Barangay information system essay sample

Computerization is actually a control program that manages the process in industrial office. It decreases human mistakes and digesting time, thus it can boost productivity and results in high quality of product develop. In an info system, computerization is concerned regarding interrelating several but interdependent transactions. This can result in a program with well-integrated processes that may perform considerably faster and more exact than a manual system. Enrollment is the process of entering and verifying data of pupil to register over a particular college.

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Different related processes build up enrollment methods called an enrollment system. Enrollment systems are used specifically in recording and locating student’s details. Tracking present student’s information is also one feature of registration system, when the school may trace the standing of any student. Exactly where you go you can observe people that happen to be dependent on technology. Almost everybody can really use these kinds of technology. That makes our work more quickly and much easier. Despite this improvement. We nonetheless cannot deny the fact that there are still businesses which are employing manual method in recording their daily transactions, providing reports physically, that needs a lot of time and have not yet tried to adapt to apply technology in their discipline.

Though we live in an era that relies on computers and the net, and we found that most with the Barangays within Cebu remain doing manual process on the informations and data control.

The Barangay is a very important place wherever it contains information about the people living there. Many people would seek several information they require that can be found in the barangay. With only manual processing it would take time to search for keywords to retrieve content. But with the help of computers it would greatly enhance the time and end result you will get in comparison to manual time or work done by hand. And we’ll be proposing an information program which would be of great help if perhaps they wish to conform our system. We were determined to generate a system which will change almost all their existing manual system right into a very exact and competent Barangay Data System. With this proposed System, it helps them preserve time. This technique is much better when compared to ones they’re currently applying. And manual processing is very inaccurate and timeconsuming. During the other hand if they are doing agree to modify with the system that we came up with it will virtually improve their careers. They can prevent most of the most popular problems that many people encounter in manual digesting. Due to competition it would be ideal that every barangay should adjust to this kind of development. Our system is an easy program made to make all their jobs appropriate, faster plus more reliable.

1 ) 1 Qualifications of the Task

The purpose of this task is to ensure that the Barangays in Cebu in making their work faster and easier. The majority of the barangays in Cebu continue to practice manual processing in information. This project is going to encourage them to adapt to greater heights and make them appreciate how this task will advantage them much more ways than one. The project by itself is very simple. All of us made it while user-friendly as possible. So that even the elderly can easily operate that without them getting confused in navigating. This program used in the program consist of basic GUI the type of program that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical device and image indicators such as secondary mention. We made it that way so that the user won’t get bored in using the system. This job intends the barangay to adapt to the modern era we are living.

It is unpractical to enable them to stick to manual processing when ever almost everyone is already using the aid of computers and technology. Moreover this project may also improve the community. Because this can boost the potential details sharing from barangay towards the other. We stick to the idea any job a human may do in an hour; a machine will go through successfully in a tiny. It’s even more practical for all of us right now to use computerized treatment in actions rather than sticking with manual treatment which could expense us period, and that period could at some point cost all of us money. This will surely give them a satisfying profit. Not just people using this program but also for people who seek explications that can be found in the barangay. And also since pc machines are actually fad today, it is now less expensive to implement this task proposal. 1 . 2 Affirmation of the Trouble

The main problem encountered by simply most barangays in Thailand is the trouble recording data and unstable reports details. Thisis mainly because they even now practice manual use of holding and finding data.

1 ) 3 Certain Problem

a. Trouble keeping, modernizing and finding of personal details of citizens in their respective barangays due to manual storing of data. There’s also a tendency that there will be a loss of important files because their data files are not retained properly guaranteed.

b. Residents are having difficulty acquiring certificates they need because of delayed response from the barangay.

c. Their very own files, documents, certificates and also other important information are generally not properly prepared. Keeping significant files to get future consumption is rather than an easy move to make manually.

deb. Their staff are having a difficult time working manually. When a homeowner asks for an essential document generally an employee might assist the resident yet because all their documents aren’t properly organized the employee would have a hard time locating the document the resident wanted.

e. Shedding Important Data and Documents. There are times exactly where they would reduce an important data file and there is not a way for them to access it, it will cause a problem. With manual storing of data there’s a larger chance of burning off important info while on the other hand should you apply automatic storage of your files it is simple to make back up files and keep it safe and secure.

f. Manual processing of data is a waste of the time. Time is really important especially if if you’re working for the advantage of others. But with the help of technology and machines they can help to make our job faster and easier. The moment applying an automated system you can apply more than before. Doing points manually is actually hard within our time exactly where everything is automatic which is working alongside with pcs.

