An ideal world dissertation

People have always fantasized regarding having ideal worlds. Some individuals want riches, others want peace. It would appear that people are hardly ever capable of agreeing in what the perfect world ought to include. The realization of most perfect worlds is usually impossible because of the fact that people cannot agree. Therefore the perfect world would be one out of which everyone agreed on a regular basis. In a world where everyone agreed, disagreement and discord would be removed. The world could become a whole lot less varied, and a lot more straightforward.

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In the ideal world, persons would carry out common activities and share common interests. Everyone would compromise, fly and ride. 1 common fascination that people could share will be computers. Everybody would use a computer, a good computer (preferably not a Mac). Computers will be fast, faster than any kind of computers around today. There is a minimum around the amount of memory which a computer would be required to possess.

Twenty G/b of hard disk space and 100 Megabytes of Unique Access Storage (RAM), would be considered a tiny family computer.

In addition to being faster than present computers and having more memory, computers in the best world have many more features. There would be minimal limits to what a computer would be able to do. In general, computers within a perfect world be a lot better than personal computers of today, as well as the amount of people who would use computers would be much larger. The shared curiosity of all persons in computers would allow for a much more technical world. With all the demand for technology, created simply by extensive make use of computers, the field of computers will expand quickly. The Internet will explode with popularity; everybody would create homepages and visiting other’s pages will be a leisure activity. Personal mail would all be sent digitally. The need for a postal assistance for personal postal mail and oftentimes business snail mail as well, will be eliminated. Various interactive courses would be available; people’s conversation would be limited only by way of a imaginations.

The alterations in technology, due to even more interest in computer systems would make existence easier for any. Life being easier, people would have even more free time intended for leisure actions such as traveling by air. A common involvement in flying would be present in the ideal world. Most of the people would be fliers. There would be a whole lot of traveling by air clubs and social soaring would be enjoyed by all those who could. Those who cannot fly and the ones who would not have their permit would by least share interests in flying. There is no need for commercial airlines to transport people over very long distances, seeing that most people could fly their particular planes. The individuals without pilot’s licenses will have to get voyages with close friends or friends and neighbors or use driving. “Plane pooling will be encouraged. In the perfect community, the elevated use of planes would mold transportation and recreation as one. The distributed interest of all people in flying would lead to improvement in that activity.

Planes can be developed that will fly quicker and further and would employ less fuel. Fresh styles and models of planes would be developed. Envelopes (the structural restrictions of planes) would be enlarged and fresh planes can be capable of maintaining airline flight in abnormal attitudes. Planes would be competent of tugging more positive g’s and driving more negative g’s. The expense of planes would come down while using higher demand for them. The advancement in aviation in the perfect world simply reflect the demand to get the activity of flying. Because pilots, persons in the ideal world will have to ride motorbikes or at least travel fast automobiles. This would be important in order to conserve the “pilot jock image that is certainly present in the world today. Fliers would be necessary to own and keep a sports car and/or bike. The reason a pilot would require a vehicle as a means of transport would be for the little excursions, the trips around the stop or through the city, the kind of trips way too short to take flight.

An interest in flying might therefore produce an interest in cars and motorcycles. Motor bikes would be the cars of choice. Autos would be employed mainly through the winter about rainy days; or cold days, when using a bike would be uneasy. The motorcycles that people might ride more than likely be “Harley type motorbikes, but rather the truly fast auto racing type. The “need for speed, would be felt by every and submitted speed restrictions would be one hundred and fifty km/h (a limit that would still be ignored). In the perfect world, travel would always be fast. Common interests, shared in the excellent world, will be beneficial to all. New course would be come to in regions of interest.

Advanced technology in pcs would make to get a much more technical world. With out people disagreeing and fighting all the time, your life would be much simpler. With everyone participating in similar activities, a very good feeling of unity would be made. People would have common links joining them together and so a better society will be established. There would be no controversy or argument to progress. The aviation world would broaden and with it the industry to get sports vehicles and motorbikes. A world through which everyone decided would be perfect and will allow for technological progress, social stability and straightforward lifestyles.


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