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Reaction Paper: Latinos

The group presenting in other Latinos focused on the history, contemporary perspective, and experience of citizens using a background via El Rescatador or Venezuela. In illustrating these points, the demonstration provided the history of each nation as the inspiration for their debate on the drive factors intended for immigration and the subsequent knowledge within the U. S.

After learning about a brief history of Este Salvador and Venezuela, I agree with the referred to push elements that lead to migrants and the produced contemporary perspective of residents with these kinds of backgrounds. Un Salvador retains a history of repeating cycles of government lack of stability due to inequality and corruption. The inability of the govt to provide secure infrastructure and law enforcement offers lead to several dimensions of poverty and violence ” the essential reasons behind immigration out of the country. Since El Nazareno underwent a civil warfare from lates 1970s to 1992, and that low income grew uncontrolled during the warfare, it is easy to see why the U. S. significantly limited the influx of El Salvadoran citizens. Nevertheless , I as well believe that the limited influx during the 1980’s was due to the United States’ involvement in South American politics ” which was not mentioned in the section talking about immigration. Furthermore, the demonstration described Salvadoran experience while worse than that of Cuban’s but any better than that of Mexican’s in the US, by only providing limited anecdotal evidence and the household salary for Cubans. The experience that may be suggested by simply people of Salvadoran backdrop is nor thoughtful nor convincing, and i also believe that there is certainly much more than can be said of the experience besides immigration in to the country and their food. My personal perspective about Salvadoran residents is limited looking at I know not many people of Salvadoran backdrop, however , this kind of presentation provided history that may lead to my knowledge of the push factors behind immigration.

Venezuelan background issues also provides obvious and exact background about push elements associated with immigration into the US, while demographics illustrate the Venezuelan encounter in the US. While using collapse of oil prices and a political crisis in the 1980’s, Venezuela has become the world’s most effective contracting overall economy with severe inflation, food shortages, and lack of healthcare. The large crime and poverty that emerged resulting from the crumbling economy and government makes it possible for my knowledge of the causes of immigration towards the US. This information aids in my understanding of so why Venezuela business lead in Asylum requests recently. I found that intriguing which the demographics section said that 50 percent of the Venezuelan citizens grow older 25 or older possess at least a college degree. The simple fact that this holds true, and that you will find high amounts of entrepreneurship has evolved my perception of the Venezuelan population and my understanding of their current and past experience. Whilst Venezuelans endured living in a rustic with the top murder level in the world, as well as the fastest contracting economy, all their involvement in education and entrepreneurship in the U. S. leads myself to believe that they maximize their very own opportunity in america ” which may be due to Venezuelan cultural values regarding education.

In essence, the presentation was consolidated using a lack of info on Salvadorians and plentiful information about Venezuelans. Although a video was skipped and the presentation looked like a little unorganized and improvised, the information presented has absolutely contributed to my personal perception and understanding of every group.

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