1 . some Statement of Goals and Objectives

Our target is to develop an Information Program that will help

different barangays manage their very own important documents and paperwork properly and to make their function faster, simpler and more accurate.

1 . your five Specific Objectives

a. To develop something that can deal with and set up a barangay’s household. In our system there is also a section where you could add, change, remove and view information of residents living in that barangay.

w. To improve the barangay’s well being and their romance with their occupants. Our system has the ability to of viewing old items of information regarding health, criminal offense and other significant topics that will affect someone’s well-being in this barangay.

c. We want to enhance the barangay’s relationship with their residents. With that in mind we added an area in our program that can do exactly that. We added a Business & Entertainment system in our system. In this section you can search for different businesses and entertainment available in that area, this will as well help fresh residents to know the place better with ease.

g. To make their particular employees’ job faster and easier. With our system everything is just a solitary click’s reach.

e. To aid both residents and staff in the barangay. We also included a section exactly where for instance a homeowner would need some certificate, at this point the employee can easily just access our Accreditation Section and look for the license he/she requirements and an empty copy of this certificate would seem automatically

1 . 6 Opportunity and Constraint

The machine is capable of storing and retrieving details. In our program we have 3 primary section panels. They are the household, Businesses and certificates. In the home panel we could store and retrieve informations regarding the citizens living in the barangay. In addition to the Business -panel we can list, search and remove organization that is available inside the barangay. In the certificates panel there is a set of certificates and you can look forthe certificate you may need and when you pick that qualification our system will be Able to give you a write off copy of these certificate. This study was conducted to be able to help the barangay update all their information. They can easily take away business which is not in business any more. They can eliminate the name with the residents who have already kept. And they can simply replace old certificates. Since the proponent we developed the opportunity of this project to keep the barangay as well as the way they handle all their documents current. 1 . 7 Significance with the Project

This study includes a significant effect on the following:

Barangay Sab. a

The client in the Project, Barangay Sab. a will be the key beneficiary with the developed program. With the use of the automated system it is easier for them to retail store, manage and keep track of all their documents. This method will be of any great aid to them as their current process of information is manual. Barangays In Cebu

Our system is compatible to barangays in Cebu, in the event that they’re ready to use the program. All of us made it likely to be appropriate for any barangay in Cebu or even in the Philippines. Developers

This research provides an experience to the builders in dealing with barangays and they can easily improve their conversation skills, encoding skills and overall encounter as a whole Upcoming Researchers

This will serve as a reference to future researchers they can have an idea. It will provide them with additional know-how on how to develop an application that could store and retrieve details from a database.


2 . 1 Report on Related Function and Studies

Barangay Information System

A very essential factor to consider in coming up with a better view of what will be the outcome of the proposed job thus, related literature

studies and works must be reviewed, analysed and analyzed.


Data systems encompasses a variety of exercises such as: the analysis and design of systems, computer networking, info security, database software management and decision support devices. Information administration deals with the practical and theoretical concerns of collecting and inspecting information in a business function area including business output tools, applications programming and implementation, electronic digital commerce, digital media development, data mining, and decision support. Communications and networking deals with the telecommunication technology. Information devices bridges organization and computer science making use of the theoretical fundamentals of information and computation to examine various organization models and related computer processes within a computer scientific research discipline

Basically Information Method is the maximum use of resource currently happening to improve a company that includes virtually all resources which include technology in transforming info resources right into a variety of Information products. User Activity Tracker

This method can track a user’s activity. This system will alert and automatically store his activities like visiting in; data manipulation involves adding, removing and editing and enhancing of placed information inside our database. THE MAJORITY OF USED DEVICES

Storing Tracker of Information

Storing System will monitor data you will store in your database. When you add or perhaps remove a data it will inform you. This will help remind you what you only did. Uses for Storing Tracker

1 . This will likely notify you what details you just added or taken out in your database.

