Biopsychosocial Analysis of Maria Andrade Essay

Maria Andrade is 79 years old.

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She found America as a Cuban asylum at the age of 20. She grew up by her grandparents in Cuba. Your woman began doing work at the age of 18. When your woman arrived in Ohio, she could obtain in your free time employment and immediately enrolled herself in ESL classes. Thereafter your woman attended community college for about two years.

Your woman then relocated to Los Angeles due to being recognized to UCLA where the lady obtained a BA in Sociology and a Masters’ in Business Operations. She worked for a personal bank for about 24 years where she met her current husband. She now works to get the Division of Public Social Companies where she gets been employed by about quarter of a century and is considering retiring soon.

She has recently been working for yesteryear 49 years non -stop not including the many years movement she worked well in Emborrachar. Maria got married at the age of 31 and has become married seeing that. I call to mind Maria declaring that even though she is getting excited about retirement and loves her husband greatly, one purpose she is not looking forward to retirement is due to the simple fact that she’ll now have to spend the majority of her time with her husband. She feels the particular one of the factors they have a new long effective marriage is due in part to the fact that she and her spouse have not needed to spend almost all their time together and have been capable of have separate lives from each other due to both of them having full time career with different plans.

The reason I actually mention the marriage is because this lady has been earning a living for 49 additionally years and thus, she will surely have to adjust to a new life it does not include function. Maria also stated that when she retires she will be able to spend more time with her grandchildren and close friends and family. She could continue to be active by gardening, walking, going swimming and any other activity that her mind, body and soul as she puts this, allow her to.

Karen understands the importance of retaining an active lifestyle The new model to get successful the aging process includes mental and physical well-being and has three factors: avoiding disease and incapacity, sustaining substantial cognitive and physical function, and engaging with life (NIMH, 2002; Row & Kahn, 1997). The reason why Maria can remain active now is mainly because she commenced taking care of very little as a teen after both these styles her parents passed from severe circumstances of diabetes. She manufactured a conscious decision to always eat healthy and remain an energetic. She stored this way of thinking also after arriving in a overseas country.

Although diabetes operates in her family, this lady has been able to be free of diabetes and other significant health issues that seem to trouble older people. She feels that specialising in Sociology helped her to understand the value of how living a healthy lifestyle from an early age will assist in the process of aging, In early on childhood, lifespan cycle’s second phase, learning physical autonomy and control over one’s bodily processes, versus waste and question in certainly not learning them, paves the way in which for coping with deterioration in the body in old age (Hillier, Barrow, 9e, p76). At seventy nine years old, since I have known Maria, this wounderful woman has not was on any type of medical leave.

She feels that her parents’ death served being a wake-up require her. She gets that if this were not intended for both of them dying, she may well not have existed to 79 years old mainly because she would have got eventually developed diabetes. Her mental well-being was influenced so much so that at 1 point while still in Cuba, your woman was famished herself to avoid eating the wrong foods.

She ultimately learned what kinds of food had been healthy and unhealthy. Nancy feels that her awareness, intelligence, learning, memory and personality had been affected yet only because she gets that it is section of the natural aging affected process, Normal aging includes stable intellectual performing, capacity for modify, and fruitful engagement with life (Hillier, Barrow, 9e, p122). Your woman admits to once in a while forgetting where she left items. Although her perceptions and memory have been slightly afflicted, she has had the opportunity to maintain a work load of 400 in addition cases.

As i have said before, when she retires, she will be spending a lot of time with family and friends. Nancy and her siblings became even closer after her parents died. Together they will experienced the deaths of both parents and they went together coming from Cuba and have not segregated since. Therefore , she recognizes the importance of getting family and friends within your life, Given their distributed experiences, bros can be a major resource for lifestyle review between older adults, (Hillier, Barrow, 9e, p153). She maintains close associations with her brother and sister as she is the eldest and has always been protective of them.

Nancy and her husband will certainly assume the roles of babysitters for his or her grandchildren. They volunteered to address their grandchildren as part of their plan to continue with their effective lifestyle. Nancy understands essential she and her littermates were to her own grandparents as they had been raised by simply her mother’s parents.

Maria will continue to be an enthusiastic by going for walks, gardening and swimming and can continue with her relationships. Currently the girl meets with her friends once a week because of her full-time work schedule; nevertheless , once she is retired, she actually is planning on ending up in her close friends every other day. The lady knows how important friendships are; therefore , the girl understands that by maintaining her friendships so close to her, she’ll be able to consider them intended for support because she feels that she might require it once she retires, Friendship is extremely important in the lives of seniors people (Hillier, Barrow, 9e p162).

Regarding her husband, she feels that he could be a benefit because she understands that not all people are lucky enough to have a long wedded life, let alone reaching to an older grow older while still having your other half by your side. Maria feels that he has become an integral part of her overall health. He supports her with everything she does.

They both keep well eating habits and daily exercise although she says that this individual protests at times, Marriage retains health: wedded people tend to have higher levels of well-being and better overall health than single people (Hillier, Barrow, 9e p174).

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