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Community Prize Hunt: Pleasurable Grove, The state of texas

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In Nice Gove news coverage offers stopped describing violent criminal offenses in its content articles because it can old news. People die below every day, is actually nothin’.

Nice Grove, The state of texas resident c. 2015

I had been born and raised below and have journeyed the world, nevertheless I could under no circumstances imagine any place lovelier to call home.

Arquetipo Davis, Couch, Pleasant Grove Historical World, 2015

Intro, Demographic Data, and Community Immersion (suggested length: three or more pages)

There are a number of ways to conceptualize a community, with its geographic boundaries becoming among the most uncomplicated (Knowing your community). The geographic restrictions of Nice Grove, located in the southeast section of the Dallas, will be shown in Figure one particular below.

Figure 1 . Location of Enjoyable Grove

Source: https://www.google.com/maps/

Geographic boundaries alone, however , reveal little regarding the people that comprise a community and this is certainly the case with the working-class community of Pleasant Grove. Defined by the Internet site Blacks in Dallas while “an interesting community that is currently in transition (Pleasant Grove, 2017, para. 1). Named for the particularly beautiful grove of trees, Nice Grove started as a one-room schoolhouse (built in stated grove) integrated 1886 (Davis, 2015). According to one long-time resident and chair from the Pleasant Grove Historical Society, “Annexed by Dallas in 1954, the thing that was a 6-square-mile town centered on Buckner Chaussee and Pond June Street became the heart of Southeast Dallas” (Davis, 2015, p. 2).

The current population of Enjoyable Grove is usually estimated at 58, 753, representing a 7. 8% increase as 2011 which is projected to increase by another 6. 9% by 2021 (Neighborhoods of Pleasant Grove, 2017). Pleasurable Grove, nevertheless, has knowledgeable profound within its demographic composition over the past 2 years or so. Right up until around 2000, the community was comprised of practically equal percentages of light, blacks and Hispanics, but “white flight” has ended in a slight most Hispanics (51%) and around 30% blacks concentrated along the Buckner Chaussee main hallway (Pleasant Grove, 2017). Fewer than 10% with the residents of Pleasant Grove have university degrees (Pleasant Grove, 2017).

Most (87. 8%) in the 15, 088 households in Pleasant Grove are single-family residences (see photographs for Appendix A) with a typical home benefit of around $55, 500 (versus $80, 975 intended for other southeast Dallas neighborhoods), and more than two-thirds (68. 6%) are owner occupied (Neighborhoods of Pleasant Grove, 2017). Month to month rental costs in the community range between $700 and $950 a month (Pleasant Grove, 2017). The median household income in Nice Grove is usually $37, 988; however , more than one-third (37. 8%) from the available labor force aged of sixteen years and over are unemployed and more than one-quarter (28. 4%) live below the poverty line (Neighborhoods of Nice Grove, 2017). Nearly fifty percent (45. 3%) of those who also are employed happen to be blue-collar employees, almost a quarter (23. 4%) are employed in certain type of service industry or farm operate and just under one-third (31. 3%) are employed in a white-colored collar placement (Neighborhoods of Pleasant Grove, 2017). Irrespective of its closeness to down-town Dallas and connected highways, Pleasant Grove residents still experience a typical 35-minute commute with their average 2 . zero vehicles every household (Neighborhoods of Pleasant Grove, 2017).

Searching for gifts in Nice Grove is also interesting because the community seems to have liked its great number over the years, nevertheless few of these remain today. Indeed, rather than extolling the virtues of their community, associates of the Pleasant Grove Famous Society at the moment wax nostalgic concerning the “good old days” with their Facebook or myspace page replete with black-and-white photographs of yesteryear’s retailers and community buildings which might be no longer around. In fact , searching for riches in this working-class community is a particularly challenging enterprise. For example , one Grove homeowner recently characterized Pleasant Grove as being “without a doubt, the ‘krunkest’ put in place the entire Based in dallas Metroplex. Nice Grove offers three times as much murders since Oak High cliff, 12 moments as many rapes, five times numerous armed robberies, and is one of the leading problems in America as far as unlawfully exported arms” (as cited in Nice Grove Arizona, 2017, em virtude de. 3).