2 . Allows you to retail store data more accurately

Web page Extend

A web structured application pertaining to barangays which provides content that guides andshows how they handle their complications with manual manipulation of data, it can be designed to make us employ automated devices in our barangays serp-p. pids. gov. ph level Barangay Software

This applications are designed to help barangays manage their information properly. This will likely also help to make work quicker and easier for barangay officials. Barangay Registry Information System

qBris- Barangay Registry Info System is a web-based data source information system solution made for Philippine Barangays. The system hold, monitor and manage prevalent Barangay information such as: Barangay Demographics

Barangay Officials

Barangay Household



Well being Workers

Etc .

Qbris ” Improves the employer’s work. With almost everything automated everything is within a click’s reach. Everything can be bought and can be kept and gathered from its repository Data and Information Treatment doesn’t have to become time consuming, and doesn’t have being complicated. qBris offers a very simple means of producing your work more quickly and much easier, Asset checking and digital home products on hand software made simple. ASSOCIATED RESEARCH

Barangay Accounting System

Barangay Accounting System helps the barangay with their budget and other financial problems. This technique is used in barangays in Davao Barangay Presence Monitoring Program

Barangay Presence Monitoring system will keep an eye on attendance of Barangay representatives and its employers. This system was developed by an anonymous student. Dota 2 Shop/Market Booking System

The Idea is always to make a process that can sell dota 2 items that includes a reservation system and on-line ordering ( Thiswebsite can be an online booking shop for dota 2 aesthetic items. They decided to makes shop for players worldwide. Dota 2 contains a very wealthy community

Developed to Move CDS/ISIS Toned File to MySQL Database in Glass windows Platform

The Import, Export and Software Generator tools now manage as stand-alone windows to allow easier navigation and multiple-threaded execution receiving RDBMS files (AquaFold, Incorporation. c, 2008).

Features include:

* Deal with identity content with the Id Insert key word

5. Use Thing Quoted Identifiers to delimit names with spaces

* Next/Previous navigation for easy re-execution

* Survey SQL for easy copy & paste

* Remember user personal preferences each time the tools are carried out

CocoaMySQL (Mac OS X) ” Info Importation and Exportation (Textor, L., 2003) * Import an entire data source or any Comma Separated Beliefs (CSV) record * Foreign trade to a CocoaMySQL dump structure, CSV format or Extensible Markup Terminology (XML) formatting * Eliminate tables or perhaps entire sources to the formats listed above 5. Generate SQL table syntax of the furniture for rebirth in another data source DBVisualizer (Windows, Linux/Unix, Apple pc OS X) ” Foreign trade & Importance Any effect set may be exported making use of the export sorcerer. It supports HyperText Markup Language (HTML), XML, CSV, SQL and TEXT types (MINQ Software program, 2008). 2. Export any result collection CSV CODE XLS XML SQL TEXT (free variation CSV HTML CODE only) * Test Data Generator (ofcourse not in free of charge version)

5. Table Info Import (not in free of charge version)

RazorSQL (Windows, Mac pc OS X, Linux/Unix) ” Export & Import

Export: The Export application allows users to export data by tables, sights, or questions in several platforms including Excel, delmited format, HTML, XML, Text, and since SQL put in statements. Multiple or solitary tables could be exported at the same time. Import: The Import device allows users to importance data in

dining tables from Stand out files, delimited files, or perhaps fixed thickness files (Richardson Softwarec, 2008).

SQLgrinder (Mac OS X) ” Foreign trade & Transfer

Developed to Migrate CDS/ISIS Toned File to MySQL Database in House windows Platform Export: the delimiter can be arranged, add columns, specify the export steering column order and add export standards. Import: allows to designate the characteristics from the import file, and preview the line mapping (Advenio, LLC c, 2007).

YourSQL (Mac OPERATING SYSTEM X)- Fresh Experimental Characteristic: Import/Export

After a extended period of experimentation, the Import/Export function have been added to a public version! The function is still limited (handles only text data, ) nevertheless sufficiently secure to be applied to simple tables. CSV data can be exported from the Record menu (YourSQL, 2008).

