall similarly be displayed. Further, it should be prohibited for just about any driver, owner or operator to attach to his motor vehicle any soiled or interfered license menu and sticker. Use of, affixing commemorative dish in any automobile is similarly prohibited unless of course the driver, owner, operator includes a special grant from the LTO.


Section 1 . RANGE. ” Any driver, owner or agent of cars is restricted to drive, move said motor vehicle in any avenue, road, us highway in the Metropolis knowing that the same is in a hazardous condition or maybe the same will not contain parts, equipment or accessories necessary for the safety of its travellers. Section installment payments on your LAMPS ABOUT PARKED VEHICLES. ” It really is hereby required that when a motor vehicle is left or halted on the Metropolis streets, streets, alleys besides those that happen to be designated since PAY-PARKING AREAS, during the time between sunset and sunrise, a red mild shall be viewed at the backside part thereof and the same shall be obvious from a distance of at least 200 foot. Provided, that no lamps shall be necessary of this kind of vehicle if the same vehicle has a reddish colored reflector in the rear part and the same is visible from a distance of two hundred feet. Section 3. TRANSMISSION LAMPS. ” All cars plying the City routes is hereto required to be built with signal lights or equipment, such as: a. Stop Lighting fixtures on the rear end which shall emit a red light upon putting on the service (foot) brake pedal and will be visible from afar of 75 feet; m. A light fixture or any mechanised signal unit that shows the driver’s intention to turn right or perhaps left and which should be visible from your front and rear part. Section some. HEAD LIGHTING FIXTURES. ” 1 . Vehicles other than motorcycles, tricycles, bicycles or motorized scooters shall be furnished with at least two (2) headlamps attached to each side in the front. 2 . Motorcycles, motorized mobility scooter are required to become equipped with in least 1 headlamps in-front thereof and shall possess sufficient power to reveal a person or vehicle at a distance of at least 75 feet right in front.

Section your five. SPOT LIGHTS. ” This shall be prohibited for any person, driver, owner, operator to mount and use any spot light on his vehicle while in motion upon any road, road or perhaps highway in the City. Section 6. SEAT BELTS. ” 1 . It should be required of all owners and operators of 4 -wheeled automobiles plying in the City roads/streets to render said cars with ideal seat belts; motorists and passengers of explained vehicles happen to be further required to use the seatbelts when the vehicle is in transportation. 2 . Owners and providers of Bars and PUJs are furthermore required to provide their vehicles with appropriate accessory that will ensure security of the passengers while the vehicle is transit. Section 7. DISPLAY OF EARLY ON WARNING DEVICES. – Each time a vehicle is usually disabled upon the went portion of any kind of road, street, alley or highway inside the City at any time, the driver shall display early warning gadgets.


Section 1 . ROUTES FOR OPEN PUBLIC UTILITY JEEPNEY(PUJ). All PUJs coming in and out of the Metropolis shall work with and go only through specifically selected routes since herein explained in the being successful section. Section 2 . SELECTED STREETS AND ROADS WHILE PUJ PATHS. 7 “For the purpose of this kind of Code, every PUJs plying the City roadways are required to just use the chosen routes as follows: 3. you East Travel Lines: Inbound: From J. C. Aquino Avenue ‘ turn right to R. Riduzione Street ‘ turn kept to Montilla Street ‘ turn right to Langihan Highway ‘ turn right to the highway at the back of the tennis court then proceed towards the highway beside the lagoon ‘ turn right to Andaya Road and proceed on the terminal. Out bound: From the terminal ‘ turn right to Rescatador L. Calo Avenue ‘ turn right to Montilla Boulevard ‘ switch left to J. C. Aquino Avenue towards their destination. 73. 2 Western world Travel Lines: Incoming: Through the national motorway ‘ convert left to

Balanghai Road towards Paradise Subdivision ‘ convert left to Libertad-Ambago Street ‘ change suitable to Doongan-Ambago Road after that proceed toward Mayor Rescatador L. Riduzione Avenue ‘ turn right to the road beside the lagoon ‘ turn kept to Andaya Road and proceed towards terminal. Out bound: From the terminal ‘ change suitable to the road fronting the terminal ‘ turn kept to Creciente Salvador M. Calo Method and continue towards the Doongan-Ambago Road ‘ turn still left to Libertad-Ambago Road ‘ turn right to the Balanghai Highway and continue toward Barangay Libertad ‘ and turn right to the nationwide highway. a few. 3 To the south Travel Lines: Incoming: Through the south proceed to Ochoa Method ‘ turn right to Creciente Salvador M. Calo Method and carry on towards the highway beside the lagoon ‘ change left to Andaya Road then proceed towards the fatal. Outgoing: From the terminal ‘ turn still left to Gran Salvador M. Calo Opportunity ‘ convert left to Ochoa Avenue then proceed to points of destination. 3. four North Travelling Lines: Inbound: From the north, proceed to Mayor Salvador D. Calo Method ‘ turn right to the highway beside the lagoon ‘ change left to Andaya Highway then move forward towards the airport terminal. Outgoing: In the terminal ‘ turn right to Andaya Highway ‘ turn left for the road beside the lagoon ‘ turn kept to Mayor Salvador L. Calo Method then continue towards Doongan-Ambago Road to points of vacation spot. Section 3. PENALTY. – Any drivers, owner, or perhaps operator of PUJs found using or plying inside the City roadways, roads beyond those specifically enumerated inside the preceding section shall be punished by a fine described hereunder: First Crime ” Management fine of Three 1, 000 Pesos (P3, 000. 00);

Second and Succeeding Crimes ” Administrative fine of Five Thousand Pesos (P5, 500. 00) or perhaps an imprisonment of twenty five (30) times or equally such fine and imprisonment on the discretion from the Court. 8


Section 1 . PICK UP AND DROP DETAILS FOR PUJs. -The pursuing areas will be designated since pick up and drop off points: A. Choose ” up Points: 1) Eastbound PUJs i. Outermost right street going east along J. C. Aquino Avenue fronting Arocha Companies, specifically for PUJs bound intended for Cabadbaran. ii. Outermost proper lane heading east along J. C. Aquino Avenue, fronting Ready Shed adjacent to the Northside of the PNP Compound, specifically for PUJs certain for Bayugan. 2) Westbound PUJs i actually. Outermost proper lane heading South, along Montilla Chaussee across SJIT. ii. Before the VJC Video Planet Business along M. C. Aquino Avenue.

B. Drop Off Factors: 1) East Bound PUJs i. 2. iii. Outermost right street going North, along G. Flores Avenue fronting Villahermosa Enterprises to get PUJs both equally coming from either Cabadbaran, Agusan del Aspiracion and Bayugan. Outermost right lane going East, along J. C. Aquino Opportunity, across that Pick-up Stage, facing VJC Video Planet establishment. Outermost right lane going north, along Montilla Blvd.

DOCUMENT III PUBLIC UTILITY TOUR BUS (PUB) ROUTESSection 2 . SELECTED ROADS AND STREETS AS PUB WAYS. The following routes are hereby designated because routes to get PUBs to arrive and from the City: a. FROM EASTBOUND ROUTES Entrance ” By J. C. Aquino Avenue ” proper turn to Ur. Calo St . ” kept to Montilla Boulevard ” left use Salvador L. Calo Garottere. ” left turn to the trail along the lagoon ” after that to the Tour bus Terminal. n. TO EASTBOUND ROUTES Leave ” Via Bus Fatal ” proper turn to the street along the lagoon ” correct turn Salvador L. Riduzione Ave. ” right use Montilla Blvd. ” still left turn to J. C. Aquino Ave. ” then towards the destination. c. FROM WESTBOUND ROUTES: Access ” By J. C. Aquino Opportunity, left use Doongan Street, Barangay Corridor right choose S. M. Calo Ave. ” proper turn to the trail along the lagoon ” then to the Bus Terminal. m. TO WESTBOUND ROUTES Quit ” Coming from Bus Airport terminal to Nazareno L. Calo Ave. by way of road over the lagoon ” left turn to Holy

Redeemer Highway ” Town Hall ” Jose Rosales Ave. ” right choose DBP to destination.


