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Professional Summary

Nike is an incorporated organization that operates primarily inside the footwear sector. The Company models, develops and markets athletic footwear, attire, equipment and accessory items. CEO and President Philip Knight works Nike, Incorporation. Mr. Knight co-founded Blue Ribbon Sports activities in 1962, which officially became Nike in 1978.

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An organized audit of Nike Incorporation. and its wholly owned subsidiaries was executed by gathering the company’s economical data, press releases, industry information, company history and current jobs. After the info was gathered, it was analyzed and a SWOT evaluation was executed for Nike to reveal strong points, weaknesses, options and risks Nike provides as a business.

The footwear industry was analyzed employing Porter’s Five Forces version.

Based on results, the following tips are being created for Nike Inc.: Increase quality and brand name image of ACG, Nike’s All Condition’s Gear line for intense sports; work with money more proficiently by increasing promotions into entertainment; expand marketing work in the casual footwear lines; continue to be for the cutting edge of the design and development of athletic shoes; enhance web page to be more appealing to consumers shopping online; boost international advertising efforts; and continue to be the technological and performance leader in athletic shoes.

Nike’s Mission Assertion

According to Nikebiz. com, Nike’s objective statement can be, “Through the adoption of business procedures Nike is definitely committed to obtaining intergenerational quality of life, restoring environmental surroundings, and raising value intended for our clients, shareholders, and business associates. (1) Nevertheless , according to Acaria. com, it is, “To maximize profits to shareholders through products and services that enhance people’s lives. (2)

Current Company Review

Nike, Inc. ‘s main business activity is “the design, creation and worldwide marketing of high quality footwear, attire, equipment and accessory products(3). Nike provides its products to about 20, 000 price tag accounts in the US and in about 110 countries around the world. 3rd party contractors make almost all of Nike’s products. Most footwear products are produced outside the United States, while clothing products will be produced both in the United States and abroad. Revenues for the fiscal 12 months ending May well 31, 99 were $8. 8 billion dollars, compared with $9. 6 billion dollars in the previous monetary year (3).

Nike boots is specifically designed for athletic use, putting considerable focus on high quality development and innovative design. However , a large percentage of the merchandise are worn for informal or leisure purposes. Nike markets and sells lots of products, including shoes to get running, field hockey, cross training, women and children. All of which are currently its top-selling product groups.

Nike likewise markets shoes or boots designed for adventures such as tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, bicycling, volleyball, wrestling, girls, aquatic actions, auto racing and other athletic and fun uses (3).

Nike began selling active sports clothes in 1979 and apparel has become offered in all the above groups, as well as athletic bags and accessory products. Nike attire and accessories are designed to match its athletic footwear goods, feature the same trademarks and are also sold throughout the same marketing and distribution channels. The company generally markets footwear, apparel and accessories in “collections of similar design and style or to get specific uses (3).

The company sells a line of performance equipment within the Nike name brand, including sport balls, timepieces, eyewear, skates, bats and also other equipment designed for sports activities. They also offer a type of dress and casual footwear and equipment for men, ladies and children within the brand name Cole Haan through its wholly owned part, Cole Haan Holdings Integrated. The company marketplaces a distinctive line of headwear with licensed crew logos beneath the brand name Sports Specialties, through its wholly owned part, Nike Team Sports, Incorporation., formerly Sports Specialties Company. They also sell small amounts of various plastic material products to other producers through the wholly owned subsidiary, Nike IHM, Inc. (3).

The company’s wholly owned or operated subsidiary, Käfig Nike Hockey Inc., manufactures and directs ice skates, skate blades, in-line roller skates, safety gear, dance shoes sticks and hockey jerseys and accessories under the Bauer and Nike brand names. Bauer also offers a full selection of goods for road, roller and field handbags (3).

Nike competes internationally with an increasing number of athletic and leisure boot companies, athletic and amusement apparel firms, sports equipment companies, and large companies having diversified lines of athletic and amusement shoes, clothes and products, including Reebok, Adidas yet others (3).

