King Devanampiyatissa Essay

Through the reign of king Asoka of india, Srilanka was ruled by simply king Tissa who was the 2nd son of kung Muthaseeva. King Asoka and Full Tissa were very close close friends. Kung Tissa sent abordnung to meet kingAsoka with many gifts. The leader of that group was Royal prince Maha Aritta who was the nephew of King Tissa.

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This abordnung was ceremoniously received by Emperor Asoka. This delegation spent about 5 a few months in India. King Asoka sent back alarge collection of valuable onaments essential in a coronation as a gift idea. It consisted of swords and valuable decorations. Also the subsequent message was sent: I have surrended myself to the triple gem.

Oh my buddy, you too fill in yourself to the triple gem. The King was very much thrilled with the message the envoys brought back. He held an additional coronation with ornaments King Asoka acquired sent. As well the Ruler waz offered an honorary title Devanampiya that utilized by Mourya rulers usted which Chief Asoka belonged.

From that day time king Tissa was called Devanampiyatissa The main outcone from the friendship from the two kingswas the introduction of Buddism to Srilanka. King Asoka sent a lot of missions to preach buddism to this nation. Mihindu Thera who was the son of kung Asoka brought Buddism to Srilanka after 3rd Dharma Sangayana Along with Mihindu Thera came Arhat Thera named Ittiya, Uttiya, Sambala, Baddadala anf Sumana a young monk and Bhanduka on a pposon full celestial body overhead day at Mihinthale.

Mihindu Thera preached the Chulla Hattipadopama Suthraya to california king and his group. Upon playing the rollo the king and the persons readily appreciated Buddism and surrendered for the triple treasure.

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