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Ethical Counseling

The key legal and ethical problems

Using of seven stage honest decision-making model

Demonstration of developmental and cultural tenderness while addressing legal and ethical problems

Personal ideals and beliefs that may effect Councilor’s reactions to this circumstance

The key legal and honest issues

There are many of crucial legal and ethical issues in the case that is being discussed. We first try and know what we suggest by an ethical concern. The systemizing, defending and recommending the ideas with what is right and what is wrong is called integrity. Since values deal with the norms of human execute and behavior, ethics is likewise considered to be a branch of beliefs that is worried about normative research (Boylan, 2000). A concept of your individual regarding the right or wrong patterns or activities and the accompanying identification from the resultant actions as meaning or immoral is identified as ethics (Boylan, 2000).

In case at hand, the definition of values fits well high is a problem of pursuing what is right to do and doing otherwise. Bobby may be accused of experiencing been unethical as well as doing something unlawful on a number of occasions. It is perfectly legal and even honest for Bobby to not to obtain disclosed his HIV-positive status to anyone except to his counselor is appropriate. He is not really bound legally to disclose his HIV-positive position to any individual or may do so relating to his choice. It is also ethically correct as it is his right to choose whom to reveal or not disclose by any means as long as will not cause any kind of harm to any individual.

However , provided the social norms that alcoholism and taking medicines is dishonest, Bobby has become found to acquire violated this ethical norm twice in his life – once with an earlier event when he is at his twenties and at the modern day moment. He previously not used drugs or perhaps alcohol for the last 15 years, and since he previously been impacted by the problem over the year, it absolutely was unethical in the part to acquire again started the behavior. More so, as he had kept himself out of your habit for some time now.

Additionally , he had resorted to eating alcohol and smoking pot for more than per month and had not disclosed the matter towards the counselor. This really is unethical as the counselor presumably has complete beliefs in Bobby and the span of his therapies dependent on the information that he gives towards the counselor. One more unethical and potentially calf issue can be his ingesting while he was at work in recent days. While ingesting at work is both underhanded and against the law, the dishonest aspect is aggravated as he is supposed to take care of adolescent children but have been drinking when he is doing this.

The last although not least ethical issue in the case at hand is definitely Bobby not disclosing his HIV-positive status to his girlfriend with who this individual expects to obtain sex quickly. HIV isn’t just terminal nevertheless can easily be sent from Bobby to his girlfriend through unprotected sexual. The girl features every moral right not to be afflicted through Bobby and includes a choice to engage in sexual after your woman comes to know of his HIV status. Bobby’s decision to see her about his HIV-positive status “when the time is definitely right” is highly unethical when he is controlling information about a really dangerous disease that he has and that can be easily transmitted over to his girlfriend (Leong, 2008).

With regards to legality, Bobby can be offender of breaking the law at least twice in the life. The first one was when he was younger and utilized to take medicines in his twenties. Consumption and dealing in virtually any form of suspended substances including drugs and marijuana can be strictly illegitimate in all countries of the world – apart from becoming very moral wrong. Bobby has once again most recently started out consuming weed which is also a banned to get consumption and anyone working with it or perhaps caught with it is sure to get found guilty to a prison sentence (“Controlled Substances Take action, ” 2016).

Using of 7 stage ethical decision-making unit

For this section, we examine the above mentioned ethical issues according to the Seven-step guide to ethical decision-making as recommended by Eileen Davis it happened in 1999 in his book titled “Ethics and the School. ” The model provides the following levels:

State the condition – the ethical concern is offered in this initial stage. Regarding bobby his taking medications, his fuites of the truth from the counselor, his drinking at work fantastic not sharing with his partner about his HIV-positive position are explained here. These issues are dishonest and frustrating (Davis, 1999).

Check specifics – Davis suggests the various problems alter radically although some disappear once upon close examination of the specific situation. In bobby’s case, however , the problems as well as the sense of discomfort continues even after close study of the potential conditions for Bobby having done so on three occasions.

Recognize relevant elements – the factors inside the four situations all are related o another individual and all the instances Bobby may be alleged to have been unethical. In at least two events – smoking cigarettes marijuana and drinking at the job, can be illegitimate also. He has definitely broken the professional code of ethical conduct when drinking at the job and he seemed not under any circumstances to have started consuming alcohol or perhaps smoking weed. However , this individual has been anxious ever since he met his girlfriend and has recently been tormented by his childhood recollections of abuse.

However , it is far from clear whether he started ingesting and cigarette smoking marijuana after these happened of these happened after he started drinking and smoking. Except for the state of The state of colorado, all other claims in the U. S. possess strong regulations against the utilization of marijuana like a narcotic material though almost all of the states ensure it is used for medical purposes under the U. S. Controlled Substances Act. Although since Bobby had been applying marijuana as a method to acquire intoxicated and relieve stress and since it had not been under any medical supervision, this individual stands significant chance of staying held responsible under the take action and liable to be fined or imprisoned or both equally (“Controlled Substances Act, ” 2016).

Develop list of options – Bobby’s anxiety regarding his new girlfriend could have easily recently been shared with his counselor who could have presented him advice on how to handle it. He could have easily avoided drinking at work and instead taken option in tips from the counselor. Bobby should have made his girlfriend noted about his HIV-positive status as soon as he realized that there could be a sexual relationship together. He must have directly talked to the young lady. Bobby could have even visited a general physician to get some stress relieving products for his anxiety and memories of his tormented past (Leong, 2008).

Test options. The next tests are used:

harm test out – the options that were selected by Bobby instead of the conceivable alternatives will cause harm to himself and has the potential to harm his sweetheart. His drinking at work may cause harm to your children he is likely to care for. The application of alcohol has known medical implications as well as regular and extended use can cause many medical problems like liver organ and heart disease for Bobby. His smoking cigarettes of marijuana has the potential to harm his nervous devices. Additionally , Bobby also operates the risk of doing harm to others as he would be within an intoxicated point out after consuming alcohol and smoking cannabis and potentially much less aware about what happens around him. Bobby also stands a high chance of transmitting HIV germs to his girl if this individual does not have safe love-making which has a probability of happening.

promotion test – it is most certain Bobby would not include liked his choice of substitute for being published and that is the reason why he selected not to divulge them to his counselor before and only succeeded when he was caught with alcohol breath. He as well would not include liked his HIV position publicized to the outside globe (Davis, 1999).

defensibility test – I bobby undoubtedly could not defend his selection of options of resuming drinking and smoking to any peer or perhaps congressional panel. Bobby would find it hard to rationalize him currently taking to having and smoking marijuana to relieve his anxiety and stress caused after he met his girl. He can definitely put up virtually any credible and acceptable defense for him drinking at the job. Moreover, he’d be reprimanded more seeing that he is entrusted to look after children and getting inebriated at work can definitely put the safety and security of the children at risk. This individual could, however , put up a defense about the man not educating his sweetheart about his HIV position on the pretext that it would have put the girl off in the first

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