Geographic Information Program

M Salem, (2008) stated that Geographic info systems consider a map that indicates the importance of certain objects and regions. With gps systems, or GPS, users can determine precise spots across the globe. It can also be used to generate maps of amazing and unparalleled accuracy, and locate objects anywhere in the world. GIS is computer system that information, stores and analyzes advice about the features that comprise the globe’s surface. Inside the Philippines, physical information system (GIS) is definitely the fast gaining interest with its integrative and analytic capability. Government agencies like department of vehicles and communication (DOTC), office of education (DepEd), and the national; mapping and methods information authority (NAMRIA) have already completed several projects related to GIS. (Kraak and Omaling, 2001)

In respect to James (2003), over the last decades, develop around digital spatial data handling received momentum, as a result the conditions where roadmaps were used has changed considerably for most users, with the laptop come on display maps. Through these roadmaps, the database, which they were generated, may be queried, and some basic conditional functionality quickly access. Inside the 1980’s these types of software that allowed for queries and analysis of space databecause known as Geographical Info System (GIS). With the development of the Geographic Information Program technology it probably is possible to adapt interactive maps for the specific demands and requirements of a certain business. It has dished up different types of applications and offers provided a unique ability to display database information on a map. 2 GPS System Tracking ” Applications of GPS DEVICE Tracking Program

The General Placing System (GPS) tracking system is the latest discovery of the technology aiming at improving people’s lives. The GPS NAVIGATION tracking product is reported to be used like a travel guidebook and as a tracking system of vehicles. No matter the application, GPS DEVICE devices are good travelling friends. The actual technique of GPS monitoring system is easy. In short, you will find exactly 27 satellites going around the centre of the Earth. Out of them, 24 are being used by the GPS UNIT technology plus the remaining ones are used for storage purposes. A GPS device installed within your car gives off a signal to these satellites. 4 available satellites will be used to determine your specific position.

The mathematical tenet involves from this computing process is called trilateration. It can be attained in both two sizes or three dimensions. installment payments on your 2 . two A Trainable Transfer-based Equipment Translation Approach for Languages with Limited Resources This kind of describes an approach to machine translation that is created specifically for fast development of MTs with limited online resources. The principles, that has been mentioned inside the paper, will be: (1) that there is a possibility to automate the training of syntactic transfer rules from limited amounts of word-aligned data; (2) that this sort of data can be acquired from common bilingual speakers of the set of languages; and (3) the principles that were gained from the process can be used to get machine translation to other languages. Following attaining the rules, they were after that used to translate previously hidden source vocabulary text into the target dialect. The way was used during the development of a Hindi-to-English equipment translator within two months with limited Electronic digital Barangay Managing Information System

The eBMIS is a standalone full-blown NGAS-based application computer software developed as 2009 with Microsoft Aesthetic Basic 6th. 0, Crystal Reports 8. 5and Microsoft Gain access to 2003.

It truly is designed to manage a wide-range of information just like barangay account, residents profile, barangay IDs/clearances, barangay disputes/cases, barangay activities, barangay legislation, barangay well being services, finances management, economical and accounting transactions. This kind of application software is equipped with important systems to pay almost all capabilities, activities and transactions with the barangay; and developed to supply complete and accurate data and reportorial requirements for the barangay management and its particular stakeholders.

The subsequent integrated devices are:

Homeowner Profiling Program (RPS) ” The RPS manages fundamental information or perhaps profile of barangay residents such as barangay ID quantity, full name, delivery place, day of delivery, gender, civil status, total address, area, contact details, career records, parents/spouse information and the like. The system also monitors negative records of barangay citizens and keeps a record good issued barangay IDs and clearances. Every barangay homeowner profile includes a digital picture image intended for proper id which can be instantly taken from a web or camera. Barangay ID System (BIDS) ” The system automatically produces barangay IDENTIFICATION card using a predefined versatile format or perhaps layout based upon the preserved profile. The ID credit card contains the name and treat of the issuing barangay, IDENTITY number, phone owner’s name and complete address of the ID holder, IDENTIFICATION picture, validity period, bloodstream type, elevation, precinct number, contact person in case of urgent and etc. The barangay may possibly implement IDENTIFICATION system given that it is supported or mandated by a regional ordinance or perhaps resolution. Barangay Clearance Program (BCS) ” The BCS automatically generates barangay distance certificate applying an elegant design and style by providing a legitimate barangay ID number. The barangay distance shows data such as brand and treat of the requestor or holder, certificate amount, purpose of the clearance, derogatory records in the event that there’s virtually any, date and place of issuance, names and positions of barangay representatives and an electronic digital photo image of the requestor or holder. The barangay clearance license can be issued whether the requestor has negative records ornone.

