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In 1493, Christopher Columbus introduced cane sugar to the islands in the Caribbean. During those times, sugar was practically unknown to most people in The european union. However , it has become so popular afterwards in The european union. There are three or more factors that drove the sugar trade; the demand of sugar, the plantations, as well as the mercantilism The high demand of sugar was one of the biggest causes that drove the glucose trade. The sugar started to be so popular because it arrived The european union, the picture in document three or more that manufactured by E.

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Big t, Parris, demonstrates that how much persons loved glucose, people were actually extremely in love with sugar at that time. People adored sugar because it made everything taste significantly better, especially with tea, coffee, and chocolate. The chart in document a few shows all of us the elevating of the demand of sugar. From 1700 to 1730, the population of Britain only increased for about 61, 000, but the imports of sugar increased from 28, 070, 1000 pounds to six, 862, 000 pounds, and the sugar gross annual consumption improved for 6th. 5 pounds per person. From this we can plainly see the high demand of the sugar.

The second reason that drove the sugar control is farms, which include royaume, climate, and slave. Since people make some profits by trading sugar, they want a nice farm and an excellent climate for growing sweets. From the graph in record 2, you observe that Discovery bay, jamaica and Barbados have excellent climate intended for growing sweets. So this allowed people to help to make more and more sugar, and have a lot of money by it. At that time, the slave is very affordable, that chart in document 9 reveals us that average price of mature male slave on West African coastline in 1748 is 14, and the average selling price of adult man slave in the British Caribbean is 32. So , we can see the servant is cheap at all. This kind of allowed visitors to get a lot of slaves work with the plantation, which intended more sugars produced. In the chart in document 10, we can easily see how much the ton of sugar made grew in 80 years, as a result of growing of slave inhabitants.

The last cause that drove the sugar is mercantilism. Merchant saw a wonderful probability to receive profits from trading glucose. In doc 12, that said, inches the parliament in British passed a series of laws interacting withcolonial shipping and delivery, trade, developing and money. The point of these laws was going to set up a trading program based on was good for the mother region, which referred to as the mercantilism or mercantile system¦ The effect was countrywide wealth that led to nationwide power.  In addition , one of the most power people at that time, like John Goldstone, and Bill Beckford received wealth by simply trading sweets. In conclusion, sweets was not well-known in 1493. However the three factors I actually talked about had driven the sugar operate. Due to these types of three factors, sugar operate developed thus fast and became a huge sector in The european countries.

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