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The traditional background to the poem is definitely June 16th 1976. This kind of date represents the Soweto Uprising which was initiated in Soweto by black students. The students had been protesting against being taught in Afrikaans inside their local universities. The demo was meant to be peaceful and was secretly planned to avoid discovery by police. For the morning of June the 16th, 1000s of youths obtained with the want to march to Orlando Arena to hold a rally to air all their grievances.

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Yet , their designed route was blocked by riot authorities, and what had started as a tranquil march converted bloody because police applied live ammunition on the protesters.

Evidence demonstrates many protesters were shot in the back as they had been running aside. [Readers Digest Illustrated History of S. africa, (1988: 440) and Wikipedia (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Soweto_uprising)] The journey that the audio is going to embark on in lines one particular – a couple of suggests challenging and a great ultimate goal to be reached.

The journey continues to be planned since the presenter refers to ‘tomorrow’ in line 1 ) He then covers the road ‘that winds’. This kind of suggests many twists and turns inside the journey, which often suggests that the journey will never be an easy or straight-forward one particular.

The words ‘top of the hill’ suggest the conclusion of the voyage or the ultimate goal. A final goal or destination only will be reached by means of a great uphill have difficulties. The word ‘only’ is used in-line 3 – ‘I take with me the particular sweet thoughts of my personal youth’. The speaker can be ready for his journey and takes with him what is important – his recollections. His memories are his only url to the innocence of his youth, and he sees that the following day time, his a lot more going to change forever – he will lose his childlike innocence and possess to face an altered community.

The words ‘my heart pains for my personal mother’ may convey numerous meanings. The first of these types of could be the fact that young man wishes that he did not need to face the afternoon ahead but could return to the familiarity and secureness being a child. He is supposing adult responsibilities of having to worry about his mother, and does not think ready for this kind of. The second possibility is that the fresh man’s mother is useless and he misses her. This argument could be supported by the previous line ‘I take with me only the sweet remembrances of my youth’ because his the child years was a happy time in his life.

The ultimate image that could be conveyed by these words is that he knows that there is heartache forward for his mother for the reason that he will not know what will happen by so doing, but he does not have a confident feeling about it,. The words ‘my heart aches’ could convey that he regrets the heartache that is ahead pertaining to his mother. This could be supported by the words ‘sing my unhappy song sing for me for my sunset is soaked in crimson ‘. In several cultures, women downturns or averts her eyes inside the presence of a young man who also could be her suitor as a sign of respect.

The ‘old man with a busted brow’ can symbolise a full life (‘old’) and many activities and issues (‘broken brow’). Therefore , these individuals and their countenances could symbolise that the child is, not really unrealistically, seeking a normal existence with a future (‘woman’) and a fully resided life (‘old man’). An alternate interpretation could be that the small woman’s ‘downtrodden eyes’ represents sorrow or shame while the old mans ‘broken brow’ symbolises staying broken down or downtrodden.

In this instance, the two people could symbolise that the children wishes that someone comprehended what having been about to go through and could give him some comfort. The sunset and the coloring red symbolises the end in the young male’s life. Sun is at the final of the day and may also symbolise the end of life. Crimson is the coloring of blood vessels. The young man feels that the end through the day – sunset – is going to coincide together with the violent end (‘drenched in red’) of his life, as emphasised by the words ‘my sunset’.

It is also representational that the meaning of the sun and the shade red arises in the last distinctive line of the composition as it provides the youthful man’s your life to a close. As outlined in Readers Digest Illustrated History of S. africa, (1988: 440) and in the Wikipedia document (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Soweto_uprising), June the 16th 1976 was your catalyst intended for political enhancements made on South Africa to start. On this particular date, thousands of black high school students obtained in Soweto with the intention to march to Orlando, florida Stadium to keep a rally to protest against being shown in Afrikaans in their community schools.

The march had been secretly prepared to avoid breakthrough discovery by the law enforcement officials. The day resulted in bloodshed and an official death toll of 23 when the police opened up fire on the youths. Various protesters were shot inside the back as they were operating away. The poem can be written against this background. The strong theme of the composition is the mental preparations the young man is usually making for the day ahead – ‘tomorrow I travel on the road’. He could be unsure of what is going to happen but suspects that it will not finishing well. He can reflecting in what is going to happen and anticipating the most severe.

There is no punctuation or increased used in the poem. The sole deviation out of this is the make use of the capital ‘I’ that is used when the poet is definitely referring to him self. This adds to the emphasis with the young man because the focus of the poem. The develop of the composition is important and sombre which is reiterated by the use of terms like ‘memories’, ‘aches’, ‘sad’, and ‘drenched’. The symbolism that is used total reminds certainly one of a burial procession, not really unlike Christ’s crucifixion, since portrayed inside the words ‘road that winds to the top of the hill’.

This kind of also brings to mind a sensation of impending sacrifice. This image is additional reinforced by words in line 12 ‘o sing my own sad song sing pertaining to me’, because this could consider a funeral hymn. The poet features mentally and physically ready for the journey ahead as he declares in line a few ‘I carry me the particular sweet thoughts of my own youth’. This individual does, however , have some remorse. He remorse the impact the afternoon is going to have got on his mom and he wishes he could be with her, as indicated by the words and phrases ‘my center aches intended for my mother’ (line 5).

Historically, the march was planned in secret plus the students did not tell their particular parents [Wikipedia (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Soweto_uprising)], so the child would not be able to discuss his strategies with his mother. He also regrets that he will not get to experience a regular life. The words ‘I ask only for a tragic song’ with 8 symbolise this regret. In line twelve, the old male’s age and broken brow represent an experienced life well lived. In-line 9, the woman represents the partner which the young man will not ever have. (In many nationalities, a woman can avert her eyes in the presence of her suitor).

In the youthful man’s circumstance, he expects that he can have nor – the words ‘I ask only’ suggest an almost asking expectation that wont be achieved. In lines 6 & 7, the poet’s ‘heart aches’ for ‘Friday nights with friends around a table using a broad burp, eruct of beer’. He regrets the time with his friends that he will to never share. The poem proves with the young man asking that he always be mourned as line doze states ‘o sing my own sad music sing intended for me’. This really is his demand that he be mourned, and for a song being sung for his funeral. He foresees his loss of life when he says ‘for my personal sunset is drenched in red’.

The sunset symbolizes the end of his lifestyle – this can be emphasised by the word ‘my’ referring to his life – whilst the imagery of ‘drenched in red’ refers to the amount of bloodstream that will be spilt by the time sun is reached the following day. June the 16th was obviously a tragic time in South African history, and this composition reflects the sadness from the needless decrease of life about that time. It was certainly the catalyst for personal change in South Africa. It should often be remembered and used to advise ourselves of exactly where we originated from, in order to make sure we by no means go there once again.

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