Main Officers

Philip H. Knight is the 62-year-old Chairman of the Board, Chief executive, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Nike. This individual graduated in the University of Oregon in 1959 with a Bachelors of Science degree running a business Administration. That’s exactly what went on to Stanford College or university to obtain his MBA in 1962.

2 years later, in 1964, started Blue Ribbon Sports (a Nike Progenitor) with his former track instructor Bill Bowerman. With his company off to a uncertain start off, he offered his shoes or boots out of the back of a place wagon. To generate ends meet, Mister. Knight organised a position of Assistant Mentor at Portland State University or college, and continuing to practice as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with Selling price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand.

Mr. Knight is a huge director at Nike as 1968 and has been the President from 1968 to 1990, and from 06 2000 to present.

In 1998, Philip Knight is at the top 75 most ample Americans. His donations go over $30 million, with the almost all it dedicated to education. Mr. Knight is usually listed among only 57 individuals from the Forbes four hundred to appear inside the American Benefactor’s list (6).

His total annual earnings contain a total gross annual compensation well worth $2. your five million, long term incentive ideas of $300, 000, and also other means worth about $700, 000, making his 1999 fiscal yr total being $3. five million. Nevertheless , Knight would not own stock options in the business.

Richard E. Donahue, 73, is Nike’s current Vice Chairman in the Board, and has served in that capability since 1977. He served since President and Chief Working Officer in the Company by 1990 right up until 1994. This individual has been a partner in the law firm of Donahue & Donahue, Lowell, Massachusetts, since 51. From 61 to 1963, Mr. Donahue was an assistant to President John F. Kennedy. Mr. Donahue is a past President with the Massachusetts Club Association and the New England Bar Association. He is an associate of the John F. Kennedy Library Groundwork, a trustee of the Joyce Foundation and a movie director of Courier Corp. (5)


Here i will discuss an modified timeline of Nike, Inc. from the beginning in order to was referred to as Blue Bow Sports. The timeline can be found http://www.acaria.com/jsp/nikehist.html.


Phil Dark night and Costs Bowerman meet up with


Bowerman continues trying out new styles for shoes


Dark night receives a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University besides making up an organization named “Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS)


Knight and Bowerman each contribute $500 to start BRS and the company sells you, 300 pairs of Gambling running shoes; profits are $8, 000


Jeff Johnson becomes BRS’ first full-time employee (he switched over from offering Adidas soccer shoes).

BRS revenues are $20, 000


BRS’ first retail outlet is formed in Santa Monica, Ca.

A sales office is opened in Wellesley, Mass. to deal with East Seacoast distribution


Knight dedicates himself full-time to BRS (he was an Helper Professor of Business Administration at Portland State University).

Knight turns into Chairman with the Board and Chief Executive Officer of BRS sometime later it was Nike, Inc.


Swoosh Design hallmark is created simply by Carolyn Davidson for a fee of $35.

Johnson dreams up the company’s new name brand, NIKE, the Greek Empress of


A soccer/football shoe is the first NIKE model hitting the retail market.

A Nike T-shirt in promoting the footwear becomes the first clothing item


BRS releases the Nike brand in the U. H. Olympic Tests.

Canada turns into BRS’ initial foreign market


BRS starts Athletics West.

Production factories will be set up in Taiwan and Korea.

Nike sneakers are sold in Asia for the first time.


BRS changes its corporate identity to NIKE, Inc.

The first little one’s shoes happen to be introduced.

Income = $71 million.


Nike introduces the Tailwind, the first running shoe while using patented AIR-SOLE cushioning program.

The NIKE Apparel collection begins.

Nike is the No . 1 running shoe with almost 50 percent in the U. S. market income. World Hq are opened at 3900 S. W. Murray Blvd. in Beaverton, Oregon.


Nike will go public with 2 million shares of common share.

The NIKE Sport R&D Lab starts in Exeter, New Hampshire.