Barangay Challenge System (BDS) ” The BDS grips the differences or situations filed in the barangay and maintains information such as case number, time of submitting, personal details of complainant and respondent, circumstance type (i. e. city, criminal or perhaps administrative), nature of case/dispute, action used by the lupon (i. electronic. mediation, engagement, arbitration, repudiation, dismissed, accredited case, pending case or perhaps on-going) and status of the watch case. The system as well monitors derogatory records of barangay occupants. Any pending cases or disputes will be automatically offered in barangay clearance qualification. The reports generated by system are a. ) Katarungang Pambarangay ” Form 1; b. ) Katarungang Pambarangay ” Form 2; and c. ) Monthly Fulfillment Report ” Part III. Barangay Activity System (BAS) ” The BAS deals with the activities, jobs or applications implemented by barangay. This handles data such as activity ID quantity, name of activity/project/program, outcome, date of implementation, area, fund volume and resource, responsible people and any remarks. The report made by this method is the Month to month Accomplishment Survey ” Component I. Barangay Legislation Program (BLS) ” The BLS handles the legislative actions of the barangay such as regular and particular sessions. This maintains information like sort of session, particular date of conduct, venue, present members, missing members, outcome, fund sum and supply; and any kind of remarks.

The reports produced by BLS are Regular monthly Accomplishment Survey ” Component II and Session Presence Schedule. Spending budget Management System (BMS) ” The BMS deals with budget appropriations and responsibilities of the barangay both for current and continuing appropriations per subject of expenses. It has a choice for supplemental budget and budget modification. A budget can be realigned from expenditure school to another spending class, i. e. PLAYSTATION to MOOE. The information generated by simply BMS happen to be Registry of Appropriations & Commitments (RAC) and Status of Appropriations, Commitments & Balances (SACB). Barangay Record Keeping System (BRKS) ” The BRKS complies while using requirements of Volumes 1-3 of the Fresh Government Accounting System (NGAS) for barangays. All collections, deposits, CM/DM/bank transactions, check disbursements, money disbursements and petty cash disbursements happen to be entered throughout the system and will be automatically placed to their particular registers. The reports produced by BRKS are the pursuing: Summary of Collections & Remittances (SCR-BT), Summary of Collections & Remittances (SCR-DBC), Summary ofCollections & Build up (SCD), Brief summary of Bank checks Issued (SCkI), Summary of Cash Payments (SCP), Summary of Paid Petty Cash Vouchers (SPPCV), Cash Receipts & Deposits Sign-up (CRDReg), Money on Hand and Bank Signup (CHBReg), Verify Disbursements Signup (CkDReg), Money Disbursements Register (CDReg), Small Cash Account Register (PCFReg), Abstract of CTC Collection and Fuzy of Waste Collection.

Barangay Management System (BMS)

This product facilitates barangay management by simply enabling the customer barangay to maintain their resident records because complete and up-to-date as is feasible and as readily accessible for verification, monitoring and reference functions based on the available residents’ census data kept by client barangay. Data offered by this system in the form of comprehensive studies are important for planning, program execution and related purposes. Features:

Automatic Organization Processes ” among the fundamental components of BMS is the automatic assessment feature which will facilitates control of community tax fees, professional tax, barangay measurement fees and other such costs whichare causes of barangay profits. The system also allows for other barangay-related features such as individuals including secureness and peace-keeping operations just like incident revealing, blotter, information and data of the barangay peace-keeping authorities, and other related services. Varieties and Information ” The machine prepares and prints barangay permits and certifications (e. g. Community Tax Certificate, Occupational lets, Barangay Expulsion, etc . ) as well as important reports including Barangay Profile, Socio-Demographic Profile, Residents’ Census Information, etc . Query ” user-friendly issue feature permits easy looking of information depending on chosen parameters (e. g. by simply kind of allow and/ or perhaps certification issued, by date of issuance of permit/ certification, simply by client-name, and so forth ) Standard-based ” adjusts with County Code Sec. 394 (d) (6) which gives that each barangay maintain an updated record of citizens for easy identification of occupants, for use like a planning device, and of up to date reference for the local barangay statistics. Style and Secureness Features ” User-friendly design using easily-comprehensible menus helps utilization of software features. Flexible system helps it be customizable depending on needs and requirements of client Barangay. Employs a back-up and recovery utility for file integrity and security. BMS can also be associated with a client LGU’s existing GIS or Details System which would enable them to make graphically-enhanced demographic profile for each and every barangay. Activity Tracking System

