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Solution Targeted Therapy

Despression symptoms is regarded as one of the most common psychiatric illnesses across the globe since it is the second the majority of incapacitating disorder among all physical and internal disorders. The pace of your life prevalence of this psychiatric disorder is high among women all over the world since it runs between 12 and 25%. Parents of disabled children are increasingly very likely to suffer from despression symptoms because of the unwanted effects of the impairment such as large degrees of pressure and anger (Motamedi ain. al., 3 years ago, p. 3). Since mothers play a significant role in raising children and guaranteeing the stability of the family, they are really increasingly likely to suffer from despression symptoms when taking care of children with disabilities. As a result of their improved vulnerability to depression, it is necessary to identify and utilize appropriate therapy pertaining to mothers with children with disabilities, specifically young mothers. Solution concentrated therapy appears to be the most suitable answer for the effectiveness to get depression for young mothers with a child that has a handicap.

Case Study

Jesse is a 25-year-old mother with two children, Wayne and Joel, aged almost eight and your five years old respectively. Janet single her spouse about 2 years ago and is also in guardianship of the twins and plays a fundamental part in their childhood. James, her eldest child, has been struggling with autism as birth and has issues in conversing, relating to others, and grasping or answering sensory type. Consequently, James is greatly cognitively impaired and looks the need for powerful diagnosis and treatment.

Resulting from James condition, Janet has been diagnosed with depression because of the difficulties associated with taking care of James. Generally, living with a child that has impairment is a relatively difficult task since the child’s condition has profound effects within the family, especially primary caregivers. Janet has been diagnosed with major depression because her child’s impairment has generated increased physical and emotional demands and also logistical complexities and increased financial costs.

Solution Targeted Therapy in Janet’s Situation

For parents like Janet, having a child that has a disability may affect physical and mental health, enhance stress, and generate difficulties in finding ideal and affordable child care (Reichman, Corman Noonan, 2008, 680). Moreover, these kinds of parents knowledge difficulties for making decisions regarding education or perhaps training, job, and reliance on public support. Janet provides experienced these difficulties and eventually been identified as having depression because previously mentioned. Janet’s depression is probably brought by low self-esteem, blame, or remorse because of her child’s state. As a youthful single mom, Janet requires an effective remedy process that can help her efficiently deal with the depression.

The most appropriate therapy for dealing with Janet’s scenario is Solution

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