Automated Inventory System and Pos Essay

A lot of businesses and agencies needed the aid of computers because of its speed, precision and efficiency. Moreover, many businesses flourished because production was increased and human mistakes were decreased and administration decisions had been facilitated through accurate and reliable info generated by software applications. The business world has become reliant to the substantial use of computer systems and gadgets.

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Nowadays, almost every corporate and company, superb or small , and enhances their business success and profitability through the use of computer systems. In Inventory System with POS whether automated or perhaps manual, comprises of machines, people, and/or strategies organized to process, disseminate and send data that represent customer information. A listing System with POS is a system that supports a company in the monitoring of items and sales. Also, it is a laptop processing when the computer responds immediately to user demands. Thus, Malaya and Timber Construction Source, the subject of this kind of study, is in need of an inventory and sales computer software to help them identify inventory requirements, set objectives, and record actual and projected products on hand status.

The introduction of an automated system hopes to optimize the inventory levels and eliminate stock-outs. BRIEF BACKGROUND Malaya Lumber and Building Supply is a recognized term in the Makati Hardware market for over 4 decades. Malaya Timber and Development Supply carry a wide range of building supply to accommodate every need.

The Malaya Lumber and Construction Supply range involves industry famous hardware equipment’s from leading manufacturers which include YELE, CEMEX, ABOY, etc . Malaya Lumber and Development Supply, source a range of electrical, yellow sand, cement, metal, plywood, drain, toilets, domestic plumbing and tiles to suit every single budget. Re-OrderBack-OrderReports These classifications are done manually , and most of the information is stored on a Logbook’ and with product sales transaction is completed thru a pre-printed figures blank invoice. The needed reports are mainly encoded with a managerial level employee thru Microsoft Stand out.

Problems like misplace data files of information are reduced and will make them alleviate deluge track of work done by existing age-old make use of the side system and logbook centered record keeping. The suggested Inventory Program with Level of Deal will make daily operations effective and convenient to use as well. 5. To provide a monitoring module that may track the of items in the inventory. 5. To create a module that will create reports intended for Inventory and Sales.

2. To develop a module which will track the record in the return and exchange with the items. 1 . 3. 3 Scope and Limitations 1 ) Display inventory conditions from the products, including stock, out-of-stock, back-ordered or perhaps pre-orderable. 2 . Filter item listing to demonstrate only all those products which might be currently available in stock.

3. Decrement products on hand levels when ever orders are processed. some. Receive notifications when inventory levels reach an out-of-stock threshold. 5. The system provides the capability to keep a record customer and supplier data. * A delivery component that screens products delivered by the provider and goods delivered to the costumers. 2. The system provides the capability to produce a back-up copy of database file. * The system has a security to keep all information properly secured for unauthorized users. 2. The system contains a module that will prompt the consumer if a particular item has reach the critical level. * The system will be applied in a LAN based network. * Statement Module generates hard copy of record data in a daily, quarterly and annually basis.

Limitation Section 2 THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Among the better inventory software is equipped with a low-level warning system that will alert you when your stock is getting low so you don’t run out of something that is definitely selling very well. You also have to be able to see in real time what inventory you have accessible at one other location and maintain track of that. If you offer item sets it’s crucial to use a system that will allow one to keep an eye on the sales and inventory so your kits are accounted for. [TOPT2013] 2 . three or more Software Prototyping Prototyping is a process of creating a model of a process.

In terms of an info system, prototypes are employed to assist system designers build an information system that intuitive and straightforward to manipulate to get end users. Prototyping is a great iterative method that is part of the analysis phase of the systems development existence cycle. [UMSL2012] 2 . a few Transaction Control System A transaction procedure system (TPS) is an information processing program for business transactions involving the collection, modification and retrieval of transaction data. Characteristics of a TPS contain performance, reliability and regularity. [TECH2013] A database can be described as set of data that has a regular structure that is certainly organized in such a way that a computer can easily find the desired information.

Info is a collection of distinct items of information, particularly information that is formatted (i. e., organized) in some certain way for use in analysis or making decisions. A database can generally be looked at being collection of information, each of which contains a number of fields (i. e., components of data) about some entity (i. electronic., object), for example a person, firm, city, product, work of art, formula, chemical, or perhaps sequence of DNA.

For instance , the areas for a data source that is about people who improve a specific organization might include the name, staff identification quantity, address, phone number, date job started, placement and wage for each member of staff. [LINF2006] 2 . 6 Database Normalization Normalization is the technique of organizing info in a data source. This includes creating tables and establishing relationships between these tables in respect to guidelines designed both to protect the info and to make the database more flexible by eliminating redundancy and inconsistent dependency. [MICR2013] Different theories the advocates have taken to consideration to build up our sales and products on hand system.

The proponents analyzed the inventory and transaction theory to ensure that we can have got of idea on how idea works. The software program prototyping will help the supporters and the consumer to have summary of the format of the program. The data source normalization theory will play a big role within an inventory system. The products on hand system will certainly handle many amounts of info so it will be hard to have the database normalized properly.

Backup theory will help to ensure the protection of the data. For inner cooperation for the company, the system will be integrated in a LOCAL AREA NETWORK environment. The graphical user interface theory will help in making the design even more user-friendly. Part 4 Performance Analysis The administrator is a one who revisions the file maintenance, method the gain access to level, makes backup and restores the database with their system. some. 2 Trial and error List of assessment procedures listed here are the elements used by the proponents to measure all functions effectively according to the specific objectives in the systems.

5. 2 . 1 Unit Testing 4. installment payments on your 2 The use testing It really is any type of software testing that seeks to verify the interfaces among components against a software style. Software components may be integrated in an iterative way or all together. From this part of experiment, the objective of proponents was to show defects inside the interface and interaction between integrated parts.

The proponents studied each of the areas of products on hand and sales to make sure if perhaps every component and its capabilities are integrated properly, especially the computation of commission payment and ages of all important reports. four. 2 . 3 System screening 4. 2 . 3 First testing four. 3 Benefits and Research The supporters had finished the experimental and earnings to the analysis of all concerns encountered.

Listed here are the mistakes and the proponents’ actions through the experimental from the system. 5. Logic Errors The types of errors occur the moment incorrect judgment and reason used during system creation. This usually happened when spiral were not correctly terminated, completely wrong assignments were done, and incorrect comparison made during filtering businesses. * Format Errors Syntax errors occur when typographical errors and incorrect usage of object houses and other keywords were used. The group has ascertained that all syntax errors have already been eliminated. 5. 4 Summary Shifting the process of Malaya Lumber and Building Supply coming from unorganized to well set up system simply by automating it is just a big help out to the company.

Considering that the system continues to be tested extensively, it was able to perform well as a result making a processes much easier for the Malaya staff. BIBLIOGRAPHY

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