NIKE shoes become the number-one seller canada


Nike International Ltd. Is formed


International sales take off, achieving $158 million


ATMOSPHERE JORDAN the courtroom shoes happen to be introduced along with clothes


Nike charges into the sport of golf


The Air Pegasus, a NIKE classic in the 4th era, sells it is 5, 1000, 000th match


The “Just Carry out It marketing campaign is presented.

Revenues break $1 billion the first time.


“Bo Knows ads featuring Bo Jackson happen to be tied to the Just Do It theme


Gates open to the NIKE Globe Campus.

The first NikeTown opens in Portland, Or


NIKE F. My spouse and i. T. clothes is introduced


International revenues top $1 billion

year 1994

NIKE roll-outs P. D. A. Con., Participate in the Lives of America’s Youngsters.

P. D. A. Con. includes Reuse-a-Shoe, a program that diverts a lot more than 1 , 000, 000 shoes by landfills to new the courtroom surfaces.


Nike makes its way into the sport ball and eyeglasses markets


Nike beneficiaries WNBA and selected players in the American Basketball League.

Revenues break $9, 186, 539, 1000

Financial Brief summary

By analyzing company ratios we will be in a position to determine how very well the company can be performing financially and to observe how much benefit they are adding for their shareholders. Keeping the shareholders happy is very important and it should be amongst a company’s main goals.

Profitability Ratios

Return about Equity is a measure of the way the stockholders fared during the year. Since benefiting investors is so crucial to the company, it is a true way of measuring performance. ROE is tested as: Net gain / Total Equity. (6) For every money in collateral, Nike Incorporation. generated $0. 18 in profit. This kind of number is lower then the sector standard of $0. twenty three of collateral for every dollar. (7) To be able to catch up to the average standards, Nike Incorporation, would have to increase how successfully they take care of their collateral.

Return in Assets is actually a measure of revenue per dollars of property. ROA is usually measured since: Net Income as well as Assets. For each dollar of assets, Nike Inc, generates $0. 15 in income. This is in accordance to industry standards. In order to boost this rate, Nike would have to find a more efficient way of featuring a assets to build profits.

Earnings Margin is known as a ratio the firm and investors pay out a great deal of focus on because it shows how a large number of dollars of profit the firm earns for every dollars of sales. All other issues being similar, a relatively bigger profit perimeter is more desirable. Nike Inc. ‘s profit margin is usually 6. 45. This means that that they roughly help to make. 7 pennies in earnings for every money generated in sales. In order to improve this kind of ratio, Nike Inc. will have to decrease price ratios relative to sales proportions.

Financial Strengths

The current rate is a measure of short-term fluid. This is one of the most important percentages to creditors, especially immediate creditors. The bigger the current percentage, the more content they are. Towards the firm, a top current percentage will with any luck , indicate fluid, but it could also mean that the firm can be inefficient in using its money and immediate assets. Nike Inc. is actually current ratio is 1 . 7, which is quite lower then the average industry standard of two. 2 . It is crucial for Nike to try and enhance their current ratio so that they can be efficient in using their immediate assets.

Inventory is often minimal liquid current assets from the firm hence the quick proportion will tell us how proficiently the firm is liquidating their products on hand. Nike Inc. ‘s speedy ratio is definitely. 91. This really is right on concentrate on of the sector standards of. 9. Even though seem to be performing a good job of liquidating their very own inventory property, they still have room to get improvement. They must work on planning to improve this ratio in order to meet the upper market standards of 2. 9. Since inventory is actually non liquid, it is important to continuously strive to keep this kind of ratio as high as possible.