Section 1 . DESIGNATED LOADING AND UNLOADING AREAS PERTAINING TO PUJs. Taking or picking up of travellers in areas other than the terminal can be strictly forbidden. Unloading of passengers shall only be with the areas chosen by the LTTMO for the purpose. being unfaithful Section installment payments on your DESIGNATED LOADING AND UNLOADING AREAS TO GET PUBs. -1. The only launching area within the City selected for the PUBs heading East is definitely the right part of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue due East, infront with the Urios Fitness center. 2 . Bars coming from the Western shall be permitted to unload travellers or rebattu at the correct side of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue because of North, beginning eight (8) meters from the corner with Gov. Jose Rosales Method. Section several. REGULATED FUNCTIONS. All PUVs including tricycles, public power jeepneys, and public energy buses will be allowed to load and/or sell passengers and/or cargoes just in the terminals and in the designated packing and unloading areas inside the City.

Section 4. FEES. “Any individual who violates any kind of provision of this Article shall be penalized with an imprisonment to get a period of 1 (1) month or a good of P2, 000. 00 or the two such fine and imprisonment in the discretion in the court. Offered, however , that no felony prosecution might be initiated in case the offender pays the administrative fine the following: first wrongdoing second criminal offense third wrongdoing fourth and succeeding offenses -P 95. 00 ” 300. 00 ” six hundred. 00 ” 1, 000. 00


Section 1 . REGULATED FUNCTIONS. -All motorists or workers of listed auto calesa (AC) shall use only the routes selected for the purpose while herein

below supplied and as may possibly hereinafter prescribed by the Sangguniang Panlungsod every recommendation by LTTMO. Section 2 . CHOSEN INTRA-CITY TRACKS. The following hereby designated while intra-city paths for auto-calesa (AC) in Butuan City: routes will be

a. WAY 1 ” Bancasi-Libertad-J. C Aquino Avenue-right turn to A. D. Curatoright turn to Farrenheit. Durano St right use Montilla Boulevard-left turn to L. C. Aquino Avenue and vice versa; w. ROUTE a couple of ” Bancasi-Libertad-J. C. Aquino Avenue-left turn to Montilla Boulevard-right turn to T. Calo St right consider E. Capricho Street ” right change J. C. Aquino Method and the other way round; c. WAY 3 ” Bancasi-Libertad-J. C. Aquino Avenue-right turn to A. D. Curato St . -left turn to Datu Silongan St . (Formerly Delete Pilar St )-left consider M. Diminuzione St- G. Flores Avenue- left consider M. Calo St- G. Flores Avenue- left turn to Rosales St -left use J. Rosales Avenue-right consider J. C. Aquino Opportunity and the other way round; d. PATH 4 ” Bancasi-Libertad-J. C. Aquino Avenue-right turn to A. D. Curato St . – left use Teofilo Sanchez St . -left turn to M. Calo St . – G. Flores Avenue-left turn to Rosales St . -right turn to Montilla Boulevard-U-Turn at Salvador Calo Avenue-right turn to Andaya Road-Butuan City TerminalLangihan Public Market-J. Satorre St – Town Hall- J. Rosales Avenue-right turn to T. C. Aquino Avenue and vice versa; electronic. ROUTE five ” Bancasi-Libertad-J. C. Aquino Avenue-right choose Capitol Avenue-Capitol Drive-Pizarro St – N. Durano St – kept turn to ADVERTISEMENT Curato St . right turn to T. Sanchez St . – left use M. Calo St . -left turn to Burgos St . kept turn to 3rd there’s r. Calo St . -right choose J. C. Aquino Opportunity and the other way round; f. COURSE 6 ” Bancasi-Libertad-J. C. Aquino Avenue-left turn to L. Rosales Avenue-City Hall-J. Satorre St . – Langihan Public Market (passing the circular road)- correct turn to Langihan Road, left turn to Big t. Calo St . right choose Montilla Boulevard-left turn to L. C. Aquino-right turn to ADVERTISEMENT Curato St – correct turn to Farrenheit. Durano St . – Pizarro St . – left turn to Capitol Drivestraight to Capitol-Bonbon Road- in that case Libertad and vice versa; g. ROUTE 7 ” De Oro- Camayahan-Ampayon ” L. C. Aquino Ave. proper turn to Riduzione St . ” right turn to T. Calo St . – left consider G. Flores Ave. – left convert Rosales

St . -right turn to Montilla Blvd. -left turn to Andaya Road-left switch the circumferential road -J. Satorre St – Metropolis Hall- Gov. Rosales-left change J. C. Aquino Simply had to. and to the point of origin; Ur. to to to

h. ROUTE 8 ” Through the East upon entering the location proper, will go through L. C. Aquino Avenue up to the intersection of DBP in that case right consider Gov. Rosales Avenue toward City Area, passing through the East Area of the Metropolis Hall Plaza, then proper turn by Gov. M. Satorre St, then proper turn to the Langihan Circular road, after that left turn to Langihan Street then correct turn to Jose P. Laurel Street towards lagoon, proper turn for Andaya Street, right change at North Montilla Boulevard, then finally left switch at JC Aquino Opportunity towards Barangay Sto. Niño Terminal and vice versa. Offered however , the fact that AC which usually shall make use of the said way shall bear the color code description of Light Green Human body. i. WAY 9 ” Bound to get Libertad-Ambago-Salvador T. Calo Avenue-right turn to L. Satorre-right use circumferential highway at Salvador L. Diminuzione Premium Market-right turn to Langihan road-right consider T. Calo Street-left to Gov. Rosales Avenue-right turn to J. C. Aquino Opportunity (highway) to destination; and ROUTE 15 ” Plying along the Countrywide Highway via Bancasi to Ampayon via the New Butuan City Clinic, this Town and the other way round.

Section several. DESIGNATED INTER-CITY ROUTES-The pursuing routes are hereby chosen as inter-city routes intended for auto-calesa (AC) in Butuan City functioning under the colorcoding scheme. They shall have the corresponding id and travel lines, as follows 10: a. ROUTE eleven “Those ACs that have the subsequent marks: 1 . color code ” reddish colored with silver stripe installment payments on your route indicate ” black on reddish colored background several. slogan ROUTE MARK: Salud, Capitol-Bonbon curve road visit Otis Shopping mall Terminal, L. Flores Method, J. Satorre Avenue, Langihan Road, T. Calo File format, Montilla Chaussee, JC Aquino Avenue. A. D. Curato Street, Sanchez Street, Montilla Boulevard, Pili Drive, Ochoa Avenue, JC Aquino Method, J. Rosales Avenue, Capitol-Bonbon Road then drop by Otis Mall Airport terminal towards Libertad and viceversa. b. COURSE 12 ” Those ACs that have the subsequent marks: 1 ) color code ” yellow with silver precious metal stripe installment payments on your route mark ” dark-colored on yellow-colored background a few. slogan PATH MARK: Amparo, Bit-os, Mandacpan, San Vicente, South Montilla Boulevard, Durano Street, M. Calo Street, G. A Avenue, Rosales Street, Montilla Boulevard, Andaya Road, Langihan, J. Satorre Street, Town Hall, T. Rosales Avenue, Villa Kananga Road towards Barangay Protección, vice-versa. c. ROUTE 13 -Those ACs that have the next marks: 1 . color code ” green with white rays 2 . route indicate ” black and green backdrop 3. motto ROUTE INDICATE: Banza, Maug, Mahogany, Baan Highway, Montilla Boulevard, Andaya Road, Langihan, J. Satorre, City Lounge, J. Rosales Avenue, M. C. Aquino Avenue, vice versa. Section four. DESIGNATED PACKING AND UNLOADING AREAS INTENDED FOR ACs. The loading and unloading details within the poblacion are the following areas: 1) For ACs going outside of the Poblacion/West Sure: a. The proper side of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue thanks West beginning six (6) meters following your nearest nook with Ester Luna Road; b. The right side of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue because of West, beginning seventy (70) meters following your nearest part of the area with Montilla Boulevard; c. The right aspect of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Opportunity due western, starting six (6) yards after the corner of the intersection with Elisa Ochoa Avenue; d. The best side of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue because of West, just before reaching the area with Gov. Jose Rosales Avenue. Presented, that the 6-meter distance from the nearest spot should be left vacant; e. The right area of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Opportunity due West, twenty (20) meters apart after the passageway of Imadejas Road; n. The right aspect of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Opportunity due Western world, in front of its junction with DAR Subdivision Road; ” black letter ” reddish colored letter

