A review of george orwell s book 1984

1984, George Orwell

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The Past and Individuality

George Orwell’s novel 1984 warns of your totalitarian express in the future. The totalitarian state, Oceania, beneath the control of the Party as well as its leader Much larger, poses a society in which the government is actually right and where the people have no liberty of talk or believed. At a single point in the story, Winston says “anything aged, and for that matter anything at all beautiful, was always vaguely suspect”(96). The Party landscapes “anything old” and “anything beautiful” as dangerous as they are symbolic in the past and individuality” issues that the Get together seek to control and remove so they can remain in power.

The Party suspects anything that is older and views them while dangerous as they are remnants with the past and symbolic with the past. These types of objects can give someone thoughts about lifespan before the Get together took control. Winston starts to rebel resistant to the Party following buying a classic diary and writing in it. He questions the Party’s statements about yesteryear, asking “were things a lot better than they are now? “(87). Old items are also facts that can be used refute the Party’s claims regarding the past. Due to this, the Party seeks to destroy or rewrite every thing of the past so that you cannot find any proof regarding the past other than what the Get together claims for doing it to be. Winston’s job in the Ministry of Truth’s Data Department of forging and correcting previous documents in to “what the Party wanted” is an example of the Party’s efforts of rewriting days gone by (43). After the past was erased and falsified, “the erasure was forgotten, as well as the lie started to be the truth” and the only thing that might remain was proof of the Party’s statements and no evidence against that (75). The Party views “anything old” as hazardous because they are remnants of the past that can be used to disprove their very own claims and induce rebellion. But rather than let the past provide against them, the Party seeks to rewrite earlier times and use the past to support them.

As with old things, the Party would also think “anything beautiful” and notice it as dangerous because they are symbolic of personality, which the Party is trying to abolish. Beautiful objects stand out and are certainly not ordinary and dull. Unlike that are the members of the Party, which usually Winston observes as “ugly, and would still have recently been ugly whether or not dressed normally than in the uniform blue overalls” (60). The Get together tries to eliminate individuality that individuals so that they probably would not have initial thoughts and therefore they would have only the thoughts of the Get together. Individuality and original thoughts are a hazard to the Get together because it is the source of edgy thoughts. The Party executes people who are “too intelligent” minus “discretion, aloofness, a sort of saving stupidity” since they have individuality, original thoughts, and are capable of personal expression (53-55). Contrary to the users of the Party, beautiful items are different and unique which can be symbolic of individualism, a threat for the Party because it is the source of rebellious thoughts.

In the totalitarian culture of George Orwell’s 1984, the governing Party manipulates and falsifies the past so that they are always correct and abolishes individualism in order that the people is only going to have the thoughts of the Party. The leading part Winston says that “anything old, as well as for that subject anything gorgeous, was usually vaguely suspect”(96). This is because outdated things are remnants of the earlier and data that can be used against the Party. The Party looks for to control yesteryear by “rewriting” the past so that the evidence that could otherwise be used against them, would be helping them. Gorgeous things are also seen as dangerous because they are one of a kind and different, synonymous with individualism. The Party desires to abolish individualism because it is the basis of thoughts that could start a rebellion. Days gone by and individuality are dangers to the Party’s power and the Party could do anything to keep that power.

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