You Gotta Have (150) Friends Essay

As we discussed in the lecture, over the weekend, you’re going to be writing the rough draft of a summary-response essay. Inside the lab, all of us started summarizing You Need to Have (150) Friends by simply Robin Dunbar from What is important in America, and then you’re going to end the synopsis of that article at home.

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As you write your brief summary, be sure to include the title of the essay, the author’s term, and his key point (thesis) in the first sentence. Inside the following sentences, summarize the main points that he used to support his thesis. Make sure that you possess read and summarized the whole essay because, as we discussed in the lecture, he made a critical point towards the end of the composition.

By the way, make sure you remember that the summary ought to be written that you really need words; tend not to simply copy sentences from your text. When you write your overview, start thinking of your reactions and reactions to Dunbar’s essay. Now for the response part: * At the conclusion of the synopsis, write down your general opinion of the essay and what Dunbar had to declare.

Make sure that your opinion (your thesis) is usually broad enough to cover all of the parts of the essay and that you can support the opinion inside the rest of the daily news. Please note that some authors may choose to start the second passage with the thesis and continue the discussion from there. That is one other acceptable technique, but for this kind of assignment, I will ask you to end the synopsis with your thesis. * At the beginning of the second paragraph of your article, you are going to create a topic sentence in your essay that contains the first explanation you acknowledge or argue with Dunbar.

That subject sentence will be followed by specific details that support your point. You might like to briefly quotation something Dunbar mentioned to start your discussion, however, you do not wish your daily news to be a number of quotes with just a few of your ideas. We already know what Dunbar wrote; we wish to know what you imagine. * The other sentences of your composition should the actual format with the first human body paragraph. Make certain you have obviously explained your ideas so that anyone who has not examine Dunbar’s essay can still figure out your details. Remember: Believe an unaware reader!

Your paper ought to end which has a conclusion that is not simply a restatement of the thesis. You may even make a recommendation or a prediction here. So what do you think will happen in the future? Before you start your article, please summarize or map what you are going to write.

You are able to change points, but you really should have a plan prior to starting. Also, if you handwrite or type this draft, please double-space your work. In the event you type, use Times New Roman doze.

Your summary- response must be approximately 750 words long. Try to enjoy this!

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