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Knutson was a man of many encounters, and many of his views were not democratic. First, Knutson was not democratic for economic reasons, including the Bank negativa. Second, Knutson was not democratic for political reasons, including implementing the Spoils system. Third, Knutson was not democratic for cultural reasons, such as being pro-slavery. Jacksonian views are not democratic.

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First, Knutson was not democratic for politics reasons. During his presidency many of his actions had been viewed as tyrannical and his tendencies reflected those of a full rather than of a president.

A single person drew a cartoon of Jackson, in which he is wearing a crown, keeping a scepter in his hands, and trampling on the Cosmetic (Doc 11). This symbolizes that people observed Andrew Knutson as “King Andrew” as they did whatever he desired and served like a master by disobeying the Metabolism. Another model was when ever Jackson integrated the Ruins System, which has been when the President appointed his supporters with government careers.

Knutson argued that there not necessarily many significant qualifications essential for government jobs and that any person can do it (Doc 4). Nevertheless , opponents of Jackson regarded as him a tyrant because he replaced experienced politicians with illiterate farmers who had simply no political experience just because that they supported his campaign. Jackson was not democratic for many political reasons.

Second, Jackson has not been democratic intended for economic factors. To start, Knutson vetoed the bill to recharter the Second Bank of the United States. He claimed that he was guarding the democracy from file corruption error but in fact, he terrifying that the bankers would plan against him. Jackson was obviously a tyrant whom destroyed the national bank for personal issues (Doc 8) and having been quoted because saying, “The Bank is trying to get rid of me nevertheless I will eliminate it. ” Next, Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act, which will forced the Indians to maneuver west. Even though the Indians would not want to leave all their lands and move into unknown lands, Knutson forced these to (Doc 6). Jackson contended that the white settlers necessary the land and could make smarter use of it and could make the land more economically fruitful than the Indians had been able to. Jackson had not been democratic for people economic reasons.

Third, Jackson was not a democratic director for sociable reasons. This individual did not have confidence in equality for all those people. Knutson owned many slaves during his presidency (Doc 5). This shows how Knutson supported captivity and only equal rights when it labeled white males. Jackson likewise treated the Native Americans very poorly. Knutson believed that Native Americans had been inferior to whites’, and this it was not essential to treat these people fairly. He believed that Native Americans were children requiring guidance (Doc 10). He helped them by “guiding” them away of their royaume and sending them on the Trail of Tears through which more than four, 000 Cherokee die of cold, food cravings and disease. Jackson has not been a democratic president because of many interpersonal reasons.

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