There are many reasons why companies are checking their employee’s computer activity. While improved business usage of the internet provides resulted in innovative opportunities, they have also opened the door for much more potential improper use of business equipment. It will be easy for employees to send personal nachrichten from their workstations, conduct on-line shopping expeditions, access free games, or spend time on websites or other sites that have nothing to do using their work duties. ActivTrak is a leading activity tracking computer software product that employers are able to use. ActivTrak is loaded with user friendly features which make it simpler to effectively track employee activity. Employing ActivTrak, you may monitor several computer users at the same time in real time. You can compile useful statistical information concerning the applications and files employees possess used in conjunction with thewebsites they have visited. ActivTrak software also has an alarm system that can advise you of activity that may be out of the ordinary. Additionally to activity tracking, ActivTrak allows you to chat with computer users and may act as a blocking system to prevent the usage of certain websites or applications. Installed on every single Windows workstation, this activity tracking application allows the viewer for taking a overview of the user’s screen as they are working. The snapshot can be refreshed as often as is necessary. In this way an employer can view real time pictures of multiple users’ pc stations. At the same time it also records complete URL for a internet browser, application usage time and compiles the data in convenient stats. This method of using the titlebar as a basis for collecting statistics makes ActivTrak different from other activity tracking application. Information Systems and Data Management

Report on Related Literary works

Info systems and data administration researchers for UQ happen to be tackling the challenges of big data, real-time analytics, data modelling and smart data use. The cutting-edge alternatives developed at UQ is going to lead to consumer empowerment in an individual, corporate and business and societal level. The researchers are responsible for a sustained and powerfulk contribution towards the management, modeling, governance, incorporation, analysis and use of very large quantities of diverse and complex info in an interconnected world. The quality of our study effort has become recognised nationally and internationally. The 2012 Excellence in Research for Australia work out rated Info Systems research at UQ at the maximum level, very well above universe standard. The QS Globe University Ratings by Subject 2013 positioned UQ’s Computer system Science and Information Devices research twenty fifth in the world. Our researchers have received numerous honours and fellowships, including Fellowships of the Aussie Academy of Science along with the Australian Computer World, Australian Exploration Council (ARC) Future Fellowships, and an Emerald Managing Reviews Quotation of Quality Award. UQ researchers collaborate with global industry commanders in the THIS sector, renowned thought commanders, and a variety of user organisations and communities. These types of collaborations duration application areas such as clever transportation and logistics, normal water resource management, environmental research, socialcomputing, health-related, compliance and risk management, THAT governance, and business procedure management.

UQ recently based a nationwide research network on Venture Information System (2005-2010) that profoundly influenced the Aussie research community in terms of research collaboration, schooling and top quality, and continues to play a top role to promote excellence in research schooling. Research matters at UQ include management of complex and connected with each other data which include spatiotemporal, multi-media, social, technological and environmental data, new computing architectures for real-time analytics in data-intensive applications, and powerful use and governance of information systems.. The University of Queensland: Details System Study in Data Systems and Data Supervision predominantly happens in the School of Information Technology and Electric Engineering and also other schools inside the Faculties of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology; Business, Economics and Law; and Technology. There are also significant contributions in applied research made by the Queensland Mind Institute (QBI), the Start for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) and the Institute for Interpersonal Science Research (ISSR). Information Systems and Data Supervision research is supported by a high efficiency computing lab that provides the capacity to store, take care of and review over 40TB of data applying cluster, multi-core and in-memory computing architectures, as well as advanced data capture and visualisation features. Recognising the critical importance of application individuals in determining and seeking meaningful problems, UQ analysts consistently situation their analysis across a broad range of applications spanning organization, scientific and social websites.

