Academic Monitoring System using Android application Essay

FUZY The transportability, open source character of smart phones and google android OS for PC about android expansion platform has made the development of software software to get various conditions as convenient. In this software are resulted in paper significantly less work, simple to use and period saving in nature. The wireless connection technology of smart phone enables the information transfer from the current client to remote data source server, where ever the network range is available. The Academic Monitoring System is a mobile computing software application, which concentrates on an activity or function, which can be based on supervision information approach to academic institutions.

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Overall the system is operating as an efficient tool, in assisting the smooth functions from the academic actions of an educational institution. The entire system advancement is recommended with Android development platform. Keywords: Academic Monitoring System, Mobile Computing, Android os based Software program Systems, On the net Database Management System, Web Technology. 1 . LAUNCH The nature of moveability and useful use of smart phone led them in use of varied applications wheresoever the personal pc is utilized today.

This kind of project is about Academic Activity Monitoring System (AAMS) (every faculties submitting attendance details can be very easily traced out). The system will include the information regarding the attendance of the students credit program to keep a their functionality record. This automation strategy is embedded in android program which works in android OS to get PC. In present program, every teachers posting attendance details can be easily traced out. The full session is stored in the database with the end of the semester or perhaps session report will be generated.

The existing strategy is not user-friendly because the computer system based attendance management and monitoring actions are taken care of with the help of manual and keying data to the database. The present system functions with intranet and net capability with off period data access into the database. The problem of real time data entry is proposed from this project operate. The inter-related databases and tables supply a flexibility of non-e maintenance of specific information and avoids manual calculations.

This monitoring system assists the supervision to handle their very own management activities with productivity. More anchored by means of information than classic academic activity monitoring system. 2 . HETEROGENEOUS COMPUING three or more. EXISTING PROGRAM The faculty activities and functionalities are monitored in manual with the help of human. Collecting all attendance details of particular hour upon real time is usually impossible activity, when it is handled manual or perhaps semi computerized.

Updating the database by using PC structured computation is usually not a real time activity. Demerits: 4. RECOMMENDED SYSTEM The entire system development is recommended with traveling with a laptop concepts. The proposed system will easily handle all of the data plus the processes handled by this method is similar to the existing system with one variant as cellular computation rather than PC calculation. The monitoring system suggested here is fundamentally an integrated web project.

The proposed task can be applied using google android. It enables the user to interact with the system within a graphical simple to use way. This technique eliminates the drawbacks with the existing system and provides real-time availability of data in the form of studies.

Portability is among the major crucial factors through this project. Through this system completely online info server primarily based application. It is user friendly. your five. CONCLUSION This kind of project will assist the mentor to post presence or certainly not time and measurements required to bring up to date the attendance manually.

Administrator to identify to get faculty actions in during class hour through net services. ` 6. FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS When every teachers to submitting attendance particulars such as category hall quantity, subject code, staff name, number of learners present and absent details easily traced out. Therefore easily monitoring every category details and staff actions through net server.

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