A important learning encounter essay

Meaningful learning experience happens many times in lifetime, a lot of teaches minor lessons whether some teaches important lesson. I discovered a important experience on the religious and historical travel that I went with my friends. The author of The Financial Concept of Education  Freire Paulo explains the learning experience as a difficulty posing and critical thinking, which to some degree relates to my personal experience. The idea of Percy Walker in The Loss in the Animal  reveals the learning through sovereignty and exploring is somewhat more similar to my learning.

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I learned the meaning of people lifestyle that differs in line with the person as well as the places that they lived plus the problems that they have on obtaining the basic requires that people have right to get it. Sovereignty doesnt require staying alone on or only few people. Completely, my friends Prashant, Sujit, Pradhu, four others and myself made a plan to go motorcycle tour on the religious travel for four days. Being a follower of Hinduism, we all decided to go to a Hindu forehead called Muktinath. Is located in hill part of Nepal on the Mustang section. Which is 2 days drive through the place all of us lived, about 400 miles.

We continued four motor bikes, on the half the way I could see such beautiful rivers, suspension systems, hills that I havent noticed before in the life. My spouse and i am quarrelling the concept of the Percys explanation of learning through discovering and exploring when somebody is suffering from alone or with couple of peoples. I used to be with many friends but my meaningful learning of discovering depends on my own, personal way of seeing and experiencing it. Percy has mentioned the couple on Grand Canyon really wants to explore new place that is certainly unspoiled , (463). Details the place should not been discovered by others or should not been informed before.

For me it will not matter the place is uncovered or not really but ought to be something new and interesting you had never knowledgeable before. I was so thrilled that I was not even the half of the way and saw therefore beautiful places. How will be that places that we were going? What would I see on the way? Because the Freire brings the idea of critical thinking on his writing, some inquiries arose on my mind and started pondering deeply on to it. After having a long drive of 12 hours, all of us reached a city called Pokhara, which is probably the most beautiful city of my nation Nepal.

We decided to stay there for the night go to some areas, eat food and sleep at nighttime. We proceeded to go boating about Fewa Pond from wherever we could visit a clear watch of hill piled up with all the snow. Sunlight was about to set so I may see the sunlight on the top of huge batch hiding slightly on the white-colored cloud and spreading the orange color of light, that was the most beautiful organic beauty that I got ever seen in my life. I actually couldnt ignore that instant in my life. In that case after we all went to start to see the cultural boogie and get some good drinks. The very first day of our trip ends with a good early sleep dreaming the more beauty of nature i could find tomorrow.

Subsequently, we began our quest at seven on the morning hours. After that same day of travel the road starts to be unpaved. It was monthly of rainfall so the unpaved road someplace was full of water, although it was hard to drive in such method I was taking pleasure in it. Presently there we got opportunity to see solid green forest with some wild animals like deer, wild rabbit, fox bridging the road. The way in which was and so uphill and downhill since the temple was located on the hill area of my personal country. All of a sudden we got stopped suddenly because of the landslide. I was stocked on how, after handful of research and thinking we decided to go couple of miles to keep the bike over a resort.

We all requested the manager to park motorcycle on his resort for couple of days. He agreed and each of our journey turned into hiking. I actually carried my own backpack and started walking. We travelled through the landslide, some of the experienced villagers are there to help the traveller. Freire has introduced the condition posing education  (323), as a analyze of the component and effects of virtually any problems. Obtaining the consciousness about the situation or problems, which was applied on me that period. I got knowledge about the all-natural disaster and the problems caused by them and were mindful about the hard time we got during landslides.

Time was already 7 pm plus the sun was on his way to set. Yet according to the map we had to walk about four several hours to reach for the small community where we could ask or perhaps rent a room to stay at nighttime. It get darker and darker i was talking and making fun of each different and going to our vacation spot. Finally we all reached over a small community, there were several small home made of rocks. We asked a room to settle a night and would travel and leisure in the morning. We all offered some funds and they offer a room with bed n sheets simply. We all had been tired so tried to sleeping but it was raining plus the roof was leaking.

This category of funny, some drop of water dropped on my ear during sleep. After one hour it stopped raining and i also changed the location and attempted to sleep but I noticed the high in volume noise of stone breaking and falling. We all were on dread that landslide may come for the house in which we were. Electrical power was not on that place. We employed our cellphones light to discover our stuffs. During that period some sort of strange emotions came on me, I actually became psychological thinking the folks there. How they are living their life? People have never found the electrical power, neither method of transportation.

Kids had hardly ever been to institution, they just took the pet animals to graze within the field by 10 around the morning to 5 at nighttime. I couldnt consider warring on their scenario. As of Percys experience within the loss of animal , I actually also found me personally as obtaining that place under a lot of consideration. I had been also seeing and checking out that place. Though there may be individualism onto her concept, my personal experience has not been similar to the Freires collaboration idea on The banking concept. Since I was experience those things personally with few friends. I was exploring and observing new places.

After i was picturing those things in the mind, We heard a loud voice of a thing cracking. It had been a landslide again of a few metres ahead where we stayed. We were and so scared and didnt rest whole night, passed and last and last talking about all-natural disasters. We all waited for some sunlight to come to ensure that we could move ahead to our destination. Finally the sunlight spread some light then simply we begin packing the stuff about bag then we went to our vacation spot. We went on a thin way among two huge hills, a few waterfalls offered us a few shower, renewed us and gave some energy to maneuver on. Along the way I saw some houses a long way away behind 3 hills.

It might take two more days to walk to presently there, no any means of transport. How do people survive there? I was in shock when i came across those residences and visualizing the lifestyle people living in such condition. What do they certainly when some individuals get sick? How do they acquire medicine? These kinds of questions came on my brain all the time when moving forward. The greater we travel and leisure the more critical lifestyle, we see people living around there. Kids were putting on just a t-shirt without button and tiny shorts over a cold weather. Personally i think so unhappy to see that the children couldnt get appropriate dietary foodstuff, education, garments nothing at all.

Childs are responsible for the changing the culture on long term, but they are away of sources to learn. I couldnt think about the changes on their lifestyle after generations likewise. After going for walks whole day finally we reached our vacation spot and discussed with some people lived there. The stated that whatever we all saw the peoples living condition on how are far greater than the people live 200, 300 miles far from there. My spouse and i couldnt actually imagine that the life span of people living there. We learned a lesson from their store that how people can struggle intended for surviving and the changes in lifestyle according to the places that they lived.

I had been so miserable for them although little bit completely happy that we live very great life in comparison to them. This tour gave me a significant learning experience about the life-style of different persons, resources they are using. Unable whole life with no basic requirements but as well happy to live. Friere and Percy offered me some ideas about the meaningful learning knowledge depending on their view and i also made a few comparison with my own experience. Also tried to understand their very own concept by simply relating their very own concept on my experience.

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