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Prozac Nation chronicles a bright 19-year-old women’s struggle with depressive disorder. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Wurtzel is an aspiring writer and freshman in Harvard University or college. With a the child years plagued by divorce and desertion, Lizzie includes a history of depressive episodes and self-confidence problems. The publication is set inside the 1980s, the moment mental disease was a lot a taboo topic, and medication for psychiatric conditions was rarely prescribed. Lizzie absolutely meets the criteria for abnormal behavior and major depressive disorder, and tries to deal throughout the book. Although her efforts are misguided, they are undoubtedly typical of someone with her disorder.

Lizzie, who suffers from main depressive disorder, displays various common indications of depression. The book is mainly set in present-day, but contains flashbacks with her childhood, in which she also shows many sharing with symptoms, like social solitude. Presently, the girl describes feeling empty, unattainable, and depressed. Although the lady does not openly admit it, it can be apparent that she also seems extremely responsible about her condition. The lady cries in her mother’s arms when screaming about how sorry the girl with several times. Lizzie also is experiencing decreased energy, which is clear when she is unable to get up in the morning. This kind of affects her schoolwork and her love, writing. On the other hand, she also experiences difficulty sleeping, and even should go several days and nights without rest at one point. Your woman cannot concentrate on work or perhaps writing, which frustrates her and makes her even more atrabiliario. Irritability is a common symptom of depressive disorder, especially in adolescents who are certainly not sure how to regulate all their emotions (NIMH, n. d. ). In addition, she turns to drugs and alcohol to numb her pain, which is quite typical for people with any kind of mental health issues. Perhaps the many alarming symptoms of Lizzie’s depression are her suicidal ideation and self-harm. A flashback shows a young Lizzie reducing her lower leg, while a shot from the present-day shows her cutting her wrists. She admits to suicidal ideation towards the end of the history. All of the symptoms mentioned line up with the National Institute of Mental Health’s guide to despression symptoms (NIMH, d. d. ). The author would a great job portraying someone with depression, Lizzie is proven suffering from nearly all common symptom of depression, and talks about how her life experiences have got led to her current state. It is immensely common for people with depression to identify causal factors within their illness, although some people may not be able to find virtually any reason by any means.

Lizzie has knowledgeable many traumatic and sad events in her lifestyle which bring about her current state. Her parents single when your woman was simply two years older, it was a bad breakup and led to various tumultuous years. Her dad disappeared once she was fourteen, ultimately causing a lot of abandonment concerns for Lizzie. Major existence changes, trauma, and mind-boggling stress are routine causes of depressive disorder (NIMH, n. d. ). Additionally , your woman describes her mother since overinvolved and overbearing, that leads to Lizzie placing impractical expectations in herself. All of these events coming from her the child years certainly trigger her depressive episodes, as do events in the present day like dumping her man and struggling with her best friend. These types of interpersonal disputes can certainly cause feelings of isolation, loneliness, guilt, and ultimately despression symptoms.

During a flashback, it is revealed that Lizzie was placed in therapy in a young grow older. However , the girl discontinued treatment, and now is completely against this. When her mother implies it again after your woman discovers Lizzie is isolating herself, Lizzie is combative. She at some point agrees, and begins viewing a professional every week. The girl participates in individual talk therapy, and eventually starts Prozac, an antidepressant. This is one common course of action according to the National Start of Mental Health, generally, talk therapy is utilized initially. If this is certainly not completely successful, a program of medicine is often added. If these kinds of treatments continue to be not assisting the client, then, rarely, electroconvulsive therapy is regarded (NIMH, and. d. ). This is the program Lizzie implemented as well. First, she attempted talk therapy, and when she was still extremely symptomatic, her psychiatrist started her in Prozac. By the end of the book, Lizzie admits she is beginning to feel better. States she is recovering the same way she fell in to her health issues, “Gradually, and then suddenly, inches which is very common for people struggling with depression.

Depression generally has an immeasurable impact on family and friends of the person suffering. It can strain interactions, and make the family and friends feel that they are responsible for the other person’s illness (Croft, 2016). This certainly bands true for Lizzie and her loved ones. Her mom seems to be anybody most affected by her major depression. At times, your woman blames very little, and sometimes your woman even dares to blame Lizzie for her individual illness. This is certainly common for folks trying to support someone with depression, they may feel reliant and furious at the same time (Croft, 2016). The portrayal of Lizzie’s mother is very genuine and tragic. She only wants to observe her girl return to her old self, to be able to publish and succeed in her dreams. When Lizzie is not yet at that point in her restoration, it is aggravating for the whole relatives. It may not be ignored that Lizzie is very difficult to deal with during her depressive symptoms, she eyelashes out at her family members, behaves irresponsibly, and turns others out. However , these are generally all characteristic of someone who may be deeply injuring. The characterization of her best friend and boyfriend is likewise spot on. Initially, they make an effort to be supporting and caring, but increase tired of catering to Lizzie and eventually stop contact totally. This is regrettably common with friends and family who don’t realize depression (Croft, 2016).

Prozac Nation is a serious look into the existence of someone with depression. Lizzie suffers from most of the common indications of this illness, which are efficiently portrayed throughout the book. Because someone who lives with significant depressive disorder, it is stimulating to read literary works that isn’t scared to show the ugly area of mental illness. Lizzie tends to rebel when she’s struggling, by simply lashing out at family, experimenting with medications, sex, and alcohol, and fighting with her specialist. I tend to “act in”, and experience symptoms internally, certainly not giving others a hint that I was struggling. Though Lizzie and I are different in this way, the underlying illness continues to be the same. It really is exhausting to have with depression and challenge your very own mind. You will discover few other health problems that nourish into the way depressive disorder does. It is difficult to reach out for help as a result of overwhelming judgment, an unfortunate fact that was relevant in both the eighties, where the publication is set, as well as the present day.

While browsing the new, we may discover ourselves saddened, shocked, and intrigued by many of the chapters. Reading about how exactly Lizzie lashes out in her family and friends and then profusely apologizes was painful to digest as it shows the actual reality of depression. It is an internal struggle, one that others often underestimate and do not understand. Prozac Land portrayed this in a very attractive manner, yet , it could gain from a more important focus on the problems of taking once life ideation and self-harm. Both equally issues happen to be passively pointed out to be a enormous problem intended for Lizzie, although aren’t genuinely explored. Additionally , the book portrayed people with depression as largely troublesome and tenace. This is occasionally true, although definitely not always. As long as persons understand that the book is merely portraying a single person’s experience with depression, which everyone is different, the message will stand good. More literary works needs to be developed that demonstrate truth about taboo subject matter in society, like mental illness.

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