Types of electronic conversation


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An Email stands for Electronic Mail, costly electronic communication that can include a message and attachments, and it allows the fernsehsender to send just one email to multiple people.

There isn’t a timeframe in when it could be opened.

It permits files to get attached.

It requires internet to send the e-mail.

The recipient need to have an email and internet.


Presentations allow the presenter to display their message to their audience.

It permits the audience to read the main parts of what the presenter is saying.

It can distract the audience by what the presenter is saying.

Web Pages:

A website is a webpage on the net that shows information by way of a web browser.

A web webpage can display info to a wide variety of people, it indicates that people may share data with each other without the need for any physical contact which means it is thought for posting information with people who certainly are a long length away.

It requires an online connection. Anyone is allowed to view it, including undesired people.

Video Conferencing

Video webinar is a communication between 2 or more functions that involves a webcam, mic and speakers/headphones.

It allows visitors to communicate over the long length.

Interactions can be got over a long distance because appose to calling somebody which will cost considerably more money. Additionally, it allows the users to see and hear one another.

It will require an internet connection and a webcam, mic and speakers.

Phrase Processed Papers

A word prepared document is usually text that is written on the text publisher like Expression or Notepad. It is generally text but pictures may be added.

It enables customization of the text (i. e Striking, Underlined, Colored, and Highlighted). It does not need an internet connection to use or perhaps read.

If the document is not saved after that any unsaved changes will be lost.


A podcast can be described as video that is available for download from the internet. It truly is then playable whenever.

They’re down-loadable so having an internet connection is only required to download them, you can watch all of them without one.

An internet connection is needed to download these people.


A weblog is an online multi-media journal that allows the user to share multimedia such as photos, videos and text.

It allows the user to share multi-media with other users.

It requires a web connection.

For people to study your blog they have to have an internet connection and your computer, this restrictions your audience to 39% of the world.


Vlog stands for Video Log, it is a log of recent situations recorded by simply an individual with the video formatting. It is used to showcase interesting events for the reason that individuals existence.

It allows the uploader to showcase their particular life towards the public.

It requires a web connection and a computer. They have to also have audio speakers or headphones to listen to the vlog.

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