Gross Information

Gross yield can be described as convenient method of assessing the rate of current income attained on the investment dollar, it is therefore a measure of common stock dividends on a relative basis. Dividend Deliver is computed as follows: Total annual dividends received per reveal / market place price in the stock. Nike Inc. ‘s dividendyield is definitely 1 . 16. It is usually one of many ratios that professional traders check up on to prices since it gives a good idea of how the firm can be performing. To place dividend produce into point of view, it is useful to look at the dividend payout proportion. This rate describes the portion of income per share that is paid as returns. It is calculated as follows: Payouts per share / income per reveal. Nike Inc. ‘s payment ratio is definitely 22. 22%. This is a reasonably good rate, because even though stockholders like to receive payouts, they can’t stand to see the firm’s payout rate over 60-70%. Payout percentages that are too high are hard to maintain and could lead the firm in trouble.

Nike Inc. is actually most recent inventory price was valued by $41. 37, and their most recent annual payouts were valued at $0. 48 for every share owned. It is secure to say that they are being relatively efficient within their dividend payment every year.

Considering Nike Incorporation. is a leading design, developer, and internet marketer of high quality footwear, one would anticipate their organization profile being quite healthful. The previous financial analysis shows that Nike is working a healthy organization in the industry even though their proportions may not regularly be above industry standards. It will always be very important to keep your shareholders completely happy, and Nike has done this by constantly adding benefit to the organization. Regardless of a few low ratios, Nike should get credit to be a market innovator and for often being for the search for fresh markets to lead.

Nike’s foreseeable future is extremely guaranteeing as the company expects to carry on penetrating fresh markets, elevating sales and mitigating item costs. The organization can also be expected to continue paying dividends, which will ensures investors a positive go back. In conclusion, we might recommend investing in Nike Inc. stock since this report proves it would be a advisable venture and may provide appealing opportunities for virtually any investor.

Company Strategy

Within the last two decades, there have been a activity from a “standardized to a “flexible overall economy. Whereas, mass consumption for a standardized great was once desired, there is now a larger demand for market products. Possessing a rigid business organization accustomed to be typical, where it is now common to include a flexible corporation, that includes subcontracting.

The athletic boots industry has profited greatly out of this economic switch. It is an sort of a new, highly volatile, competitive market. The changes that took place in the shoes industry happen to be:

Shoes or boots production has grown rapidly

The many various sorts of shoes have created an explosion in powerful competition and market unpredictability among brands.

To be successful, a business must be progressive and have speedy turn-around of design and production.

Producers need to have output and design flexibility

Suppliers must protect proprietary details and technology, and still stay to be structurally flexible.

The main reason why Nike provides succeeded in competing in the footwear market for provided that they have is really because they stay flexible within a volatile marketplace by using subcontracting relationships offshore in low labor-cost countries. (8)

One more why Nike has continued to be a strong competitor is based on their very own product differentiation. Although they started off by simply producing and selling athletic shoes, their product line now includes a wide range of clothing, equipment and accessories. Additionally, they design goods for a variety of sports, including running to golf to aquatic activities.

Effective differentiation enables a firm to: (10)

Command reduced price due to its product, and/or

Maximize unit sales, and/or

Gain customer loyalty to its manufacturer.

SWOT Analysis

Part of doing a strategic analysis of Nike is doing a SWOT analysis. SWOT examination sizes up a firm’s reference strengths and weaknesses and its external opportunities and dangers to provide a very good overview of if the firm’s organization position is definitely fundamentally healthful or detrimental. This will offer a clear perspective of Nike’s resource capabilities and insufficiencies, its marketplace opportunities, plus the external hazards to the company’s future health and provide a starting point for the recommendations to Nike’s tactical market technique.

Resource Strong points and Competitive Capabilities

Nike is an industry leader in developing innovative new products. That first started with the surroundings product line known as Nike Atmosphere. It has now moved to the most recent release, the Nike Shox line. The brand new shoe is designed to enhance a great athlete’s ability to jump, work and get an edge within the competition. Nike’s research group has spent more than 18 years thinking, researching, growing and tests the possibility of affixing springs towards the bottom of the athlete’s foot. Nike Shox, the most recognized technological expansion makes the fantasy a reality. This is another example of how Nike uses performance and technology to create the shoes. They also keep the styles simple which is currently trendy for Nike. Nike also has excellent mass-merchandising, unique adverts, and is praised for its offers as much as their shoes.

