Athenian democracy similar to american democracy

Each of our country was called a democracy when we nonetheless had an incredible number of slaves. The nation today is called a democracy the moment millions of individuals never work out their right to vote, a couple of hundred get together leaders choose our national political prospects, and only individuals who have million-dollar treasuries can run for politics office having a reasonable possibility of winning. Latina American armed forces dictatorships are democracies. To the south Vietnam having a single applicant for chief executive during the Vietnam War was called a democracy.

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The term democracy comes from two Traditional words: a noun, demonstrations which means people and a verb, kratein, which means to rule,  Its fundamental meaning is government by people or “rule by ruled. 

Ideas had been expressed directly through the Assembly, which contains all men citizens above 18 years old and who had been willing to go to the lessons held about every week. There was zero system of rendering calling for extended campaigns and expensive polls. If you occupied the country could onlu get up at the crack of dawn to get to the conference place of the Assembly, a rugged hillside in the city entrance.

The police chased each of the loafers off the Angora, a sort of public playground, in order to encourage good attendance. Anyone who experienced powerful enough lungs to create himself noticed by 6000 or more arrêters could talk with the Assembly. Naturally , if you were a well known and respected leader your chances of becoming listened to were greater. Whatever this Assembly decided by vote was the law from the land.

Athens, both the metropolis and its encircling countryside was divided into twelve electoral schisme called tribes.  These kinds of districts had been further split up into precincts or demes which will had a lot of limited self-government in the countryside areas. Every precinct named candidates more than 30 years of age pertaining to the Council of five-hundred. From these candidates 60 were chosen by lot for each group to function as members of the Council of 500 for the year’ The ultimate choice by lot was one of the most democratic devices imaginable and reduced the danger of political skullduggery.

There was simply no danger the fact that Council can turn into a non-public preserve for the wealthy or influential as contemporary government bodies have a tendency to do, since members dished up only one yr: no mancould be a member two years in a row; and no one could provide more than twice in his life span. Just imagine what our legislatures and Congress would be as though we had guidelines like that.


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