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This is actually the stop of season 1 episode half a dozen of Serial which explains the story of Mrs. Shelter getting manually strangled and left in Leakin area alone, locating a boy in prison whom later converted into a man, misplaced his the child years, claimed he slaughtered his passion of his life, and potentially place him aside for the rest of his life. It is conclusion will certainly accentually determine the examination on this unpleasant and aggresive death via a different twist making Adnan Syed blameless and was wrongly arrested, charged, make behind bars with first-degree murder of Hae Min Lee February 30th, 1999. After further study from feasible court documents, content articles, and interviews with a large number of people concerning this case by percussing in to all the proof given in the case. Mr. Syed is not really responsible for the death of Mrs. Lee. Instead the evidence all pointing to The writer wild since the killing he must be credited since the killer of Mrs. Lee producing Adnan Syed innocent. Adnan Syed was a seventeen-year-old mature who also attended Woodlawn high school. Having been an honor student, homecoming prince, around the football group, on the observe team, and often attended plea groups since an account of his Muslim religion. This individual also a new secret sweetheart Hae Minutes Lee often known as the sufferer in this history. Mr. Syed and Mrs. Lee both grew up within a strict classic home. Their different ethnic backgrounds and made use of posed as a problem pertaining to the two lovebirds being together. However , in accordance to Mrs. Lee’s journal, they adored each other which lead them to spark up a love history in key April first, 1998 in respect to Hae’s diary. Their particular relationship begun to flourish within the next weeks. Jr . prom started out approaching and Syed asked Hae for the junior prom after sports activities practice within the hill at the rear of the school. Adnan snuck away April 28, 1998, went to prom, and was crowned prom royal prince along with Stephanie while prom princess. The same evening Hae should go home The spring 27, 1998, she publishes articles a lengthy admittance in her diary about how her night time at promenade went. Your woman goes on to state Hae Min Lee: “I swear she has the nicest guy. Let me tell you why. Having been prom knight in shining armor and Stephanie was prom princess and traditionally they’re supposed to boogie together, to my tune, K-Ci JoJo’s ‘All My entire life. ‘ I actually tried to act natural and unjealous, nonetheless it did sort of bother me personally. Ten secs later, imagine who danced with me, and never with Stephanie? Adnan! Now how can I not really fall in love with this person? Of course , I actually gave him his initial kiss for the lips, however totally fell in love with him. Since then, We keep on dropping deeper and deeper into him. Unhealthy thing can be we have to keep things top secret, sigh. Although it’s okay because appreciate conquers almost all. “

This did not seem like the access about somebody who could viciously kill an individual with their uncovered hands. There are many records in her diary about how exactly he made her upset, yet mostly how she was so in love with him. That they had many friends’ sayings how they were 18, in take pleasure in, fight, makeup, breakup, and get back together. Fri, May fifteenth, 1998 Lee quote about quote produces in her diary

Hae Min Shelter: “It irks me to know that Now i’m against his religion. He called me a devil several times. I know having been only joking, but it can somewhat authentic. “

Following this entry, 3 months went by and in July your woman writes in her diary

Hae Minutes Lee: inches I maintain crying over the phone since I miss him thus much”

Hae Min Shelter: ” He told me that his religious beliefs means life to him. He attempted to remain a faithful Muslim all his life, although he became adoringly obsessed with me which is a great sin. But this individual told me there is absolutely no way he’ll ever keep me as they cant think about a lifestyle with me. After that he stated that one day he will have to choose from me fantastic religion. I really like him a great deal and when considering choosing, Now i’m gonna let him go his way. I hate the fact that Now i am the cause of his sin. He said that I actually shouldn’t seem like I’m pulling him away from his faith but hi there! That’s just what I’m doing. ” They were so in love which usually made problem of performed he take action for payback? Or Did he privately hate her and want to destroy her unthinkable. This would have to make somebody else the tough. I would attach the fantastic as Jay as the murder and frame Adnan Syed intended for the homicide of Hae Min Shelter. According to court documents we don’t view a lot of (Jay) in the history, instead, most people are hearing about him a lot. According to the facts of hearing Jays testimony, there exists discombobulation of carefully drawn lies. The author is a ingenious, but ingenious liar. This individual lies about the briefest and minor things. He can also captured lying about the tremendous, and critical things. The detective asked The author Wilds initial interview

“We left the mall. My spouse and i took him to school. We dropped him off behind the school. This individual went about class. This individual left his cell phone in the car with me, told me hed call me. We went back to my friend Jenn’s house and waited intended for him to call. “

This means that he previously Adnan’s telephone, then this individual tells the detective

Investigator: “OK, at this point at this point, you already know whys hes leaving the vehicle with you. “

Jay: “Yes”

Detective: inches You arrive twenty a few minutes later only at that location about Edmondson Method, then what are the results? “

Jay: ” O I drove¦ I adopted him to¦. I used him out into¦”

Detective: ” Do you get out of your automobile when you jump on Edmondson Opportunity and have any kind of conversation with him? inch

Jay: ” Uh huh, yeah. inches

His response was fascinating since the story about Edmondson Avenue was bogus according to his different statement expressing changing his story first to how Jay drawn into A few days ago, he saw Adnan with the phone booth there, close to the building, wearing red mitts. Adnan motioned for The writer to follow him across the front of the building, around to the other side, to the farthest corner of the side parking lot, where The author saw Hae’s car parked. Then In his first interview, he states

Jay: “I noticed that Hae wasnt with him. I parked subsequent to him. He said to obtain out the car. I get free from the car.

