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Do you wonder what to do with the small gardens? In the event you do not have much outdoor space, there are countless things you can do to have the most out of computer. We have a lot of great design ideas to get the most from your space.


To get the best of a small garden, among the best ideas is planting in pots. Besides being a decorative factor, can make the plant would not grow excessive and you can approach it very easily. If your real estate is hired, the crops in storage units will be able to take them with you since it is not necessary to drill down the garden.

Banks or car seats

A fantastic idea to fully make use of the little space of your yard is to create a bench or seat, between flowerbeds or perhaps large planting pots with green plants. The theory is that the plants cover the dividing walls or fences of the garden, that way you will possess the optical illusion of being in the midst of a forest or new world.

By hiding the divisions and borders, the optical impression of amplitude is created.

Competition lines

The figure or diagonals give the false impression of greater space. This really is one of the techniques most employed by garden designers. By damaging the geometry and right sides, the notion from the dimension of space is definitely lost a lttle bit. Take advantage of this thought, as in the images below.


The optical a result of the showcases of increasing the size of the places is well known, so why not use this reference in the garden. The looking glass will look like a door or window open up onto an additional garden, that will give you a feeling of amazing open space. You can use old, cheap magnifying mirrors, so you need not spend a lot of money.

Walking paths

The paths surrounded by vegetation typically give a sense of space, because you are damaging the real restrictions of the backyard. You can use solid wood, tiles or perhaps stones.

Small gardens with pool

If you want to include a pool and you have little space, these types of images can assist you achieve a yard with clear and very efficient areas.

A small pool area can be sufficient to relax older people or entertaining for the limited ones.

Embellished small landscapes.

They may be decorated in lots of ways and employing various components, such as pebbles, wood, tiles, large pots. In the next image, for example , wood and square stones have been employed, with a tiny fountain inside the center, obtaining a space of big peace and freshness.

Large planting pots in vertical can help all of us add many colorful plants and flowers, without needing very much surface in the ground.

You can hang up lamps coming from a forest or rose bush.

And naturally, colorful pads and gorgeous prints happen to be another useful resource very used, effective and extremely economical.

A central area to make a fire can be a very nice attractive element to savor at night.

The use of distinct levels could be another way to help to make a garden look greater than it truly is, as well as being much more interesting.

With rocks

The stones happen to be another resource that you can use to define and separate areas within the garden, in addition , they allow the soil to absorb water from the rainwater.

This sort of gardens, in which wood is mixed with natural stone, often offers a very comforting feeling.

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