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People of the Rain Forest

This is certainly a newspaper that discusses the Jivaro people of the South American rain forest. There are four references employed in this paper.

There are many different tribes living all over the world today. It can be interesting to think about some of the people residing in the quickly disappearing virgin forest of South usa.

The Jivaro

There is a tribe of people who are in the South American region of Ecuador known as the Jivaro. These people, who reside north of the Maran n Water and east of the Andes, are known for “farming, hunting, fishing, and weaving cloth (Jivaro, 2002). “

The location and Dialect

The Jivaros live generally in the “Morona-Santiage, Zamora Chinchipe, and Pastaza provinces nearby the Peruvian boundary (Weil, 1991). ” This tribe of approximately seventy-five teams reject all outsiders using their warlike traits (Weil, 1991).

This location has limited modern way of communication, although this is quickly changing because more of the jungle is lived on.

For years, the main means of communication has been through missionaries, during their rare projects into the jungle. The Jivaros are capable of bilingualism since they not only speak within their native dialect, but have discovered Quechua, which is used by various other tribes in the Oriente place (Weil, 1991).

Patrilineal Society

The Jivaro are ruled in fatherly manner providing you with for their needs, when denying them responsibilities and rights, termed as a patrilineal contemporary society (http://education.yahoo.com/reference/dictionary/entries/97/p0109700.html).The head of the family is the community innovator and many times is the spiritual authority (Weil, 1991).

The family group consists of fifteen to twenty people residing in a large, communal house that may be so separated from other folks (Jivaro, 2002) that it does take one to two days to walk from one community to another. The communities can join the other person in times of warfare, but very maintain their particular political freedom (Weil, 1991).

Life in One House

The oval-shaped property where the entire extended family lives is created with a thatched roof and sapling walls and is made to resist disorders. The males live in 1 end of the house, while the women and kids stay in the other side. The pay out will approach approximately every six years as the soil’s nutrients are exhausted, forcing them leave one house and make another (Weil, 1991).

Your survival

Agriculture plays a major function in the lives of the tribe. The Jivaro are efficient farmers who have grow crops including cotton, cigarette, fruits and vegetables (Weil, 1991). This tribe may differ from the additional groups whom live in the jungle simply by raising home-based animals like cattle, birds and guinea pigs. Besides farming, the Jivaro look, fish and gather lots of the wild plants that grow in the woodlands as way to survive.


The men in the tribe are responsible to get spinning plus the highly created art of basket weaving cloth, while the task of producing ceramics falls for the women. The complete tribe is definitely involved in producing the many guns needed for combat and hunting, such as “lances, spears, shields, blowguns, fishnets and fishhooks (Weil, 1991). “

Brain Hunters

For many years, missionaries and government groupings tried in vain to subdue the Jivaro, who also are terrifying for “their warlike habits and hatred toward outsiders (Weil, 1991). “

Although head shrinking is no longer broadly practiced, the Jivaro started to be famous for this ritual that was combined with an elaborate service (Jivaro, 2002). The brain originally were believed to carry a marvelous power, but as demand for them grew, that they started becoming produced to get trophies rather than ceremonial work with. This led the government to develop tough limitations on the getting shrunken man heads. The government restrictions and a decline in combat between neighborhoods have almost eliminated this kind of centuries old practice (Weil, 1991).

Religious Program

Unlike the other tribes in the area that blend Christianity with the ancestral values, the Jivaro religion concentrates “on a supernatural pressure embodied in dieties (Weil). ” This kind of force, which include the rainwater god as well as the earth mom, gives objects and spirits power. Even though there is no true structure in their religion, the Jivora fear gods and spirits and perform rituals as a way to keep them happy.

Marriage, Beginning and Fatality


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