Being a High School Student Essay

A belief which i have come to carry after starting high school is that private schools fall short of the most important benefits that community schools have to offer. I have learned this through my own personal experience of going to a catholic school for nine years, after which transitioning for the public high school that I currently attend. Naturally , the main purpose of going to university is to gain a good education that will help you be successful later on.

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This perception I do keep true; both equally private and public schools grant this kind of opportunity. Although public schools and private universities each offer an entirely several social encounter, and the cultural experience, i believe, is much more useful than the educational experience. Along with increasing an education, component to being successful in every area of your life is understanding how to interact and form relationships with people who also are different from you. In school, the majority of the people I achieved were light, Catholic, associated with the same learning ability.

Daily at college, students had been expected to put on uniform clothing, uniform hair styles, and learn for a consistent pace. There was no places to stay for people with reduced learning paces; everyone was supposed to keep up. Growing up, this is the way I expected all schools were like.

For seven years I had been almost blinded to the fact that people of different religious beliefs and learning pace, possibly physical appearance, possibly existed inside the real world. But the fact is there are more types of men and women than Catholics and speedy learners. That is why, I decided to branch out and try something new by attending a public high school. My junior year of high school was an amazing eye-opener for me.

I actually met a larger variety of people in a single classroom at high school graduation than I did so in my whole grammar school career. I have achieved people with extended hair, short-hair, black frizzy hair, and magenta hair. I use met people who have different beliefs, and others without having religion whatsoever.

I have fulfilled people who are couple of years ahead of everyone else, and others whom are couple of years behind. You will find jocks, musicians, bookworms, while others with pursuits outside the university, but no one is evaluated for that; people can be the person who they want to become. I declare, all this freedom of manifestation was overwhelming to me, nevertheless at the same time, it had been refreshing. Getting together with so many different students, and also educators, with so many different interests helped me that much more considering meeting more people. This kind of experience helped me realize just how valuable the social part of a public high school is really.

In the future, when I go to school and begin my own career, I will be meeting and working with people who have different backgrounds than my own. For this reason, I will under no circumstances regret the decision I have produced in attending a public high school. I have heard adults show me that high school is going to be the very best four numerous years of my life. Until now, they are correct. I am so pleased for a chance to experience a public high school graduation.

I cherish every knowledge and romantic relationship that I have made in my initially three years an excellent source of school to date. Of course , as I move on with my life, I will value the training that high school has naturally me. But it really is the relationships that I make with college students and teachers that I will need with me?nternet site graduate high school graduation and will leave your site and go to college.

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