“The Elephant” by Slawomir Mrozek Essay

The story starts with an outline of the tierpark director. “He regards his animals basically as walking stones of his career. He is reckless about the academic value of his institution. ” Getting in a distant town the zoo is usually not financed and therefore was “lacking all the important animals”; basically almost all they had had been surplus. Sadly, the zoo’s anniversary can be vast nearing, for they are getting an elefant!

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Instead of celebrating the movie director was thinking about his career and chosen to write a page to Warsaw refusing the governments offer. He said that he has a more economical plan and would save the government a lot of money. After hearing the ministries acceptance the tierpark director aimed his men to blow up a big elephant-shaped and elephant-sized balloon.

Being laid back, these men loaded the elefant with gas instead of air, this afterwards proved to be unwise. The following morning, the go up was placed in front of a large real rock and a major notice declared that the elefant is very lethargic and it hardly ever moves. The scheme works excellent until after, a gust of wind blows the elephant aside. This is a tale is a good characterization of the 1960’s Polish Communism.

I have experiences that could be likened to the account. I have found corruption ruin a region. Public servants are being served and spoon fed while the residents are working like ants, scarcely surviving. What is this every for? To pay income taxes, which in turn are the public maids salary, money often thrown away for their individual social lives.

Instead of these people trying to provide us, all of us the individuals serve all of them. These heartless, conscienceless, dodgy officials tend not to serve people at all; almost all they long for is a fame, enchantement and the funds. Being tainted, projects will be being sacrificed “They linked the elephant to the gas pipe, flipped the device and to all their joy in some minutes there were a full sized beast browsing the shed. It appeared real. ” As a result, the general public gets hurt.

Roads, links, dams, community infrastructures are being constructed faster and with sub-standard materials, which in turn like the go up elephant fractures easily. It truly is completely a waste of people’s money. These officials think that that they could mislead the public simply by replicating the “real thing” but in every reality they are only making fools away of themselves. They do not should have to be wherever they are now. The business that I appreciated most is usually when “A slight wind moved the branches of the trees inside the zoo….

At that time the hippo shuddered and rose surrounding this time. ” This kind of passage lets us know there is no secret that could be concealed forever. Regardless of well you keep it, in time it can be exposed. It is better to tell the truth today, rather than suffer in shame afterwards. After all trustworthiness is the best policy. We as humans, especially Christians should certainly strive to become Christ like and avoid is.

In conclusion, I actually find The Elephant to become very enjoyable and at the same time useful. This story is well written by Slawomir Mrozek. Like W. D. Valgardson, Mrozek uses a lots of symbolism which helps someone to understand his message.

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