Nike also has important physical assets. The include worldwide distribution facilities because they sell shoes and boots in more than 100 countries. Nike is usually teaming with Hewlett-Packard to supply hardware, software program and talking to services to host the worldwide Nike Supply Chain (NSC) job. The objective of the task is to build a consumer-driven source chain and a framework for decision-making that provides lasting competitive benefits and boosts Nike’s global brand management. The goals of the project are to boost Nike’s capacity to respond to changing conditions, minimizing inventory and capital expense risk, improving service to satisfy customer/consumer requires, improving techniques, information and product top quality, and providing an efficient global supply chain with regional implementation.

Nike also has important human assets because all their employees happen to be motivated with athletic qualification, which makes all of them a highly competitive company it does not like to drop.

Nike also offers valuable company assets in the standpoint of loyal customers, a strong “balance sheet” and secure financial position.

One of Nike’s most important sustainable competitive advantages is their particular intangible resources, such as brand-image and company culture. Everyone knows Nike from its past advertising and marketing, promotional endorsements, and events while their culture can be one of competition, athletics, and a Just Do It attitude.

An additional strength is a company’s r and d organization, containing the ability to keep the company’s pipeline full of innovative new products. They also have manufacturing deals with producers in countries that do not have as many requirements for circumstances of work environment and others that increase costs. Also as the process is definitely labor intensive, the manufacturing takes place where labor is cheap.

As a result of Nike’s development over the last 10 years they are in an advantageous placement in the market. This can also be related to their business leadership, wide product collection, and stronger name acknowledgement.


You will discover weaknesses that Nike provides gained for a couple of different causes. The 1st being that they are no longer a small rebel company, nevertheless a large corporate pillar that as Phil cannella Knight CEO says “There are some actions you can take as a $22.99 million company that you aren’t get away with as a $9 billion business.

Nike has also gotten bad press, particularly in the 18 to 24 yr old demographic organizations with regards to the expected “sweatshops exactly where products are made. This has developed backlash which includes affected sales in a very significant demographic of shoppers. It is also section of the continued loss of Nike’s company image as well as the idea that to become cool and trendy you should buy Nike products. One other related issue is the more than marketization from the swoosh. In one point a boot had 13 swooshes on it.

Another reason may be the increasing costs of sports activities endorsements with the decreasing marginal returns those endorsements develop. This is also due to the fact that the line between sports and entertainment provides blurred.

Finally, and the biggest weakness that Nike provides is the not enough knowledge in the Internet age. They cannot have the technical resources or experience curves that others have and Nike is behind in its marketing strategy and ability to use the Internet as another channel for product sales and advertising.


Nike has new opportunities and markets that they must sink into and make the most of to continue to become world leader and sustain revenue and clumps. The biggest is the “All Conditions Gear (ACG) product line that is certainly targeted toward generation Con and the extreme sports that they can enjoy. Continued expansion in mainstream sports such as the game of golf, hockey, tennis games, volleyball, football, soccer, and so forth through more products and add-ons is also a necessity. Nike as well must always expand into current intercontinental markets whilst penetrating in to new ones. They must still create new technologies and the latest fashions such as Nike Shox. One other opportunity is usually expanding marketing promotions to include entertainment and other non-sports venues, considering that the line among entertainment and sports is now blurred. Nike should also try to grow into the field of corporate products because it really is a $3 to $4 billion dollars dollar market. And lastly, ongoing growth and expansion in to women’s sports and entertainment shows being very promising.

Potential Exterior Threats

The most important threat as if the economy adopts a downturn then the capacity for Nike to continue to grow coming from sales, marketing, and a promotional standpoint will be considerably inhibited. One more is the maturation market in athletic shoes. Additionally there is a growing adverse demographic enhancements made on the marketplace concerning brand picture and offers that Nike is unable to conquer. The continued poor Euro and Asian economic downturn that has damage international revenue and progress is also a threat. Nike’s extreme sporting activities product line is considered as lower quality in comparison to rivalling firms and it is hurting sales and brand image.