The eResearch group led by Professor Jane Seeker is linked to a large number of data-centric applications in both the savoir and humanities. The group investigates impressive approaches to administration, analysis and visualisation providers for large-scale data series to increase scientific breakthrough discovery. The common goal is to speed up research effects through the showing, integration and analysis of open get data, employing Semantic Web and Connected Open Info approaches. Hunter’s group has attracted financing from Microsoft Research, the Mellon Basis and the ARC to develop ontology-based data the use and reasoning services to get numerous agencies including the Wonderful Barrier Reef Foundation, the Australian Bureau of Figures, and the Atlas of

Living Down under. The research outcomes of the info and expertise engineering, eResearch, and business information devices groups have already been applied to a huge variety of data sets which include GPS and trajectory info, sensor and news rss feeds, multimedia data, social data, bibliometric data and business data. The study has profound implications for brand spanking new applications such as environmental assets management, intelligent transport devices, fleet administration, location-based solutions and promoting, and location-based social networks, all of these can benefit from powerful and successful analysis of large amounts of flight data. Likewise, the work on multimedia search is a key technology for any broad range of critical customer School Area and Demographics System

This new site from your National Hub for Education Statistics (NCES) acts as a gateway to geographic and market data linked to school districts, children, and K-12 education. From the front page in the site, users will be able to get data through the 2000 Census, the 99 Census, intercensal school district demographic info, and maps of school schisme. These latter two capabilities are not however available; the maps continue to be being developed, and the intercensal data “provided limited scope with regard to subject matter updates towards the Census 2000 data.  Even in the nascent levels, however , this website is useful for those looking for data regarding US schools. The help documentation and online details are easy to appreciate, and the info can be downloaded in comma separated value data files or utilized online. One particular particularly useful feature is the district single profiles page inside the Census 2k section, where users may compare info on institution districts employing drop- down menus. [TK] From The Look Report, Copyright Internet Look Project 1994-2001.

PCSX 2 Emulator Database

PCSX2 is definitely the first nintendo wii 2 emulator to use MySQL as their data source. The old revisions is open source and the unique codes can be readily edited. Our system uses a identical database with this program. CHAPTER III

3. one particular Project Methodology

Through this project we all used the machine Development Existence Cycle (SDLC) as asoftware engineering paradigm. The devices development life-cycle concept can be applied in a rage of hard and software designs. A system can be composed of equipment only, software program only, or a combination of both.

Figure 3. Modified SDLC Research Technique

Preparing Phase

We the proponents carried out our conference on how we are going to begin each of our study. After discussing yourself. We came up with BIS (Barangay Information System) After that we discussed which in turn Barangay we will address the study. All of us thought that it would be better to help to make our system appropriate for any barangay in Cebu City. Although we need some Barangay by which we can perform our study properly. We all asked a lot of residents in Sab-a what problem that they commonly come across. We noticed that their very own responses will be almost completely the same. They have problems with slow processing details and files they need. So we made a decision to make an Data System to enable them to properly shop and obtain their crucial documents in a single database. This way it would be much easier for them to carry out their jobs. Analysis Stage

After receiving feedbacks coming from different citizens we conducted another appointment and we the proponents chose to introduce our System to a Barangay. For us to resolve the problems that they encountered day by day. Design Period

These are various ways how the problem can be solved. Therefore we designed our system that would be in a position to secure their particular information. Particularly in storing and retrieving of information. This way defintely won’t be having problems in keeping their documents.

3. 2 Meaning of Terms

Barangay ” A barangay (Brgy. or Bgy.; Filipino: baranggay, [baɾaŋˈɡaj]), formerly known as barrio, may be the smallest administrative division in the Philippines and is also the local Filipino term for a town, district or ward. In colloquial use, the term often refers to an inner city area, a suburb or a suburban neighborhood

Repository ” A database is usually an structured collection of data. The data are generally organized to model areas of reality in a way that supports techniques requiring info.

GUI or Graphical User Interface ” s a form of interface that enables users to interact with gadgets through graphic icons and visual symptoms such as second notation, instead of text-based interfaces, typed control labels or perhaps text navigation.

Data ” s a couple of values of qualitative or perhaps quantitative variables; restated, components of data happen to be individual components of information.

Pc Icon ” A computer icon is a pictogram displayed over a computer screen to be able to help the consumer navigate a computer system or perhaps mobile system.

Computer ” A computer is known as a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a couple of arithmetic or logical procedures automatically. As a sequence of operations may be readily improved, the computer may solve more than one kind of trouble.

Internet ” an electronic communications network that connects laptop networks and organizational computer facilities around the globe Computerize ” to render with or perhaps automate by simply computers

Manipulation- to move or control anything with your hands or with a machine

Program ” a grouping of related parts that push or work together

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