Why was Theodore Roosevelt was essential to the progressive movement? ...

Progressivism was the movement in the late 19th century, which was thought to improve the quality of living, equality and the ability to control the economy.

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This showed us that America was slowly becoming more industrialized for that reason resulting a massive divide involving the rich and the poor. We could then signify this led to no guidelines on operating practices, meaning there were zero minimum wage and no limit on working ours. Roosevelt believed that combination and concentration must not be prohibited but suspended and within sensible limits controlled’. Theodore asked William Howard Taft; Roosevelt made him the admin of conflict, and then down the line won the 1908 presidential election. William Taft preferred Law to Politics as he was hired a federal the courtroom judge for 34, yet his wife did not such as the idea of this kind of therefore compelled him in politics.

We can understand that Taft increased the number of anti trust suits against companies in reality doubling them in comparison to Roosevelt. In addition he brought fresh laws to guard mine employees and had more government control, but persons believed that he didn’t work hard enough. This led to the 1913 where Bill Taft dropped to Woodrow Wilson. We are able to understand that Roosevelt started 25 anti lawsuits against monopoly businesses.

This individual gained support from the Combined Workers Union who had removed on hit in Va and Pa. They demanded a twenty percent wage boost, a reduction by daily doing work hours by 10-9. He then confronted the mine owners stating that he was likely to threaten the mines with the army, which will led the miners going back to job. This then shows all of us that people are not in favor of what Roosevelt was doing because they felt vulnerable, that they was required to obey him, and he wasn’t making sensible decisions and did not listen to communities. We can recognize that Roosevelt after that further proceeded to create more reforms.

This then triggered asking congress to extend the authority of Interstate Business Commission, which meant to offer effective railroad rates. The best victory Roosevelt ever had was breaking up standard oil in 1911. Overall I do believe Theodore Roosevelt was essential to the modern movement. Although was not a really successful president, he was main progressive presidents and made some adjustments.

I as well believe that various other presidents just like William Howard Taft helped protect the miners, but they believed this wasn’t enough. Woodrow Pat was chosen in 1913. Wilson introduced the National Reserve Approach to banking which improved the security of people’s money and enabled lesser people to receive loans. This individual also going end child labor.

Through his Government Trade Action of 1914 he sealed down above 400 businesses accused of unfair business practices. As a result Roosevelt was essential to the progressivism activity as he was your one who seriously started it, then each president contributed and little by little improved the device, even though some failed.

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