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The application of cell phones in schools can be an enduring argument that is occasioned by the development of modern technology. The emergence of cell phones in the world has made connection between persons extremely easy and of less cost and time. Considerably, students turn the use of mobile phones to their advantage. Today nearly all those their studies at educational companies have cell phones even though they may be prohibited. Consequently , the purpose of this kind of paper is usually to discuss the reasons why the use of cell phones by college students in universities should not be allowed. In addition , it will explore for what reason other people may well have another type of approach to the situation and offer any solution (Daley, 2001, l. 87).

The effects of the cell phone use by schoolchildren are crucial with their educational abilities. Students ought not to be allowed to work with mobile phones in schools as this gadget is a veritable muddiness from learning activities. They provide cost-free access to the Internet. Noticeably, the use of the Internet is a massive diversion coming from any activity because of the large number of information it provides. If learners are allowed to employ mobile phones, it means that education will lose the primacy. Furthermore, there ought not to be made any kind of amendments for the process of learning and analysis depending on whether the person is definitely surfing the world wide web or not (Partin, 2009, p. 147). The Internet is highly addictive, particularly for the young students who also are always yearning to learn something new.

The healthiness of students is at risk in the event the use of mobile phones in universities is authorized. Cases of nearsightedness are likely to increase between students because of the great focus on the small display screen. The radiation emitted from mobile phones not only aggravates the eyesight but is also likely to increase skin cancers. In addition , the application of cell phones by students in schools causes various bad consequences including problems with learning and social collisions. For instance, cheating in exams is a common practice throughout the educational procedure today. In addition , the success of home work by pupils will not be useful since the cellular phones are likely to give an answer to any question. Additionally, the exchange of short abusive emails among learners may lead to battles between bande. The safety in the cell phone use in colleges is not guaranteed. Thefts of cellular phones among students will result in conflicts in schools (Deley Dahlie, 2001, p. 121). Therefore , criminal offenses in the school organization will increase leading to low self-esteem.

However , different people may well have different points of view taking into consideration this issue. The explanation for giving permission for students to work with cell phones in schools is a speed of information exchange amongst students and parents. It also permits students to be technologically advanced people. Through the new technology of sending and receiving money through mobiles students are able get access to this kind of service whenever they require economical support coming from parents (Daley, 2001, l. 110). The adoption of recent school policy which allows students to use cellular phones for their education is feasible only in the case of its affordable usage. However, the use of cell phones is likely to be just one way of students’ prosperity exposition through expensive phones that will offend poor college students.

To summarize, it is crucial to say that the make use of cell phones is usually an issue that will need a multi-criteria approach. This involves the various issues that students will probably face. Consequently , allowing the usage of mobile phones in schools might be a complex and time-consuming method in terms of tightening up security and making rigid regulations of exam taking (Watkins, 2001, p. 79). For this reason, cell phones should not be allowed in educational institutions as they are going to greatly destruct administration of education.

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