g. The right area of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Opportunity due Western, in front of their

junction with Luminosidade Village Subdivision Road; l. The right side of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Opportunity, due Western, in front of Butuan Doctors’ Clinic; i. l. 2) The proper side of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue credited West, half a dozen (6) metres after their junction with the road bringing about the Regional Hospital; plus the right side of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue due Western world, six (6) meters, following its verse of the road leading to Ambago. For ACs coming from the Western world (Libertad): a. The right side of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Opportunity due East, in front of Sanidad Public Market; b. The proper side of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue thanks East, opposing Butuan Doctors’ Hospital; c. The right part of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Method due East, starting half a dozen (6) yards after this passageway with Luz Village Subdivision road; m. The right area of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue due East, starting six (6) yards from its junction with CEDER Subdivision road; e. The ideal side of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue because of East, starting six (6) meters aside after their junction with Imadejas Subdivision road; farrenheit. The right side of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue due East, starting after having a distance of six (6) meters through the eastern intersection with Capitol Avenue;

g. The right area of Gov. Jose C. Aquino Avenue due East, in front of VJC Video Planet establishment; l. The right part of Jose C. Aquino Avenue due East, ahead of the Central Authorities Station (between waiting shed and the stage); i. The best side of the. D. Curato Street thanks South, ahead of the Butuan Central Elementary School; l. The right side of A. D. Curato Road due South in front of the Agusan National Secondary school; and e. The right aspect of G. Flores Avenue due North, near the Flames Station Office.


Section 1 . REGULATING DISPATCHING. For purposes of this Code, only official dispatchers or perhaps dispatchers’ affiliation may take part in dispatching activity in terminals, pick-up or drop points, and packing and unloading zones inside the City. These kinds of dispatching activities shall be controlled in a manner that: 1 ) They shall only be installment payments on your Dispatchers shall have a written agreement with duly registered PUJ Operator, or perhaps PUJ Providers and Drivers’ Organizations. several. TEB shall supervise and monitor activities of these authorized Dispatchers. Section 2 . CHARGES. – Breach or non-implementation of any provision of this Article shall be punished by: a. A fine of P300. 00 for the very first Offense; P500. 00 for the second crime; P750. 00 for the 3rd Offense, as well as the cancellation of dispatching permit, or imprisonment of not more that 15 days or both equally such fine and imprisonment on the discretion from the Court. m. The driver, user who enables unregistered/unlicensed dispatchers to perform dispatching activities should be fined with P300. 00 for the 1 saint Offense, P500. 00 to get the 2nd Offense; P750. 00 for the 3rd Offense as well as cancellation of his driver’s license or imprisonment of less that 15 days or the two such fine and imprisonment in the discretion with the Court. c. Operator, whose driver commits the 3rd Crime shall be fined P2, 500. 00 over the postponement, interruption of his operation because of not more that 1 month. g. Any TEB or PNP Traffic Enforcer who does not enforce this information shall suffer administrative calamité.



Section 1 . ESTABLISHMENT OF A BUS TERMINAL. ” The town cognizant of its requirement to deliver useful public in order to its constituents particularly to the riding public, hereby set up, operate and maintain a Tour bus Terminal at the Butuan Trade Center. Section 2 . OPERATIONS, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE BUS FATAL. ” To get an efficient operations of the procedure and repair of the Bus Terminal, there may be hereby developed City Terminal Management Group (CTMT) which in turn shall be responsible for the efficient and effective administration from the operation and maintenance of the Bus Terminal. The same shall be directly beneath the supervision of the Office of the City Mayor. Section several. COMPOSITION, RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS OF CTMT. ” The location Administrator shall act as Professional Director of the CTMT, this individual shall be assisted by the Town Assessor, Town Treasurer and City Primary of Law enforcement. As a administration team, CTMT shall be in charge of ensuring powerful and efficient service with the terminal to

the riding open public. The CTMT may employ the services of additional personnel it may deem necessary to enforce it is function of effective and efficient supervision, peaceful procedure of the Coach Terminal. 1 . The features of CTMT shall incorporate but not limited to the following: a. Develop guidelines and guidelines that will guarantee

effective, useful management from the Bus Port; b. Helps to ensure that the driving public making use of the services and facilities from the Bus Airport terminal shall all the time safe and secure; c. Ensures that often there is order in the day to day operation of the Bus Terminal; m. Recommends to the City Mayor the area(s) in the Bus Airport terminal to be provided for lease/rent to the public; e. Helps to ensure that lessees and stall owners in the fatal comply with the requirements set by the appropriate rules or buy; f. Ensures the maintenance the usefulness with the facilities and sees to it that premises happen to be in clean and sanitary state; and g. Performs such other function(s) as assigned by the City Mayor. Section 4. FORBIDDEN ACTS WITHIN THE BUS PORT. “The CTMT is especially directed to ensure that none of them of the following serves are committed inside the Bus Terminal: 1 . Maintenance services and key repairs on any car; 2 . Reckless driving; several. Drinking of liquor by any person; 4. Spitting and littering with the terminal location; 5. Peeing and defacating in areas in the Airport terminal other than the Comfort Rooms; 6th. Carrying by any person of any deadly weapon which includes but not limited to guns, kitchen knives and bolos. Section 5. PENALTY. – Any person who also violates virtually any provision of this Article shall be penalized by a fine of not less than Five Hundred Pesos (P five-hundred. 00) nor more than One 1, 000 Pesos (P1, 000. 00) or a great imprisonment of thirty (30) days or perhaps both such fine and imprisonment at the acumen of the Court. Section 6. PORTERAGE, CARGO HANDLING AND DISPATCHING PROVIDERS IN THE TOUR BUS TERMINAL. – To ensure that the riding general public will be provided with convenience while using the services of the Bus Terminal, the Code hereby allows the offer of porterage, shipment handling and dispatching providers in the Port, provided that: 1 . The porterage and cargo handling companies and dispatching activities shall only be offered by a cooperative or group, duly signed up with the worried agencies, following being approved a franchise3. Passenger/s who wish to carry their particular cargoes/baggage shall not be obliged to acquire the services of the said protégers and handlers; 4. Passenger/s shall be afforded with utmost courtesy by porters and handlers; and 5. Rebattu damaged due to mishandling with the porter(s) should be the responsibility with the cooperative/group as well as the cargo/baggage owner shall be given due compensation by said cooperative/group. Section 7. BROADENING THE AREA OF THE BUS TERMINAL. -The Sangguniang Panlungsod may possibly, upon suggestion of the Metropolis Mayor, designate additional location or areas where the Butuan Bus Airport terminal may grow, and the same shall be considered to be in the jurisdiction in the City Terminal Management Staff.


