Types of cement

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Next are the various kinds of cements which are used in development works.

  • Portland Pozzulana Cement
  • Portland pozzulana is known as a volcanic powder found in Italy. It Can be processed from covers and specific types of clay also.

  • Low Heat Cement
  • Low warmth cement is manufactured by increasing the percentage of C2S and by reducing the C3S and C3A content. This kind of cement is less reactive and its particular initial establishing time is definitely greater than OPC.

  • Quick Hardening Concrete
  • Rapid stiffing cement is extremely similar to normal Portland cement(opc). It contains larger C3s content material and finer grinding. The effectiveness of this cement at the age of a few days is practically same as the 7 days strength of OPC with the same water-cement percentage.

  • Sulphate Resisting Cement
  • Sulfate resisting cement is created by minimizing C3A and C4AF content. Cement with such composition has excellent resistance to sulfateb attack.

  • White Cement
  • White concrete is a kind of ordinary Portland cement which is pure white in shade and has practically similar composition and same durability as OPC. The raw materials which are used from this cement are limestone and china clay-based.

  • Hydrophobic Cement
  • Hydrophobic cement can be manufactured by adding water reppelant chemicals to ordinary Portland cement at the same time of grinding. This concrete is said to remain not affected when carried during monsoon.

  • Coloured Cement
  • This cement is produced by adding 5-10% vitamin pigments with Portland concrete during the time of milling.

  • Portland Blast Furnance Cement
  • In such a case, the normal cement clinkers will be mixed with upto 65% in the blast furnance slag to get the final mincing. This type of concrete can be used in mass tangible work just like dams, footings and development in sea water.

  • Air Entraining Cement
  • It is produced by surroundings entraining agents such as resins, glues, salt salts of sulfate with ordinary Portland cement.

  • High Alumina Cement
  • Substantial alumina cement (HAC) is known as a special concrete, manufactured by mixing up of bauxite (aluminum ore) and lime at a particular temperature. This cement is likewise known as calcium supplements aluminum cement (CAC).

  • Water Proof Portland Cement
  • Waterproof cement is produced by combining with ordinary or quick hardening cement, a small percentage of some metal stearates (Ca, Al, etc) at the time of milling.

  • High-priced Cement
  • The Cement which will does not get smaller during and after the time of hardening although expands a little bit with time is called expansive bare cement. This type of bare cement is mainly used for grouting anchor bolts and prestressed concrete ducts.

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