Wolsey’s Foreign Policy Essay

On one hand Jones Wolsey’s international policy via 1515-29 was successful because he managed to get most of Europe to agree on never ending peace which in turn had previously been really hard. This was what Wolsey’s Foreign policy was all about; performing as a vermittler between different countries and gaining respect and respect so this was a great success. In 1518 Wolsey hosted a great meeting in London which in turn representatives from the majority of European powers, including Spain as well as the Holy Both roman Emperor, went to and consented to peace in Europe.

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Furthermore with the signing of the Treaty by the Pere London became the hub of Christian Europe and meant Wolsey gained support from the Pere, resulting in long term ambitions to get Pope, even though these did not materialise. Wolsey’s foreign plan during this period was also powerful because he was able to adapt to the changing situation in The european union thus keeping England capable of relative strength. By way of example after Charles V’s win over Francis I at Pavia in 1525 Charles V turned down Henry 8th’s idea to split France between them.

Rather than doing nothing Wolsey created an connections with England in August 1525 therefore changing sides which led to the League of Cognac in May 1526 where there was a diplomatic revolution against Charles Sixth is v from Great britain, France, the Pope, Venice, Milan and Florence. This proves in addition to that Wolsey planned to maintain serenity in Europe and keep the total amount of electricity but that he was capable to gain support from European powers and increase England’s standing in The european union. However Wolsey’s foreign plan was not powerful in this period because Great britain was often humiliated by other capabilities and been shown to be a minor player in European countries.

A strong example of this was in 1516 when ever Charles V replaced Ferdinand of The country of spain and proceeded to make peacefulness with Italy at Noyon. Wolsey’s try to set up a league against France experienced failed and in addition meant that Great britain was endangered by a developing power coming from Europe. Wolsey’s embarrassment continuing in 1517 when the HRE took forty five, 000 florins from Wolsey to defend Verona from Venice but then distributed it intended for 20, 500 florins!

Wolsey had failed to launch a fresh attack against France and in addition failed to receive France out of Northern Italy. Due to these occasions England have been humiliated, snubbed and separated and The country of spain had gained further electricity. This resulted in England attained no prestige and the harmony of electricity in The european countries had transformed once more, therefore making this a fantastic foreign insurance plan failure.

Wolsey’s foreign policy was the failure as they failed to receive Henry eighth a divorce coming from Catherine of Aragon which in turn angered Holly and was the beginning of the end in terms of Wolsey’s career was worried. In 1527 Charles V captured the Pope and since Catherine of Aragon was Charles V’s aunt this made divorce virtually impossible, while also putting Charles in a position of strength and meaning that Wolsey and Holly had to action. Wolsey arranged himself as Deputy Pope of France and invited the capital to Compiegne, however only 4 resulted in meaning that Holly had to file war on Charles V. The South of England declined to spend any income taxes to fund the war and Wolsey’s allies were poor and untrustworthy, as displayed at Compiegne.

Wolsey consequently was no much longer of use. In summary Wolsey experienced some foreign policy success such as the 1518 Treaty of London require were significantly outweighed by the failures in Europe including 1516 and 1517 when ever England was snubbed and humiliated simply by stronger forces. Above all Wolsey failed to obtain Henry eighth the divorce he craved and this talks about why Holly turned on Wolsey after 1527.

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