This kind of characterization is definitely consistent with a peice in The Dallas Morning Media that reported one local resident “could easily walk the couple of blocks via her house to her restaurant job in Pleasant Grove. But the girl doesn’t. The girl won’t. She doesn’t think safe close to St . Augustine Drive and Bruton Street – one of the dangerous areas in Dallas” (Hallman Matn, 2015, s. 2). This kind of Pleasant Grove resident – and many others – have good reason to fear for safety since Dallas law enforcement rank the city as among the top 15 most detrimental place in metropolis for legal activity (Hallman Martin, 2015). Some signal of the types of level of crimes in the Pleasurable Grove community can be discerned from the statistics set forth in Table you below.

Desk 1

Legal activity in Pleasant Grove: 2014

Offense type

No .

Aggravated Approaches ( non-family violence)


Aggravated Approaches (family violence)


Business Burglaries

House Burglaries

Motor-Vehicle Burglaries

Auto Thefts

Organization Robberies


Robberies of people


Shoplifting Incidents


Other Thefts


one particular



Source: Neighborhoods of Enjoyable Grove, 2017

According to Hallman and Martin (2015), gang-related activity, including especially robberies, medication dealing and violence has significantly improved in recent months, and Dallas law enforcement authorities have been essentially powerless to fight the problem inspite of the allocation of more resources including an automatic certificate plate target audience and 12 surveillance digital cameras to screen high-crime areas such as the intersection of Bruton Road and St . Augustine Drive (Hallman Martin, 2015). In this regard Hallman and Martin report that, “The area, especially on the carwash and convenience retail store there, continues to be plagued in recent years by offense, gangs, drug sales, fistfights and gunfire” (2015, g. 2).

Within the north part of the intersection, the convenience retail outlet, Adams Food Mart (see photograph for Appendix B), is adjacent to the self-service carwash and a coach stop as well as the rest of the byway on Bruton Road is definitely populated simply by struggling deprive malls with numerous vacancies, a vacant lot, and small family-run businesses (Hallman Martin, 2015). On the south side, there is a concrete building dating for the 1970s up coming to Dallas Fire Recovery Station No . 5 and the A Based in dallas ISD building, with a number of single-family houses as a few “seemingly out-of-place mansions” backing up them (Hallman Martin, 2015, p. 3).

Many small business owners in the area report that gang-related activity began around 2013 and has become more intense ever since, harming their business in the process. A lot of business owners include hired unarmed security guards in answer to gang-related murders, robberies and medication dealings around their businesses but people are not able to manage them and one complained that his security guard was “scared off” by team members (Hallman Martin, 2015). Other community business owners including Black Plug Pizza’s Vince Pond note that the community was far more secure when they proven their companies and they have already been dismayed in the manner in which Enjoyable Grove moved downhill since the mid-1990s. These kinds of problems are even more exacerbated with a pronounced insufficient employment opportunities in Pleasant Grove, and a neighborhood relationship chairwoman reported that many citizens are “trapped in a bad poverty cycle” that includes repeated involvement with all the criminal justice system (Hallman Martin, 2015).

Some associates of the Enjoyable Grove Famous Society have been compelled to counter these reports about the showing signs of damage condition of their very own community by pointing out Enjoyable Grove will be painted with an overly broad comb. For example , one particular member complained that, “Pleasant Grove features gotten a bad rap for crimes which have occurred through the years in other areas. Eighty five percent with the crimes that occur in precisely what is considered ‘Southeast Dallas, ‘ happen in Buckner Terrace and Scyene” (Davis, 2017, para. 10). Nevertheless, many residents report that they are aiming to escape by Pleasant Grove at their earliest chance (Hallman Matn, 2015).

Normally the one truly glowing spot identified in this “treasure hunt” was the renovated Nice Oaks Fun Center which reopened in January 2015 after staying closed for many years due to budget cuts. The entertainment center features the first indoor soccer field inside the Dallas Recreation area and Recreation system (Hallman Martin, 2015). Other remarkable community resources include the 266. 2-acre Crawford Memorial Area, established in 1964 (Neighborhoods of Enjoyable Grove, 2017) and two well-run branches of the Based in dallas library program (Humphrey, 2017) and land for the first collection building in Pleasant Grove was given by Grady and Doris Wall, community real estate business people whose residence was positioned on the real estate until their particular deaths (Humphrey, 2017). Finally, some empirical observations by D. Journal concerning Enjoyable View range from the following:

RESIDENTS LOVE: The neighborhood’s multicultural harmony, low-cost housing, and straightforward access to all the parts of the town via highways and DART light-rail;

RESIDENTS COMPLAIN: There are too many businesses of certain types: car lots, payday loan stores, and insurance providers;

FUN FACT: In 1937, the local junior took pleasure

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