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Rational Decision Theory – Obama’s Sanctions on Usa

The Logical Choice Of a U. S. Director

The latest action by U. H. President Barack Obama to set additional sanctions on the country of Serbia represents an additional step in the West’s make an attempt to stymie Iran’s apparent drive to build a nuclear blast. It has been known for some time that Iran acquired nuclear reactors for generating electricity, and from the production of electrical power through indivisible fission, elements for a explosive device can be gleaned. But the essential issue to Western governments (Europe, the U. H., Canada and other Western nations) is to attempt to block Iran’s policy by cutting off the quantity of countries that Iran sell crude oil to. Specifically, Obama targeted “financial institutions using the services of Iran’s central bank, a key conduit pertaining to the country’s oil product sales, ” in line with the Wall Street Journal (Hodge, et ing., 2012)

. In making the move Obama is definitely hoping that Iran, the world’s number three vendre of crude oil will be harm enough monetarily to back away from its elemental program. Obama also feels there is a “sufficient supply of petroleum” in the world market so the cut-off of Iranian crude oil will not cause throughout the world shortages.

Realistic Choice Theory – A key component Rationality

Looking at President Obama’s strategy throughout the lens of the Rational Choice Theory (RCT), although Obama is the “single unified actor, ” his actions had been authorized by the U. H. Congress many months back and this individual only now is at a the conclusion that it is time to crack down on Serbia. Max Weber points out that using the instrumental rationality aspect of RCT, a social actions takes into account “the behavior more and is therefore oriented in its course” (RCT, 2005)

. Obama’s decision presents the “calculability, intellectualization, and impersonal reasoning of goal-directed action” that Max Weber was alluding to. Obviously Obama while the actor or actress in this drama sees the actual benefits of providing pressure Iran because more feasible than the “costs” that may be incurred (a deficit of oil and resulting bigger gasoline rates at the pump, which the community will fault Obama for in an election year).

What assumptions may be made about Obama’s decision? For one, Obama knows that Israel is looking at attacking Iran’s nuclear services

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