Section 1 ) “PAY-PARKING AIRPORT TERMINAL FOR Bars, PUJs and CARGO TRUCKS. There is hereby designated and established since pay-parking or terminal to get PUBs, PUJs and shipment trucks for hire. Section installment payments on your LOCATION. – The City hereby designates as pay-parking terminal for the PUBs, PUJs and Valuables Trucks the vacant great deal owned by City Government located in Barangay Ampayon, particularly described as follows: “On the North existing Town Government Subdivision; On the Southern region highway passageway from Butuan to Surigao and to Davao; On the East by lot owned by Dr . Son Briones; For the West by simply lot owned by Ashton Lou.  Section three or more. RATE OF PARKING FEES. – While intended below this Code, only PUBs, PUJs and Cargo Trucks will be in order to park inside the Ampayon Pay Parking Terminal. Parking will probably be charged with corresponding charges listed here below: a. First Five hours ” Fifteen (P15. 00) pesos or any b. Succeeding several hours ” Five (P5. 00) pesos per hour c. Month to month fee of Three 1, 000 (P several, 000. 00) pesos portion thereof. PART VI MOTOR-DRIVEN TRICYCLE-FOR-HIRE, MOTORIZED TRISICAD-FORHIRE, SINGLE

MOTOR-FOR-HIRE AND MOTORELA ARTICLE We REGULATING OPERATION OF MOTOR-DRIVEN TRICYCLE-FOR-HIRE, MOTORIZED TRISICAD-FOR-HIRE, ONE MOTOR-FOR-HIRE AND MOTORELA-FOR-HIRE Section 1 . SPECIALIST TO REGULATE. -The authority to grant the essential franchise or perhaps permit to work a tricycle-for-hire, motorized trisicad-for-hire, single motorfor-hire and motorela-for-hire is vested upon the Sangguniang Panlungsod. The same shall likewise give the proper identification, marking and numbering of all said cars awarded with the proper franchise or perhaps permit to use. Section 2 . REGISTRATION AND FRANCHISING OF TRICYCLES FOR-HIRE. Only tricycles that are duly registered and has the ideal franchise/permit to use shall be allowed to ply the streets of the City. Section 3. METHOD OF ENROLLMENT. 11 -The procedure will be as follows: new registration

Stage I. Protected application forms in the Permits and Licensing Split, City Mayor’s Office, and fill-up a similar. Initial evaluation of the software will be made to determine if the applicant is definitely qualified. Step II. Check out City Engineer’s Office-Motor Pool for inspection of the devices as to its roadworthiness and particularly in its capability to transfer passengers as well as efficiently. Among the foremost parts and accessories to be inspected are: a. Mechanical Program b. Power System ” including headlights, brake lighting and sign lights c. Brake System ” hand and foot brake systems d. Rear and Front side Reflectors electronic. Body panel, upholstery and body paint should be reasonable and in good condition.

Step III. Proceed to LTTMO for verification of Any kind of existing targeted traffic violations of owners/drivers and to undergo seminar on visitors rules and regulations. Step IV. Payment of Franchise Verification Charge of 50 Pesos (P50. 00) at the City Treasurer’s Office and thereafter, protected endorsement from your Permits and Licensing Split, City Mayor’s Office. Stage V.

Proceed to Business office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod to get the application or renewal of franchise. Stage VI. When, franchise program or revival is approved by the Sangguniang Panlungsod, proceed to Lets and Licensing Division, City Mayor’s Business office, for the last evaluation and compliance of other requirements. If disapproved, make the required corrections on the deficiencies based on the findings and suggestions of the Sangguniang Panlungsod. Step VII. Repayment of all required registration costs at the City Treasurer’s Business office. Step VIII. Secure the MTOP. Section 4.. SUBSCRIPTION PERIOD. doze -Registration will probably be made for the following a few months: January ” Motorela, Motor-driven Tricyle and 2-Seater Tricycle July Sept November ” Trisicad ” Single Engine ” Motor-driven Trisicad

Presented, however that tricycles-for-hire plying the Traditional western Suburb Paths shall enroll on the month of November. 13 Section 5. LOWEST PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR TRICYCLES-FOR-HIRE. Every tricycle-for-hire shall be strongly-built, well balanced, with pneumatic rubber tires and neatly colored, shall include firm interconnection, upholstered seat with its area and backrest provided with two (2) bulbs with clear light at the front, with water-resistant top, draperies and rainwater aprons, and shall be supplied with horns intended for warning functions, and must comply with the following minimum requirements and specs: a. EXCELLENT MOVER AND CAB:

1 . The power ranking for motorbike to be employed as prime mover will be 75cc. to 155cc. (engine displacement); installment payments on your The pickup’s cab must be fastened firmly and securely towards the prime ocasionar; and several. The type of the cab need to be the standard six seater with two people at the right side of the driver and 4 at the back or four-seater with two travellers at the proper side with the driver and two at the back of it. b. TOPPING: 1 . The cab must be provided with a topping, part and front side covers to insure color from the sun and protection from rainwater; 2 . Support of topping and attributes must be sufficiently strong to withstand optimum load; three or more. Maximum number and size of content ” 10 pcs. 3/8 inches rounded iron bar; 4. Bare minimum size of topping ribs ” circular iron tavern; 5. Most joints has to be welded or perhaps bolted securely; 6. There must be an optionally available baggage compartment at the top floors and sidings must be manufactured from steel plate. Minimum density is Measure 20; six. Cab human body to be welded or lap-bolted, to additional chassis; eight. All important joints to be welded or lap-bolted; 9. Sidings and floorings must be free of sharp edges; and 12. Space has to be provided for baggage compartment. c. SEAT AND BACKREST. Couch and backrest must be upholstered and housed securely to a framing: 1 . Minimum size of framing  x 1/8 single flat iron. d. LIGHTINGS. In addition to the lamps of the perfect mover (motorcycle), lights should be provided for the cab, one particular (1) for headlight, two (2) for tail light and one particular (1) to get interior light: 1 . Taxi headlight must be placed rightmost (outermost from the cab having a maximum of 6 clearance from your edge), aside from the headlight attached to the front of the motor’s body; 2 . Cab butt light must be placed on both equally outermost sides of the cab’s rear end, going out of a optimum clearance of 3 ins from the human body edge; 3. Interior light must be put provided with the very least clearness of any 6-watt bulb; and four. Gadget to dim the headlights when meeting other vehicles during the night. e. UNDERCHASSIS FRAMING:

1 ) Attachment place 4X6X3/16 metallic plate attached to motor bike anchor with minimum of some pieces each  metal bolts. The 1 GI pipe welded to the add-on plate with reinforcement group (2-2 leg); 2 . Joint with 90 elbow joint, tightened and welded by below advantage; 3. 90 bent or perhaps 90 elbow joint, tightened and welded at below elbow border; reinforced with plate 1/8 thick (1-2 leg);

5. Welded joint with strengthened plates 1/8 thick metallic plate; and 5. Lowest size of third wheel must be 26 by 2 , 4-ply with heavy duty tyre rim, resting on bearings with 5/8 axle shaft, third tyre must be covered with dirt guard. f. Cab to Chassis Attachments: Spring ” 1 . Taxi must be attached with the body framed by leaf springs, minimum of two (2) leaves jeep springtime

per side. The front end of the main springtime should be hinged on clump strong to withstand the load, bottom must be shackled, bracket has to be 1/8. Spring must be U ” bolted or clamped top the axle without less than 3/8 U ” bolt; installment payments on your It must be also provided with stabilizer of by least one (1) tea leaf keep planting season, also attached similarly to the primary spring; and 3. Spring bracket obstruct must be welded strongly towards the auxiliary chassis. Section 6. FRANCHISING FEE. – Operation Verification Payment shall be collected once a year in or ahead of the anniversary date of the MTOP, unless an additional schedule is set by the Sangguniang Panlungsod. Submitting Fee should be collected after application intended for an MTOP based on the quantity of units. Section 7. LIMITATIONS IN WORKING TRICYCLES. – Any new driver or agent of a tricycle possessing a City-issued valid franchise or permit to use shall be in order to ply simply along the designated City pavements subject to this restrictions: 1 ) No tricycle shall be allowed to ply in national freeways such as in Jose Aquino Avenue which roads are typically used by 4-wheel vehicles greater than 4 tons and wherever normal speed exceed 40kph, except, yet, in emergency situations where the tricycle is having a voyager necessitating copy to a hospital; 2 . Simply no driver of your tricycle shall refuse to convey any passenger, except when the refusal is caused by force majeure or if the tricycle is obviously out of order.

