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Whilst men ignore the kitchen since containing “nothing but home things, ” women look for evidence accurately there because it is the only place where women are in control. As Holstein (2003) states, women will not enter the home of Mr. Wright like a place of investigation but as a home of two human beings who have thoughts. For men, what matters is the facts and if they find one, they are going to charge Minnie with murder, no questions asked. They require facts, evidences, and just follow the procedure. Yet women need to understand the motives and why a lady would want to avenge her personal husband.

Although women uncover the truth, they see Minnie as a sufferer rather than a criminal. A conversation between Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Blooming, discussing the smoothness of Mr. Wright, features particular interest here. Mrs. Peters says, “They declare he was a fantastic man. ” Note that the lady does not with confidence say “he was a great man” although says that “they claim he was a good man. inches She has uncertainties over the phrases of guys and shows that she is aware what it is to be like in a problem Minnie was. Mrs. Good responds: “Yes – very good: he failed to drink, and kept his word as well as most, I suppose, and paid out his debts. But he was a hard person, Mrs. Peters. Just to complete the time of day with him. (Shivers. ) Such as a raw wind that gets to the bone” (Glaspell, 2003, p. 1900). In other words, both equally women may sympathize with Minnie. And they strategy the issue having a capacity to glance at the behavior of human beings rather than an goal of looking into a crime landscape. As Holstein (2003) argues, the gents vision of “knowing narrows their focus, and in this case leads to a kind of blindness in regards to what has happened at the farm house. ” Had they uncovered the evidence, they will have used “their strict, legal path” while “women’s alternative route… leads these to withhold this [their discovery of evidence] because they recognize that they are really bound in the texture of events just as Minnie Wright is” (p. 287). The gendered viewpoints lead the characters into different directions. Men are soullessly looking at a crime landscape whereas girl are looking at humans and can empathize with Minnie.

Although there are many themes looked into in the story, the main theme is related to gender. Glaspell evaluations male chauvinism and suggests that their cockiness has blinded them to the realities of life. Ladies may be thought to have an “inferior” intelligence however in real life they have a capacity to observe what men cannot.


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