Umka the decentralised labour market

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Time Markets can easily be identified as the marketplace for freelancers or job seekers and the potential organisations, the main item that is in demand and supply is usually Jobs, the Employers requires some tasks/jobs done as well as the Freelancer has got the expertise to do it.

Mike is a excellent young man who studied regulation and even performed as a lawyer for a couple of years before he quit, even though he can hold his own inside the cooperate universe, Jake was dissatisfied, this individual liked the freedom of not really answering to anybody, this individual liked the liberty of managing his individual work hours, he liked the freedom of just sleeping whenever he felt like so after much deliberation, Mike decided to give up his work, even though it offered him using a retirement strategy that included pension and other perks.

Jake features always observed good reports about being a freelancer therefore he made a decision to be 1, he had expertise so this individual decided to be considered a freelancer, after the first few days of working being a freelancer, Jake came to extreme realisation. The freelance market wasnt what he predicted at all, he had to shell out high commission payment to the programs like Feverr and Upwork. To overhead it all, there was clearly no permitting environment to get newbies or professionals in order to meet and speak about the assignments. Sometimes scam is the buy of the day because there is absolutely no assure of repayment.

You will find millions of self employed out there and the majority of them are facing the exact same trouble that Jake encountered, as being a freelancer, have you ever ever expected a system where you dont have to shell out exorbitant commissions for every task you protect through the platfom? A platform that would use the revolutionary Blockchain technology to ensure a truly peer-to-peer exchange of contract with no middle-man engagement? A system that would not only serve as a medium intended for freelancers and employers to meet, but might also serve give self employed and traders to generate from the program? If your response to these concerns is yes, i have great news for you, sucj a system does can be found and its identity is UMKA.

What is UMKA?

Once Blockchain technology was made in 2009, all of us never totally grasped its capabilities before the invention if smart agreements, with intelligent contracts, Two or more parties can make an agreement and create a clever contract to seal it and just like a devoted legal enterprise, the smart deal would implement that actual command provided to it, when a mart agreement has been implemented, it is with no any individual influence, so this technology works extremely well for many issues but a single aspects it truly is deployed the most is as an escrow assistance.

UMKA is a revolutionary decentralised platform that utilizes smart contracts inside the EOS Blockchain to perform agreements between freelancers and their employers. Mainly because if this Tamper-Proof method, Freelancers are guaranteed repayment after their services and Employers may be rest assured that they would be obtaining what they pay money for.

UMKA developed it is very own Smart contract known as the AgileSC, AgileSC be able to break down a project into different stages, set breakthrough and set all of them up simply by adjusting three parameters: Time, Work and Budget. This kind of revolutionary Clever Contract can only be found inside the UMKA system and it will enable both equally employee and Employer to get the very best Companies and Payments.

Apart from the ease and guarantee of payments, UMKA packs some more goodies as well, UMKA features:

Chat Organizations: Employers in UMKA can easily create task groups in the UMKA program. This would enable them set up all the freelancers working for them in the same project, this is a revolutionary thought by UMKA.

EOS Blockchain: Another platform which includes the smart contract capability is a Ethereum Blockchain but the Ethereum blockchain is famous for being quite slow attimes because of the Orders Per Second(TPS) it can deal with, presently the Ethereum blockchain can handle just 15 ventures per second and this triggers backlogs of transaction, Because of this , the Brilliant team if perhaps UMKA chose to utilize the EOS Blockchain with this project which in turn would assurance lightening fast execution of smart agreements which would be beneficial for most users.

No Vocabulary Barriers: In other platforms, often there is the issue of Vocabulary and this limits the number in the event that talent a company has use of because he wpuld only be in a position to negotiate with people who talks his/her language, UMKA resolves that by simply integrating Google neural equipment translation inside the platform, which means that Employers and Employees alike can speak with all and sundry irrespective of their language. This gives persons access to a greater variety of talent and Companies to choose from.

Very Low Service fees: UMKA expenses just 1% fees on transactions, this really is lower than you should get in any platform.

Currency Variety: UMKA would enable users to choose 12-15 currencies, this really is unique without matter the currency you choose, there would be no extra expenses.

On-line Courses Reliability: The UMKA platform works with the services of famous Educational Institutions, this will enable freelancers to touch up their expertise and give all of them the neccessary knowledge and certificates they might need for all their Jobs. Almost all user data would be stored in the blockchain and will be secure.

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