3. No person working or generating a tricycle shall fill his motor vehicle with more than 6 (6) people. He will not load gets or shipment that will unduly inconvenience the passengers or will cause significant danger for the public. some. Tricycles should pass Jose C. Aquino Avenue (formerly Zamora Street) from the ft . of the Magsaysay Bridge to the Development Lender of the Thailand (DBP) with the outermost isle or both equally sides of the road from eight: 00 o’clock in the evening up to and right up until 5: 00 o’clock the next day, provided that: my spouse and i. ii. 3. iv. That shall not push at a speed exceeding 20 kilometers per hour; That shall not overtake any vehicles in its street; It will not swerve to any of the interior lanes; and It shall observe one route in either way.

your five. Tricycle providers shall utilize only individuals duly licensed by the Land Transportation Business office. 6. Owner, operator or perhaps driver will not fake or display any kind of identification, tagging or numbering on their tricycle purporting the same being issued and made by the Metropolis. 7. The driver, owner or perhaps operator of your duly signed up tricycle is necessary to install a silencer in the vehicle’s muffler. almost 8. The grantee of MTOP must bring a common carrier’s insurance satisfactory to answer for almost any liability it could incur to passengers and third parties in the event of accidents. Section 8. PENALTY. ” 1 ) Any owner or agent of a tricycle-for-hire who violates any important provision of this Article, apart from any administrative calamité and fines under existing laws and ordinances, shall upon confidence, suffer the penalty of your fine of not less than P1, 000. 00 nor more than P3, 000. 00 or imprisonment of not significantly less that twenty five (30) days and nights nor more that six (6) a few months, or both such fine and imprisonment in the discretion with the court. 2 . If the violation is fully commited by a organization, partnership, supportive, or connection, the penalty shall be made upon the President, Representative or company directors, manager, handling partner, or other officials responsible for this kind of violation. The penalty thus provided will probably be without bias to the reversal, overturning, annulment of the MTOP by the lets and guard licensing and training division. a few. Any new driver of a tricycle who violates any pertinent provision of the article, apart from any administrative calamité and fees under existing laws and Ordinances, shall upon conviction suffer the penalty of any fine of not less than P500. 00 neither more than P1, 000. 00 or imprisonment at the acumen of the the courtroom.


Section 1 ) ALLOWABLE FARE. ” Tricycle driver or perhaps operator of a tricyclefor-hire can simply shall request or demand a passenger to pay his fare inside the amount set and approved by the code, laws, regulations. Section installment payments on your RULES AND REGULATIONS. ” Operators of tricycles shall display inside their vehicles in bold albhabets, the authorized fare charged against passengers. Section 3. CHARGES. ” Any driver, owner who violates the conditions of this Article shall be punished by a fine of not

less than P300. 00 neither more than P600. 00, or perhaps an imprisonment of no less than 10 days nor more than thirty days, or equally such fine and imprisonment depending upon the discretion of the court; Provided, yet , that not any case might be elevated for the court to prosecute the offender in the event that he pays the administrative fine as follows: a) 1st Offense b) Second Offense c) Third Offense P 100. 00 200. 00 300. 00 400. 00

d) Next and succeeding offenses-


Section 1 . DESIGNATED TERMINAL. – To ensure that the riding public is nicely protected, the town hereby designates that piece of land located by western area of the floodwall stretching in the road-dike entrance to the Barangay Leon Kilat Hall to the Coast Safeguard Headquarters because terminal pertaining to the tricycles-for-hire operating in the town. For basic safety reasons, NO TRICYCLES WILL PROBABLY BE ALLOWED AT ANYTIME to use the Diosdado Macapagal Bridge. Further, promenaders and vendors aren’t allowed at anytime in the course of the Diosdado Macapagal Link. Furthermore, all kinds of vehicles are not allowed to recreation area at anytime over the span from the bridge. 16 Section installment payments on your STRUCTURAL NECESSITY. – Metropolis directs metropolis Engineer’s Workplace (CEO) to construct shed homes in the above-designated area exactly where passengers can safely always be loaded and unloaded into the tricycles. Section 3. MANAGEMENT OF THE TERMINAL. – The location directs the CTMT underneath the supervision in the Mayor’s Office to manage, watch over the fatal and perform the following forces and obligations: a) Work out direct administrative control and supervision; 14

b) Keep cleanliness and beautification in close coordination with the City Health office; c) Assist the City Treasurer’s Office in the collection of taxes, fees, aigu? and the other impositions; d) Perform various other powers and duties important and strongly related the procedure. Section four. PARKING COST. “

Presently there shall be a parking charge imposed and collected on tricycles for each trip basis which will probably be collected by simply an authorized auto parking attendant upon every departure from the Port. A ticket shall be granted for every payment thereof. Section 5. ACCRUAL OF FEES. ” The fees and fines gathered from the Terminal operation shall accrue for the following: 1 . City Govt 2 . Barangay Government 70 percent; and thirty percent.

ARTICLE IV MOTORIZED TRISICADS AND SINGLE MOTORCYCLES-FOR-HIRE Section 1 . SIGN UP. -Only motor-driven trisicads-for-hire and single motorcycles-for-hire that are duly registered and has the appropriate franchise/permit to control issued by Sangguniang Panlungsod shall be permitted to ply the streets with the City. Section 2 . MANAGING OPERATION. ” 1 . To guarantee the safety with the riding open public as well as ensure efficient traffic situation in the City, it really is hereby required that before an applicant may be allowed or allowed to operate in the City roadways, the following shall first end up being complied: a. Police Distance. ” which in turn be issued following the driver/operator-applicant features undergone workshop on targeted traffic rules and regulations becoming conducted by the Traffic Department. b. Mayor’s Permit c. Certificate of Registration through the City Treasurer’s Office;

g. Motorized Trisicad Plate Number or Sole Motorcycle-for-hire Plate Number as the case can be.

e. Qualification of Highway Worthiness being issued by the PNP Primary of Targeted traffic Division and by the City License Division; n. Insurance coverage; g. Motorized Trisicad Driver’s Enable which should be issued by City Gran upon good recommendation by the Chief of Butuan Town Police Command word, Traffic Section; h. A legitimate and current Professional license from the LTO; i. Medical Certificate attesting to his (driver) physical fitness to undertake the task of driving a motor-driven trisicad or maybe a single motorcycle-for-hire as the situation may be; 2 . In addition to the previously mentioned requirements, Motor-driven Trisicads and Single Motors-for-hire, shall be necessary to: a. Connect a strongly printed or perhaps painted given Serial and rear

of the car; Number in front

Section a few. ROADWORTHINESS. ” Motorized Trisicad and Sole Motorcycles should certainly only be considered road worthy if it has the following equipment: i. Headlamp; ii. Area Mirror; 3. Brake System; 4. Reflector of reflectionized sticker both sides, front side rear, size 1 x4; v. Pickup’s cab Tail lumination; vi. Trisicad horn; and vii. Signal light Section 5. REFUSAL TO CONVEY PASSENGER. – No drivers of virtually any motorized trisicad or single motorcycles-for-hire shall refuse to convey any voyager within his designated way. Section a few EXEMPTIONS. – A drivers, owner or operator with the trisicad might refuse to present the traveling if the vehicle has a mechanical defect. Section 6. PROHIBITED ROUTES. – No owner, operator or perhaps driver of any motor-driven trisicad-for-hire shall ply along the following roads:

a. Portion of Langihan Street (specifically among corner T. Calo up to the intersection in the semi-circular street of the Langihan Premiumed Market); b. Gov. Jose C. Aquino Method; c. T. Calo Streets up to Expansion Road; m. Montilla Boulevard; e. 3rd there’s r. Calo Street up to part of Salvador Calo Opportunity; f. Apolonio D. Curato Street;

g. Marcos M. Calo Avenue; h. Gumercindo Flores Method; i. t. Felimon Durano Street; Electronic. R. Ochoa Avenue; and

k. Gov. Jose Rosales Avenue. SUPPLIED, that motorized trisicads and single motorcycles for hire will be allowed to employ all roadways, avenues and boulevards inside the City of Butuan from 15: 00 o’clock in the evening to five: 00 o’clock the following morning hours. Provided even more, that Power-driven trisicads plying along L. P. Satorre Street, will be allowed to use the semi-circular highway along the american and the southern part of perimeter in the Langihan Premiumed Market thence along the Langihan Road heading North to J. P. Satorre Street. Provided, that no Power-driven Trisicad should be allowed to park along the semi-circular road and along these kinds of portion of the Langihan Highway abovementioned except to acquire passengers and load bateau and/or land

individuals or sell cargoes. Section 7. WEARING OF HEADGEAR. -All drivers and individuals of any type of single bike are hereby required to use helmet while travelling on any City streets, tracks or countrywide highway. 12-15 Section 8. PENALTY. ” Any rider, owner or perhaps operator who have violates any kind of provision of the article shall be meted with the pursuing penalties: a. For User, he will probably be punished with a fine of not less than One Hundred (P100. 00) Pesos, neither more than One Thousands of (P1, 1000. 00) Pesos or imprisonment of no less than Thirty (30) days nor more than 6 (6) weeks, or both equally such fine and imprisonment with the discretion from the Court. If the violation is committed by a corporation, a partnership, a cooperative or perhaps association, the penalty shall be imposed upon the President, Director or