Adnan: This individual asks me, “am My spouse and i ready for this? “

Jay: And I state, “ready for what? “

Adnan: And he takes the keys. This individual opens the trunk. And I can find is Haes lips are blue, and shes pretzeled up in your back of the trunk. And shes dead. Later on he then states

Jay Wilds says” 1 I drove¦ I adopted him to¦. I adopted him away into¦” This was not the story relating to his other tale where got out the car and Adnan popped the truck where he saw Mrs. Lee’s alleged pretzeled physique. Then the investigator goes on with his questioning

Investigator “Do you get out of your automobile… And have virtually any conversation with him? inch

Jay responds with “Uh huh, yeah. “

Investigator: “Tell me personally about that. inches

Jay: “Um we got out, oh and we¦ He’s walking around with red hand protection on um. “

Jay then achievement nervous, scampering forgets he can talking about Adnan allegedly starting the truck, and begins talking about his red mitts. Stating

Jay: “Yeah, they’re like constructed from wool with leather palms and ¦ and that sparked you know, “what the fuck you walking around with gloves about for, inch and then, I’m sorry, um after which he should go “I did it, I did this. You don’t fucking believe me personally, I did this. ” He pops the trunk wide open and he’s like “she’s all blew up in generally there inaudible in the trunk. “

As you can see he changes his statement right now there three times and the detective procedes say

Private investigator: “We spoke probably for approximately a half hour, forty-five minutes, the info that you presented during this interview was that the same details that you offered during the first interview? inch

Jay then simply says “No”

Detective “During the first interview there were a lot of inconsistencies. inches

Jay: “Yes. “

Detective “And you will discover too many to debate but you sort of disassociated your self from all the details you provided in this interview. Why is that? inch

Jay: “Scared. “

Issues for Jay Wilds case start to get a little touch and go when he states

The writer: “has told her I saw the entire body in the trunk of a car. Adnan said to help bury her nevertheless I didnt ” I refused. I actually took him someplace sometime later it was picked him up someplace”

Then later procedes state

Detective: “Who performed most of the looking? “

Jay: “Uh, that was”

Investigator: ” Both of you? “

The author: ” Yes. “

Detective: ” Equivalent work? inch

Jay: “I wouldnt declare, but yes. “

Detective “OK. inches

Evidence in that case keeping level flags to Jay Crazy when he says

Detective: “Did it seem like he had already been through it [to that spot] before? “

Jay: “Possibly. inches

The private investigator then changes it around and functions

Detective: “Did he provide you with the impression that he had already been through it before? inches

Jay: “Yes. “

Private eye: “Why? inches

Jay: “Why, because he recognized that there was ah, I had heard a noise and i also looked up and inaudible a small creek that ran lurking behind there. “

The question was asked inside the first query and then the detective changes it and askes it differently which Jay Wilds proceeds to express Yes!! The author states within an earlier affirmation that a detective says

Investigator: “So you didnt trust any law enforcement? “

The author: “I didnt. No . We dont ” In my mind, I actually dont think to the presence of lets call the cops. That never ” That never crosses my mind. I could be getting shot in and I wouldnt be “lets call the cops. “

Jay in that case states afterwards

Jay: “Im sure if I ratted him out for killing Hae, after that he wouldnt hesitate to show me more than for selling drugs. inches

In extension to the details that was infiltrated with fitfulness, falsified, and deceptive information. Jay knows a significant amount of to many information to be a offer on estimate innocent and knows too much of what happened to be an coconspirator. Here is a great example of just how Jay understands too much.

Detective: “What happened to her shoes? “

Jay: inches He explained he still left them in the car. “

Private eye: “He told you he kept them in a vehicle? “

The writer: “Uh right. “

It is feasible that Adnan could have said Now i am leaving Mrs. Lee’s shoes or boots in the car, but not likely that they can would discuss anything associated with her shoes and boots. Jenn claims in her interview that they can were not close friends and in Mr. Wilds interview he will not indicate that he asked Adnan any questions regarding the murder!! For what reason did you do it? Why are we accomplishing this? How would you destroy her? The length of time is it going to take to hide her? Jay wilds did not have any curiosity throughout this entire story? Then simply to top it all away if you return back into the interview and really pay attention to everything that offers happened Mister. Wilds should be a head reader because he does not claim “Adnan stated this to me”

Jay: “And um he discovered to leave it on the strip since it was hot anyways, he would simply inaudible and ah this individual didn’t like that one so we forced back on this side of town and down away from Route 40 or Edmondson Avenue, which I do not call to mind, ah we went to a strip up there and parked the automobile back in a inaudible deprive I mean off ah a bit side avenue. “

Investigator: “After this individual parks the auto there, in that case what happens? inches

Jay: “He moves it¦ he did not like that area, so he moved to one other spot. Following he moved it for the second area when he acquired out the car and served like he was carrying her purse and her finances, and he had some other stuff in his palm and oh. “

With all of this facts provided the puts The writer at the proper place, right time, Adnan’s car, Adnan’s phone, there was clearly information in his story that he was hiding and stored changing upon many accounts as demonstrated above! There are many more counts that are not in here, Hence the facts almost all point to Jay Wilds producing Adnan Syed innocent in all of this challenge.

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