Aunt alexandra in to kill a mockingbird by harper

Aunt Alexandra comes to the Finch home at the end of chapter 14, declaring the fact that family made the decision that it will be best for Look and Jem to have a few feminine influence in their lives. Scout knows that Alexander usually dictates what she wants upon the family, and uses the term the family decided to produce her a much greater point of authority in the Finch friends and family. Usually her dictations provide her possibilities to impress her views on other folks or increase the family term and work at the ideal family that the lady envisions.

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Instances of her cruelty include the period she produced Atticus attempt to impress on the children the reality of your life and how your woman forced very little upon Atticus and the children (dictating that she ought to move in within them).

Cousin Alexandra makes refreshments intended for the Missionary Society. These refreshments she makes herself rather than receiving Calpurnia to make them; probably this is try to prove their self superior to almost everyone else while also contributing to her trustworthiness of a good hostess.

And making refreshments for the missionary world Aunt Alexandra joined the Maycomb Amanuensis Club and became the admin. Aunt Alexandra is a bit hypocritical since as an incurable chat she has no problem making straight down almost everyone in Maycomb nevertheless couldnt listen to a word against herself or perhaps the rest of the Finch family. She also said that everyone in Maycomb had a ability but when Atticus pointed out that the Finches recently had an incestuous ability she completely denied that.

Aunt Alexandra has many negative and positive qualities many concern the maturation and upbringing from the children. Good qualities include the truth she wants the best for Jem, Search and the remaining portion of the family, she will uphold any kind of moral (page 146), the girl had a good amount of pride in her as well as she frequently tries to boost herself (page 147). Nevertheless she has a whole lot of negative qualities; she is dictative, she’s prejudice and she feels Finches happen to be of a larger class to almost all others.

Aunt Alexandra is a major character in the story because of she is one of the only points of authority as well as the greatest female influence for Scout and Jem. In spite of her errors she really does what your woman believes ideal the children and community.


To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee


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