Directors, Manager or Taking care of partner or perhaps other standard responsible for this sort of violation. Provided, however , that no lawbreaker prosecution could possibly be initiated if the operator pays an administrative fine of 5 Hundred (P500. 00) Pesos. Provided, Further, that subsequent violations will be a surface for the cancellation of his enable or franchise and without prejudice to lawbreaker prosecution. n. For new driver, he will be punished by a fine of not less than P300. 00, neither more than P500. 00 or perhaps an imprisonment of not really less 15 (15) times nor much more than thirty (30) days on the discretion of the court. Yet , no felony prosecution could possibly be initiated if the offender pays off an administrative fine of P100. 00; Provided, even more, that following violations should be a floor for the cancellation of his driver’s permit minus prejudice to criminal prosecution. c. To get owner-operator: Pertaining to failure to print the bold recognition lettering as mandated: Initially Offense Second Offense Third Offense ” P1, 000. 00 fine; 2, 1000. 00 good; and ” 3, 000. 00 great and impounding of the motorized Trisicad Unit and cancelling of the operation.

a. Pertaining to imitating and falsely symbolizing hereof, P5, 000. 00 fine and impounding from the trisicad device and shall forever end up being denied virtually any opportunity

for a business to operate. w. For a rider who operates in areas other than the designated routes will probably be penalized the following: First Offense Second Offense Third Wrongdoing ” P500. 00 ” 1, 1000. 00 ” 1, 500. 00

School of the City Treasurer can be hereby specified to collect the administrative penalties or the penalty as enforced by the Court docket and to concern the official invoice thereof. Money collected shall accrue towards the general pay for. The catching officer shall submit and report to school of the Metropolis Treasurer within just 48 hours, the grant and/or permit confiscated as a result of the infringement.



Section 1 ) REFLECTOR DEVICES AND HEADLIGHTS. – Anyone who shall operate and ply a bicycle inside the streets and roads in the City is usually hereby necessary to install a mirror gadgets and headlights to the bicycle.


Section 1 . DESIGNATED BI-CYCLE LANES. -The City hereby requires almost all persons venturing on a bike to use only the following officially designated bike lanes: a. Along Montilla Boulevard ” North to South course and the other way round; and w. Along J. C. Aquino Avenue ” East to West direction and the other way round. Section installment payments on your MARKINGS AND SIGNS. – The City guides the City Engineer’s Office to build the necessary markings and indicators along the specified bicycle lanes. Section a few. PENALTY. – Any person who violates the provisions of the article, shall undergo the following fees and penalties: First Offense Second Criminal offense Third Offense ” P25. 00; ” 50. 00; and ” 75. 00 plus revocation/cancellation of grant.

If the culprit is a small, the parent or guardian or guardian concerned shall be made to spend the appropriate fine.




Section 1 ) REGULATING MARCH, PROCESSIONS, DEMONSTRATIONS AND MASS ACTIONS. – The City hereby adheres to the right with the public to expression and right to peaceably assemble, provided, that mass activities in search of the same should be reasonably governed. It requires persons, organizers, teams and organizations intending to employ City roads or a portion thereof for purposes of holding a parade, retraite, demonstration, mass action, or any public activity, to secure a Mayor’s permit. Section 2 . ” DESIGNATING EXCEPTIONAL ROUTES AND ARES. – The TEB and the Town PNP Visitors Management Group shall suggest to the City Mayor a City street or part thereof which may be used by any persons, groups, or planners of a parade, procession, demonstration, or mass action which has been duly acceptable by the Town. Section three or more. RESTRICTED ROADS. – This streets are prohibited to become used for virtually any activity as intended under Section 1 of the article: a. the full span of Marcos Diminuzione Street; w. the whole course of G. Flores Opportunity; c. the portion of David Rosales Street starting from the junction with G. A Avenue approximately and right up until R. Diminuzione Street;

g. that portion of R. Calo Street beginning with its passageway with David Rosales Road up to and until passageway of Nazareno Calo Street; e. the whole span of Salvador Calo Street and its extension approximately and till its junction with Ochoa Avenue; farrenheit. that portion of Ochoa Method starting from its junction with Salvador Riduzione Extension up to and till Jorge Satorre Street;

g. that area of Jorge Satorre Street starting from its junction with Ochoa Avenue up to and till Doongan Street. h. that portion of Doongan Road starting from its passageway with Jorge Satorre Highway up to and until J. C. Aquino Avenue; my spouse and i. that portion of J. C. Aquino Opportunity starting from the junction with Doongan Street up to and until Capitol Avenue. the complete span of Capitol Avenue, except the left section thereof beginning with its junction

with J. C. up to the Polish capitol Building; Aquino Avenue

e. the whole duration of Capitol Drive; d. that area of Guingona Street starting from its junction with Capitol Increase to and until Z. Pizarro Road;

m. the full span of Pizarro Street; n. that intersection of Montilla Boulevard, Z. Pizarro Street and o. The full span of F. Durano Street; s. That area of A. Deb. Curato Streets starting from its junction Road up to and until Noli Me Tangere Street; with F. Durano F. Durano Street;

q. the whole duration of Noli Me Interessare Street; and r. that portion of T. C. Aquino Avenue through the junction of Ester Escaparate St ., to the junction of M. Calo St .


Section 1 . PROHIBITION ON JAYWALKING. ” 1 . It shall be prohibited for almost any person to walk or perhaps cross over any street, street or highway in the Town outside the chosen or properly marked cross-walk or pedestrian lane. installment payments on your Walking inside the duly designated or selected cross-walk or perhaps pedestrian lane with blatant disregard of traffic regulations set beneath this Code including the alerts emitted simply by traffic devices duly mounted or the hand signals in the duly authorized traffic enforcers. Section 2 . DESIGNATING PEDESTRIAN LANES OR PERHAPS CROSSWALKS. ” a. People lanes will be provided and laid inside the streets in which the same is appropriate and necessary. b. The TEB/City Professional shall mount and maintain indications and marks in the chosen City percentage of the tracks, street or perhaps highway because pedestrian lanes. Section 3. Penalty. ” Any person who also violates the provision of the article shall be fined according to the subsequent schedule:

The offenders should be issued upon apprehension, citation ticket and shall pay the corresponding aigu? at the City Treasurer’s Business office, seventy two (72) hours from the issuance hereof. Offered, however , which should the offender refuses or perhaps fails to shell out the prescribed penalty, he has the option to perform community service, PHASE IX ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS ARTICLE I TRAFFIC EDUCATION WORKSHOP

Section 1 . DECLARATION OF COVERAGE. All drivers of motor vehicle who have been apprehended for breach of targeted traffic rules and regulations shall undergo traffic education workshop.

Section 2 . SANCTIONS. Any kind of violator of any local traffic rules and regulations apprehended by the Town Traffic Assists deputized as traffic enforcers shall be needed to undergo one (1) period of targeted traffic education workshop. 1 . There shall be a relentless Traffic Education Seminar conducted Friday early morning by the Targeted traffic Enforcement Bureau (TEB). every single

2 . Impounded vehicle of your violator shall be released only when the violatordriver had gone through the explained seminar requirement in order to avoid

repetition of the same traffic breach and thus give him an updated knowledge on the targeted traffic rules and regulations of the City. 3. A Traffic Citation Solution (TCT) will probably be issued up against the apprehended driver indicating the size of the violation/s committed and the corresponding fines, and the seminar requirement suggested on the TCT for the info and advice of the erring driver. some. A certification shall be released by the Mind of the Visitors Enforcement Bureau (TEB) towards the effect which the driver provides complied together with the required education seminar. five. Law Enforcement and Peace Officials duly designated and deputized by the DOTC/LTO shall, in apprehending any driver to get violations of local traffic rules and regulations, seize the permit of the rider concerned and issue a Temporary Operator’s Allow (TOP) which will shall allow the driver to use a vehicle for any period of stated receipt. In case of failure to stay within 72 hours, the most notable shall become invalid thereafter and the LTO shall trigger the postponement, interruption and/or revocation of his license pursuant to Securities and exchange commission’s. 29 of R. A. 4136, otherwise known as Targeted traffic Code with the Philippines.

