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It is also charged with making sure the body’s blood vessels cells and nerves will be healthy. Over 30% of elderly people are at risk of developing deficiencies in nutritional B-12, as a result of changes happening in their digestive tract. Combined with the lack of other vitamins, lack of nutritional B-12 contributes to Alzheimer’s disease. Early a static correction of this deficit is important, but it will surely help the elderly people to continue having a normal life Giovannucci, 2005.

The static correction of this insufficiency can only always be through approved vitamin supplements, because the cause of the deficiency had not been because of a great unbalanced diet.

Studies have got reported that elderly people need more than the suggested dosage of vitamin At the daily. This higher level can assist in enhancing their immunity process which is destabilized as they grow older. By using prescribed vitamin doses, the elderly persons can increase their vitamin At the daily consumption thus bettering their defense mechanisms.

Vitamin deficit has also been associated with poor eyesight, defective tooth, infections, and dry epidermis. In seniors, these diseases are heightened, and they are even more prone. Poor eye sight could be caused by maturing but having vitamin a deficiency increases the chances of producing this condition. An elderly person, who is experiencing the conditions brought on by lack of supplement a in their body, is likely to suffer more in the event that they do not acquire vitamin supplements. This is due to elderly people are not able to replenish their vitamin levels as fast as might be required.


Taking too many vitamin supplements may have adverse effects on elderly people. Because of lowered metabolism as they age, the vitamins may well stay intended for long inside their bodies since the hard working liver takes longer to eliminate all of them from the body. Research has shown that the best vitamins are definitely the ones found in foods and never in supplements Enstrom Pauling, 1982.

Though the pills are produced, the normal vitamins work much better than the pills. For elderly people, vitamin supplement pills offer the finest alternative to attaining vitamins coming from foods. This is due to of their intestinal systems changing thus so that it is hard for their bodies to absorb the nutritional vitamins. Recommending older people not to receive prescription vitamins would make their particular bodies poor and more prone to diseases.


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