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Psychology – Counseling – Structural Relatives Therapy Style

“Juno” is known as a refreshingly nonjudgmental look at adolescent pregnancy and a family’s ultimately confident, supportive response. Addressing the situation from a scientific therapeutic perspective, the counselor can accept Juno, her family and the adoptive family as they are and help them reach their agreed upon goals. The movie’s portrayal of a teenager’s situation that is normally deemed problematic in a confident human mild makes the content outcome of this film quickly achievable and believable.


“Juno” (Reitman, 2007) can be described as film about teenage motherhood, an aspect of life that frequently efficiently and in a negative way confronts modern American families. When 16-year-old Juno irresponsibly becomes all of a sudden pregnant by her teenaged best friend, Bleek, she chooses against illigal baby killing and chooses to give the baby to an as-yet-unknown infertile few. When the girl tells her father and stepmother, they are initially rattled but get supportive since after all, they are a successful, resistant family. The couple she finds in the PennySaver, the Lorings, happen to be initially cheerful but as film production company progresses, your spouse reveals that he is considering Juno however, not interested in expecting. After struggling with her thoughts for Mister. Loring, Juno watches the Loring marital life disintegrate when he leaves his wife. Juno leaves a note at all their door. Juno ultimately teams up with Paulie, another young adult, and gives labor and birth to a selecting, who Mrs. Loring programs to adopt like a single mom. On the child’s nursery wall structure is Juno’s framed be aware: “Vanessa: For anyone who is still in, I’m nonetheless in. – Juno. ” (Reitman, 2007). The film is a relaxing, positive method of family characteristics and goals addressing a pressing issue and achieving a positive outcome.

2 . Analyze the family aspect portrayed in the video and apply in least four concepts from the list of examination concepts supplied below. Create a brief dissertation giving certain examples to illustrate each chosen concept:

Juno undergoes various phases of development in the film, also straddling several family stages of development (Gehart, 2014, s. 85): from irresponsible teenage, to an expectant mother with budding realizations with regards to a new child’s needs, to the increasingly appreciative observer of and participator in her families strength (Gehart, 2014, p. 48), support and resiliency, to an ultimately accountable young female. The difficulties the girl must negotiate are made much easier by the prepared coalition (Gehart, 2014, p. 95) shaped by her family, particularly her dad and stepmother, who unite with her to bring a healthy baby in to the world make him using a responsible father or mother. In the course of the film, the lady crosses several boundaries (Gehart, 2014, s. 110) simply by her actions, including unprotected teenage sexual intercourse, unwanted being pregnant and potential marriage wrecker who ultimately rejects that role. Even though she gadgets with a conceivable home-wrecker role, she opts out of the role due to an additional parti with the final adoptive mother. Despite the troubles in their pathways, Mrs. Loring and Juno unite to put the baby in safe, willing, capable hands.

3. Addresses how cultural/diversity concepts connect with the analysis of the family(ies) in this film?

Cultural/diversity ideas apply to the assessment with the families in this film in a number of ways. Juno’s cultural alignment is a middle class crossbreed family of full-blood father and stepmother in middle category America. There exists noticeable cacophonie between Juno’s behavior in becoming unwittingly pregnant simply by unprotected teenaged sex and her parents’ values, as shown by their initial disappointed at the news of her pregnancy. On the other hand, their distributed values sooner or later shine through as the parents support Juno in a liable pregnancy, giving birth to a healthy baby and placing the child inside the hands of

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