6. Traffic enforcers who will be deputized and designated by DOTC/LTO shall issue Traffic Citation Solution. Within seventy two hours thereof, the driver shall settle the fines pertaining to the traffic violation. Inability on the part of the driver to settle, nevertheless , the TCT shall turn into invalid following 72 several hours and the Visitors Enforcement Bureau shall advise the filing of a circumstance by the Town Legal Workplace.


Section 1 . FORBIDDEN ACT. ” No car of what ever type and model, other than brand new motor vehicles as qualified to by dealer and confirmed by City Oplan Maginhawa, shall be accepted for registration by LTO devoid of first showing the proper Certificate of Conformity duly given by authorized representative. Section 2 . EXPERT. The existing Anti-Smoke Belching Staff (ASBAT), in coordination with the Testing and Recording Product (TRU) as well as the Oplan Maginhawa (OM), shall conduct businesses on the avoidance, control, and abatement of air pollution via motor vehicles

within Butuan City, specifically upon: a. Motor vehicles that emit smoke beyond the normal emission level of 66% Hartridge Smoke Product (HSU) within a Hartridge Smoke cigars Meter Check or twenty percent capacity within a Ringlemenn/s Chart, or it is equivalent in a smoke-testing equipment; and b. Any car emitting dark smoke/pollutants shall be apprehended and its operation hung, and/or the car plate always be removed by an LTO representative, plus the same be lifted or returned simply until this kind of time the defect shall have been corrected or a proper anti-pollution device shall had been installed. Section 3. ASSESSMENT FEE. Screening fee shall be assessed for each motor vehicle in whose owner/operator shall submit such vehicle voluntarily for the mandatory smoke emission test as prescribed by a tax code. Section some. PENALTY. Virtually any owner/operator of motor vehicle that does not pass the smoke emission test during actual inspection or operation, shall suffer the following charges: 1st Crime 2 nd a fine of P200. 00 a fine of 400. 00; and a fine of six-hundred. 00 as well as the impounding with the subject automobile

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Section 1 . BLOCKAGE TO VISITORS. – No individual, natural or perhaps juridical shall obstruct or cause to obstruct the free flow of traffic in any street/road or portion thereof within the City apart from construction elements piled along sidewalks or portion of roadways and tracks by persons with an approved building permit. Section 2 . USING CELLPHONES, and so forth WHILE DRIVING A CAR. ” No individual shall be permitted to use cell telephones or perhaps handheld radios, or

walkie-talkie when driving any type of motor vehicle except those on-duty personnel from the Philippine Countrywide Police, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Bureau of Customs and paramilitary. Section 3. COMPANIES NEAR THE HIGHWAY. ” No individual or owner of any kind of repair shop, vulcanizing shop and also other business establishments shall use any kind of part or perhaps portion of any existing Metropolis road or perhaps street as extension intended for repair of vehicles or utilize the same for business and trade use, except if the use thereof is due to unexpected emergency cases not exceeding 1 (1) hour. Section 5. USE OF LARGE EQUIPMENT. ” No person shall use in the concrete streets in the Associated with Butuan, vehicles, cranes or any type of other automobiles having metal cleats, corrugations or additional devices to generate greater traction power which cut, draw, deface or perhaps destroy virtually any concrete road even if the same is cushioned with wood made board planks unless transported by means of low or large bed trailers. Furthermore, every heavy products and shipment vehicles using a gross weight of twelve to fifteen (15) plenty or more will not be allowed to move the old Magsaysay Bridge. These types of vehicles are identified as follows: 16 1 ) Six-wheeler loaded cargo trucks with major weight greater than 15 tons; 2 . Ten-wheeler trucks; several. Trailer pickup trucks; 4. Payloaders, Graders and also other heavy equipment vehicles; your five. Other automobiles with low weight of more than fifteen (15) tons. Section 5. CIGARETTE SMOKING IN PUVs. ” No person shall be in order to smoke cigar or cigarettes while using or driving any community utility automobiles. Section 6. UNLAWFUL USING. ” No person shall ride on any best of a motor vehicle or any part of the vehicle not designed or perhaps intended for usage of passenger. Section 7. UNIVERSITY BUSES. ” 1 . Every school coach plying inside the City pavements carrying young children shall be needed to be furnished with:

a. A security panel, set up to any step wells around the rear part of the shuttle bus, extending in the aisle ground to a height of for least 35 inches. w. A steel protective protect on the underfloor designed to prevent the drive shaft from

whipping throughout the floor once broken. c. Fuel fish tank insulated coming from heat. g. Mirrors offering the driver a definite view of most doors and step bore holes of leaves to his rear. e. An emergency door located on the remaining and toward the rear, or in the back of the bus, which should be at least 24 inches wide in width and 36 inches wide in height. farreneheit. A caution device built to actuate a sign when the emergency door can be unintentionally unlatched. g. Signs on the outside of the front and rear ends of the tour bus containing the text “School Bus in characters at least 8 in . in height, plainly visible from a distance of in least 2 hundred feet. 2 . A new driver of virtually any vehicle, immediately prior to ruling any university bus containing stopped on the road or highway when it comes to receiving or discharging individuals, shall quit his car, then carry on past this sort of school shuttle bus at a speed not exceeding twelve miles hourly and with necessary caution for the safety of the school bus people. Section almost eight. OPERATING OR DRIVING A CAR WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF INTOXICATING ALCOHOL OR COMPOUND. No person who will be intoxicated or who is under the influence of intoxicating alcohol or element shall function or travel any automobile on the pavements and highways of the Metropolis.


Section 1 . APPLYING AGENCY. The Traffic Observance Bureau (TEB) under the supervision of the Area Transportation and Traffic Managing Office (LTTMO) is hereby authorized to implement the provisions of the Code and other traffic laws of the Metropolis not especially included here. Section installment payments on your PENALTY. ” Any person breaking any supply of this Code or different traffic ordinances of the City shall be liable for an management fine that shall be enforced and accumulated by the Metropolis or a penalty of imprisonment or a good or both at the discretion of the Courtroom.

The following rates of management fines imposed by the Metropolis upon persons violating the next provisions of the Code will probably be observed: 17 a. Violations in connection with license: 1 . Traveling without protecting a license “”2. Driving with delinquent, incorrect, suspended, unimpressive or revoked license ” ” ” ” several. Failure to show or give up for trigger the

driver’s license upon demand with a person in authority ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” 4. Driving with out a driver’s license ” ” ” ” ” 5. Inability to indication the driver’s license ” ” ” ” P five-hundred. 00 2 hundred. 00

100. 00 75. 00 95. 00

6. Employing, permitting, allowing or perhaps tolerating an unlicensed or improperly accredited person to drive a motor vehicle ” -500. 00 7. Employing or looking to use a fake license: very first Offense 2nd Offense a few rd

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” P two hundred fifty. 00 “””””””500. 00 750. 00

Wrongdoing 4th Offense ” ” ” ” revocation of permits and blacklisting of offenders

almost 8. Allowing another individual to use your license for the purpose of working a motor vehicle: 1st Offense a couple of 4 ndP 250. 00 five-hundred. 00 750. 00

Crime Offense third Offense a ” ” ” ” revocation of permits and blacklisting of offenders

being unfaithful. Driving although under the influence of liquor or restricted drugs: 1st Offense 2 nd