Five Forces Of Athletic Footwear/Apparel Industry

Competition Among Competing Sellers in the Industry

The competition is very intense with many companies competing intended for sales. A lot of money is used on marketing and promotions through distinct channels in order to communicate to the young market group of consumers who your time most cash on their goods. Growth has additionally slowed in the athletic boots industry, even so new markets are growing with high growth prices. Examples of these kinds of markets would be the extreme athletics market as well as the corporate goods market. Item demand also offers a seasons component, which in turn affects rivalry.

Market Efforts of Businesses in Other Industrial sectors to Earn Customers Over to Their Own Alternative Products

Due to growth in non-traditional sports activities and everyday wear, competition and advertising is brutal to receive customers to switch. Switching costs for the customer is also suprisingly low. Substitute products are readily available, superbly priced, similar on quality, and have simply some characteristic differentiation.

Potential New Entrant

There is a deterrent to enter the athletic shoes industry because of the research and development that goes into the athletic footwear industry. However , informal footwear is not as costly. There is specialised technological “know-how in athletic footwear which is not readily available (ex. Nike Atmosphere, Nike Shox, Reebok DMX, etc . ). Buyers are very drawn to brand choice and devotion. In order to get hold of this, they have to establish company image, offers, endorsements and so forth, all of which can be extremely expensive to implement.

One more difficulty that new entrants face is usually low capital investments, that happen to be needed for manufacturing. However , one of the important access deterrents is restricted access to retail space. By today, there are not any regulatory plans, tariffs, or perhaps trade constraints to prevent entrance.

Bargaining Electricity and Leveraging Suppliers of Inputs May Exercise

Suppliers have no electrical power or influence to have an effect on prices or perhaps availability. There is no shortage of raw materials or manufacturing ability. Quality and performance in raw materials and manufacturing is definitely not a element because the method is time-consuming. Quality and performance depends on the type of footwear and how it truly is manufactured, not really the raw materials that enter it.

Negotiating Power and Leverage Exercisable by Buyers of the Product

Buyers have some power in the fact that switching costs are low. There is a very large number of potential customers, yet , who acquire individually and not as a group. Therefore , there is no discussion on selling price or unique group savings. Buyers have zero threat to backward integrate into the organization of sellers. However , potential buyers do have got a wide variety of alternatives in deciding whether they obtain a certain model of a product.


After completely analyzing Nike’s organization, organization practices, and position in the market, we have think of the following recommendations.

Since the ACG product line continues to be experiencing a diminishing quality and company image, we all suggest that they spend additional money, resources and advertising to be able to try and enhance it. They will also accomplish this by using a better product design and style, materials and manufacturing processes.

The organization ought to make better uses of its cash. This could be accomplished by expanding their particular promotions to add entertainment and other non-sports locations, since the collection between entertainment sports has become blurred.

Currently, Nike is usually focusing the majority of their promoting efforts towards the sports footwear lines. In order to maximize sales, they should expand this kind of to include their particular casual footwear line as well.

Since Nike’s strategy is definitely differentiation, they should continue to be on the cutting edge with the athletic shoes or boots technology. This process will help them design fresh types of shoes and other items, giving them a diverse product line.

One of the most important facets of Nike’s business is becoming the use of the Internet to communicate with consumers. They are making a new technology that will enable their customers to create their own sneakers online. In order to accomplish this, they must enhance their site in order to make this more user friendly. Currently, the internet site takes too long to down load and the standard style and design does not comment many.

We as well recommend that Nike increase their worldwide efforts to be able to maximize their very own product sales.

And our last recommendation is that Nike remains the technology and performance leader in running shoes. They must continue to keep their good competitive advantage in order to stop


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