Australian sports activities essay

Sport in Australian Culture

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Australian individuals lives are considerably affected by sport. In Australia, many

people will either be involved in sport or watch sport, wether it at the

market or on television, what ever do it would be hard not really be involved

in all the hype surrounding sport. A lot of people will participate in

weekends at a cultural level, but some people will play agent sport

that is the reason that many Australians have come to think of themselves

like a great sports nation. It is these ideas that have allowed Australian

athletes to become world champions.

Persons participate in sport not only intended for the physical values however the values

of team sprit, sportsmanship, relaxation and for a lot of financial advantages.

Sport can be one or more persons competing against another group or person

to see that will win. Sport also is a game played in a non-competitive

level. Some individuals however believe competitive sport causes

narrow-mindedness or that winning and competition bring about individualism and

selfishness. Sport is available to people of any age or perhaps race. Anyone can

engage in sport, nevertheless as you become older you may be limited

physically for the amount or sport you play. Some other limitations could possibly be

the resources readily available, your age, your time and efforts available or maybe the costs

included. A study was considered to be conducted by the courier email titled

Certainly, We Really Are Sports Mad. The review had the next results, 88%

people in capital cities perform sport with 1 in each and every 2 of the people people

taking part in at least four includes a week. Swimming was viewed to be the

favorite sport between participants with tennis, angling, snooker and pool

close behind. Likewise in this review it was stated 2 away of 3 Australians that

reside in capital cities should go to at least one sporting match 12 months.

The reason many Australian life is affected by sport is

since you hear about this every day, wether it be on the radio, within a

newspaper or on television. The Courier-Mail dedicates a section from the paper

just to sport so does the reports services. Upon Foxtel and Galaxy you will discover

two sports channels and on Optus Vision you will discover three. On the AM a radio station

stations, there will be three or four minutes every half hour about sport. A

large part of the press is devoted to the transmit of sport everybody

had herd prior to they arrived home from school or focus on Monday the 8th of

September that Patrick Rafter had won the singles tittle at the American

Open tennis championship, this really is an example of just how fast the media propagates

news regarding Australian sports stars.

Any individual between the ages of 16 and sixty five will view some sport on television

in the past year. Cricket is the most watched sport on TV even though tennis

Game League, Australian Rules Sports, Motor Racing and Field hockey also

draw large crowds of people (Yes, we are sports activities mad. The Courier-Mail).

Results were poled in 1987, saying that watching television was an

Australians favorite pastime. Informal sport was 9th for the results poled

and organized sport was 11th (See Table 1, Appendix). During an query in

1992, it found that significant numbers of adolescent girls were giving up

sport (Williams, Peter, Into the Physical Education, 1995). In Victoria

during the 70s the us government recognised the inclination in

spectatoritis individuals were spending additional time watching sport on TV than

participating themselves (Williams, 1995: 103). In 1975, a big proportion

in the people of Victoria were asked the question do you think your

fitness and health to be significant? With the majority believing all their

physical fitness to be important, but not willing to whatever it takes about it.

At the Atl Olympics, Australians were recognized not only separately

but as well as a region that they had been a power in sport not to reckoned with.

This is demonstrated in the 1500m men’s freestyle, once Kieren Perkins

who no person thought would win went back from what seemed were unsurmountable

chances and earned. Perkins received a second incentive for his 1500m performance

with the honour of being named Australian player of the yr. Kathy Watt

was also rewarded together with the honour of sportswoman from the year, on her

efforts inside the Olympics, namely cycling. If perhaps Australia transmits performers just like

this towards the following Olympics in Sydney and Athens, Australia should

continue earning medals.

Without a doubt I do believe that it is very clear to say that sport plays a major

role in the Australian society. I think that it is as well safe to say that

the tv screen viewers from the sport are ever increasing and so are the

attendances at the venues a crowd of 70 000 people is expected by a game

Aussie Rules. The participation in sport is declining with many people

falling out for school. Courses are always staying introduced to try to

remedy the increasing loss of participation in sport such as Women In Sport

program, which is designed pacifically to encourage the advantages of women in

sport. The participation levels in sport are unsure but Australians will

always remember the good times of not only earning but the excitement from sport.


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