” ” ” ” reversal, overturning, annulment of allows and blacklisting of offenders

b. Infractions in connection with Dish Numbers and Stickers 1 ) Driving or perhaps operating a motor vehicle with platter numbers certainly not firmly fastened thereto in such a manner because will make these people entirely not really visible many not clear and consise ” ” ” P 100. 00 2 . Driving a car or operating a motor vehicle with dirty or uncared for platter number ” ” 3. Failure to show plate numbers in the obvious places in the front and rear of the car ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” 4. Generating or working a motor vehicle with out a sticker exhibiting current registration ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” a few. Driving a car that uses or exhibits a commemorative plate rather than its permanent plate amount ” ” ” ” ” 6. Operating a car whose platter number or perhaps sticker is usually tampered ” ” c. Violations relative to equipment, parts, accessories, products and markings of automobiles: 1 . Traveling or operating a motor vehicle with defective brakes ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” 2 . Installing in motor vehicle a car horn or signaling device that emit a remarkably loud, startling and foul sound ” ” three or more. Driving or perhaps operating a motor vehicle or trailer without a light on each area at the rear end portion that shows crimson light obvious at least from 90 meter-distance ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” 5. Driving or perhaps operating a car not furnished with a lamp at the back that throws a endured bright and visible lumination under all conditions once

the brakes are applied ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” 5. Driving or operating a car whose L 100. 00 200. 00 plate quantity is certainly not illuminated with white lumination ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” six. Driving or operating a motor vehicle without an mounted mechanical or electrical wiper at the car windows ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” -7. Driving or perhaps operating a motor vehicle without, or with a lower or shut off muffler ” ” almost 8. Driving or perhaps operating a car that does not include a brain light ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” d. Parking Infractions:

1 . An excellent of ONE 1000 PESOS (P1, 000. 00) shall be imposed upon a driver of the motor vehicle who also shall dedicate any of the pursuing violations: we. Parking a vehicle or enabling it to stand if attended or perhaps unattended inside the following spots in the road:       Within an area; On a crosswalk; Within half a dozen (6) meters of the area of control lines; Inside four (4) meters in the driveway entry to any open fire station; Looking at a private pavements on the highway side; From anywhere where recognized sign of

forbidden parking can be erected. good of ONE 1, 000 PESOS

2 . Other Visitors Violations with an imposable P1, 1000. 00 after a person committing a similar:  

Allowing individuals to riding on top of the car while it is at motion; Permitting passengers to ride on the running board, step plank or mudguard of a motor 3. An excellent of ONE HUNDRED OR SO PESOS (P100. 00) should be imposed after a person for driving a car recklessly or without attention or extreme caution or in a velocity greater or lesser than is reasonable considering the width, traffic, curvatures, visibility and also other conditions in the atmosphere and weather, or at a speed more than will enable the driver to bring the vehicle into a stop in a clear length ahead, or otherwise driving more than the allowable speed;

some. A fine of ONE HUNDRED PESOS (P100. 00) shall be enforced upon a person who drives a car who fails to dim the headlights or perhaps fails to point the beams of his motor vehicle when ever driving along well lighted streets in the limits in the City or perhaps in the heavily populated districts or anytime such automobile meets an additional vehicle on any freeway; 5. A fine of SEVENTY FIVE PESOS (P 75. 00) shall be enforced upon a driver of any motor vehicle intended for driving a similar while he’s using only slippers or sleeveless shirt; six. A fine of FIFTY PESOS (P5O. 00) shall be imposed upon a driver of a motor vehicle who also shall devote any of the subsequent violations:  Driving or parking after or along any sidewalk, path or alley certainly not intended for vehicular traffic or perhaps parking; Inability to give approach to law enforcement or fireplace department car or ambulance that is responding to an emergency.

several. A fine of ONE HUNDRED PESOS (P100. 00) shall be imposed upon a driver of any motor vehicle who also shall devote any of the following violations:  ILLEGAL TURN ” failure to perform the car to the correct of area of the road when looking at the kept in going from one freeway to another; GENERATING AGAINST VISITORS ” inability to pass left when overtaking persons or vehicles likely to same direction except once there are two or more lanes intended for the movements of traffic in the same direction; AGAINST THE LAW OVERTAKING ” failure to to the left once overtaking individuals going to the same direction apart from when you will discover two or more lanes in one direction; OVERTAKING IN AN UNSAFE LENGTH ” failing to pass by a safe distance to the left of another car when overtaking that car; CUTTING OR PERHAPS OVERTAKING MOTOR VEHICLE ” driving a car to the right side with the highway following overtaking prior to his motor vehicle is safely and securely clear of this kind of overtaken vehicle; FAILURE TO PROVIDE WAY TO THE OVERTAKING MOTOR VEHICLE ” failure to give method to another automobile approaching in the rear that wishes to overtake his vehicle if the former provides given appropriate and audible signal; INCREASING SPEED THE MOMENT BEING OVERTAKEN ” increasing the speed of his automobile before the overpowering vehicle provides completely handed; and OVERTAKING WHEN LEFT SIDE IS NOT VISIBLE OR CLEAR OF INCOMING TRAFFIC ” driving to the left side of the center distinctive line of a freeway in overtaking or passing another motor vehicle proceeding in the same direction where the side is not really clearly noticeable and is not free of newly arriving traffic for any sufficient length to pass securely.

Section several. AUTHORITY TO APPREHEND AND ISSUE QUOTATION TICKETS ” Law enforcement and peace officers duly chosen by the Police Station Leader or the Traffic Director and are also duly advised by the LTTMO are hereby authorized to apprehend violators of the conditions of this Code and other visitors rules in the City. The said rules enforcers are authorized to issue citation tickets. 18 Section some. PROCEDURE AFTER APPREHENSION OF TRAFFIC VIOLATORS. – Any kind of authorized police officer or targeted traffic enforcer catching a person for breaking this Code and other targeted traffic ordinances of the City of Butuan, shall take the name, addresses and license number plus the registered range of the vehicle engaged, and shall issue to him a citation ticketed with a caution that this individual should negotiate with the office of the City Treasurer within seventy two (72) several hours any excellent due pertaining to such violation. Otherwise, if perhaps after 60 to 70 two (72) hours as well as the violator continue to failed to settle his aigu? with the City Treasurer, the situation shall be submitted with the City Fiscal’s Workplace. 19 Section 5. Almost all fines gathered under this kind of Code shall accrue to the General Fund of the Associated with Butuan. 20


Section 1 . Use Clause. Other related issues not especially provided with this Code should be governed by the pertinent procedures of existing applicable laws and ordinances. Section installment payments on your Separability Term. If for just about any reason, virtually any provision, section or element of this Code is announced not valid by a Courtroom of competent jurisdiction or suspended or revoked by the authorities worried, such wisdom shall not affect or impair the remaining procedures, sections or perhaps parts which will shall continue to be in force and effect. Section 3. Repealing Clause. Every ordinances, rules and regulations, or parts thereof, in conflict with, or inconsistent with any procedures of this Code are hereby repealed or perhaps modified consequently. Should generally there be existing general or special laws which were unintentionally

omitted in the process of formulating this kind of Code, similar shall keep on being in full push and effect provided that they are really not incompatible with, or perhaps contrary to the provisions of this Code. Section four. Effectivity. -This CODE shall take effect fifteen (15) days in the date of its publication in the local newspaper publishers.

SP Ord. No . 2062-96 SP Ord. No . 2062-96 20 SP Ord. No . 2062-96

All Approved

DATE ENACTED: June 15, 2010



City Vice Mayor Presiding Officer


Town Government Division Head 2 City Admin


DATE PERMITTED: ________________


City Mayor ATTESTED:


Metropolis Government Division Head II City Manager



: Hon. Salvador V. Riduzione: Hon. Vice Mayor Dino Claudio Meters. Sanchez: Hon. Sabiniano To. Olandria: Hon. Raul Um. Amoc: Hon. Rodrigo D. Dayaday: Hon. Randolph N. Plaza: Hon. Erwin D. Dano: Hon. Audie G. Bernabe: Hon. Lope A. Buñol: Hon. Shiela M. Gado: Hon. Sabiniano O. Olandria



: Hon. Raul To. Amoc

eighty five


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