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Religious beliefs is that thread that retains diverse persons and organizations together through the strands of unity. Nevertheless , today religion has emerged as reason behind diversification, bloodshed and rage. History abounds with such instances where all of the various sects of religions fought amongst themselves in the name of religion. There is disarmament and a lot of aggression even though one spiritual party attempts to dismantle the faith more. Who can forget the recent attacks taking place in Syria with the intention of religion. What are we humans even planning to prove employing the way to destruct humanity only in the name of religious beliefs?

Nobody ever came in this world knowing his ethnicity or religion. All of us ourselves select our beliefs and the religious path. I actually bet just about every religious publication in the world preaches love, empathy and humanity. Open the pages of Bible and you’ll find how Jesus treated the illness of individuals without questioning his/her spiritual status or perhaps ethnicity. Possibly in Bhagwad Gita you will find preachings exactly where humanity have been said to be above every other desire in a human’s mind. Precisely the major purpose that we generate distinctions on the basis of religion? If religion was going to create such disarmament My spouse and i bet no person would have thought of wearing the colours of religion and saying My spouse and i belong to the Muslim or perhaps Christian community (Ward).

This world could be a better place to live once we consider mankind as the best religion and lend our hand to the people who’re living under oppression and disarmament. Seeing the situation of The french language wars pertaining to religion and Roman Catholic killing the Latin community just to demonstrate rage of their power it is best that we condemn our religion and conform the goals of mankind (Easterbrook). You don’t think that Gods can bejewel you with all the greatest benefits of this globe when you’re linked to demonic activities? Don’t separate God as they exists for just one and all.

In the France wars of religion and St . Bartholomew’s Working day massacre mankind really got ashamed and even religion acquired mocked. We are targeting our own motives and objectives in the name of religion. Like a Hindu you must put Tika and examine Geeta. As being a Muslim you should wear a topi and being a Christian you should have a cross. Is the only way to celebrate your faith? What’s the meaning of wearing a cross when you’re killing people who have the same palm that should rise in the honor of humanity. Can be the meaning of putting a tikka when your cardiovascular is not pious from within and you aren’t surrounded together with the flame of agony? Is actually better whenever we all had been colored with one color i. e. the color of humanity. Most of us should inhale the air of security and love for starters another. Air that is infected just in the name of religion will certainly choke your daily life (Easterbrook).

Lead your life in a way where one can lighten the lives of folks who’re between darkness. We certainly have made religious beliefs our God and anywhere we have did not remember that it’s building monsters inside our own selves. Let’s speak about the terrorists who’re usually taught that religion teaches them to follow the path of bloodshed. You would probably have often heard the terrorists saying, “We’re safeguarding Islam by simply fighting intended for our God”. But you may not think you can win the God when you are killing humankind in this competition. Small children lose their father and mother in massacre and legal rights, old parents lose the only bread of their life that we their boy. When happen to be we gonna stop this fury with the intention of religion?

Let’s pledge to get woven into the line of humanity. Let’s condemn every faith and fill up our minds with glory for humanity. Let’s cherish our dreams by supporting others match their dreams. Religion is not the elixir that will take us to paradise. It’s each of our thoughts and our actions. When you give bread to someone who demands it Our god blesses both you and considers you his the case obedient (Fuller). But do you think God need the wicked that is dwelling in our cardiovascular system. We are instilling this sense in our kids since they are given birth to that Sikhs wear turban and Christians wear combination. We as well teach those to keep all their religion over others and break that mouth which will says whatever negative against it but have we ever before tried to infuse the lesson of humankind in their center. This world didn’t have been a death understructure once we would have cherished humanity and condemned religion because it’s preferable to live your life devoid of religion than using it as a weapon to create this world a massacre floor. Let take pleasure in flow in the heart, abundance reside in your heart and peace be the only sign which indicates your religion. We all will be human 1st and then wish Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs. So opt for the color of mankind and paint your life with happiness, peacefulness and lots of abundance.

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