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The murder circumstance of Hae Min Lee is a very challenging incident, since it is a tale full of many slots and specifics that don’t match up. For both the observers and the investigators, this can be a difficult case to consider, as there may be evidence that can support a variety of claims. The main fact of the case is that on January 13th, 1999, 17-year-old Hae Min Lee was slain and left in a forest called Leakin Park. In the trial, the prosecutors centered on Adnan Syed, Hae’s ex-boyfriend and the jury was quick to call him accountable.

Serial is a podcast narrated by simply Sarah Koenig that makes entertainment in the form of researched journalism. The podcast dedicated to this particular circumstance in order to discover the fact behind the events that resulted in Hae Min Lee’s death, but the details that were unearthed led to the development of many arguments, with 1 major aspect thinking that Adnan is guilt ridden, and the additional side thinking that she has innocent.

Personally, this kind of podcast \leads me to change my opinion around the case many times. Hearing the testimonies of the people who had known Adnan inside the first episode and the way Koenig presented the evidence throughout the podcast had myself convinced that Adnan was innocent. However , hearing the very last episode, in which Koenig began to doubt Adnan’s innocence, helped me change my estimation to think that Adnan is definitely guilty.

From the first episode, Adnan features always insisted that his relationship and eventual separation with Hae Min Lee was inviting. Other people as well supported this kind of claim. However , Hae’s journal portrays a different sort of story. Hae’s diary entries had important information suggesting that Adnan was not taking break up too well, and she sensed threatened by his behavior, with a single entry actually stating that Hae asked teachers to keep her from Syed. This does not seem like the standard behaviur of somebody who has shifted on”, because Adnan would like everyone to trust. There was also a handwritten separation letter that Hae had sent to Adnan in Nov of 1998, two months ahead of her murder. The material of the note were somewhat similar to what most break up notes would contain, nevertheless , the most significant element about the letter is what Syed scribbles on the top of the letter, stating “I’m going to kill”. This shows that Adnan’s level of anger was not usual, although this individual said that he was over her. This standard of anger is quite strange also for a adolescent, especially individual who has been claiming that this individual wasn’t abnormally upset within the breakup, the aggressive strengthen is in kampfstark contrast to the person Koenig had primarily presented in the first episode. The phrase “I’m going to kill” has good verb utilization to suggest that the actions will happen, producing Hae’s circumstance more suspicious as she was killed two months after. Although it will not be biological evidence, the letter that Syed receives plus the diary entries of Hae are items of physical evidence that players suspicions on Syed wonderful involvement with all the murder.

The next part of damning proof is Jay’s testimony. The writer was among Adnan’s best friends and they understood each other very well. During the authorities testimony, the moment Jay was interviewed, he was very unwilling in supplying information. As a result of his uncooperative behavior, the authorities had to place a lot of pressure in Jay to ensure that he would give his testimony. And when The author began, this individual didn’t quit, all of a sudden, The writer started to spew out details with superb quality of detail. The podcast built Jay appear like he was laying because he was unsure about giving out information and then somehow managed to recite an entire story. I as well thought that Jay was resting, and regarded it silly that the police based the entire case off from Jay’s accounts. However , if perhaps Jay was lying at that moment, it would be extremely tough for him unless he previously rehearsed almost everything beforehand. It is far from every day that a teenager could come up with such an elaborate and detailed plan so easily. The various other question in my mind when ability to hear Jay’s account was motive: why could Jay lie about the murder and “frame” his friend if Syed was really innocent? Jay’s reluctance initially can be attributed to his fear that he could get struggling for being a great accomplice. If he realized he wouldn’t become charged, having been able to notify the truth.

What I discovered most confusing about the truth is that Adnan had not any memory of the day when Hae was found missing. I would have thought that his prior relationship with her might have meant that information on that time would be clearer to him. However , this did not include the case. While I can understand that people neglect uneventful details, it has been proven that when a substantial event arises, people are able to have better recall. Might have been more significant than the disappearance of the lady Adnan claimed to have once loved? Presently there wasn’t also any evidence of him having tried to speak to her when he discovered that she was absent. This lack of interest on his portion and the convenience of his absence of memory improved the uncertainties in my mind over his purity.

The “Nisha call” is a very important factor to consider with this kind of investigation. The “Nisha call” references contact logs that show somebody called a woman named Nisha with Adnan’s phone 1 hour after Hae Min Lee was killed. While it may be the obvious bottom line that the caller was Adnan, he claims that he had still left his mobile phone in Jay’s car during this period. The call held up two moments and Adnan suggested that Jay could have pocket called Nisha. The author, who would not know Nisha, countered this by saying Adnan got called Nisha while in his car. Koenig, the narrator, admits that “The Nisha call is definitely the one that is always caught up out to myself and I think to the majority of people who’ve looked at Adnan’s case tightly because it happens on the afternoon that Hae disappeared at any given time when Adnan has said, was adament even, that he was avoid his cellphone, that The author had his phone whilst he was in school”. Adnan’s pocket switch explanation is a possibility but also in my opinion, it sounds more like a ridiculous justification. It would seem odd that Jay would set Adnan’s cellphone in his pocket for any reason. It is much more likely that Adnan dialed Nisha’s phone number himself and is trying to come up with a reason to cover up for it.

The podcast Serial masterfully presented data that supported or refuted Adnan’s assert of purity. While there was convincing resistant for both equally sides, I feel that the arguments for Adnan’s guilt were more robust and more in accordance with my own beliefs. This may be in direct level of resistance to what Koenig, the narrator, wanted guests to think, but at the end of the day, it is important to mention this podcast was focused on interesting the audience and presenting info in an impartial way to permit listeners to make their own conclusions.

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