A Letter to Seamus Heaney Commenting on His Poetry Essay

Coimisiún na Scrúduithe Stáit Point out Examinations Commission payment LEAVING QUALIFICATION EXAMINATION, 2006 Candidates need to attempt the next: • 1 question from SECTION We – The Single Text • ONE question from SECTION II – The Comparative Research • A SINGLE question for the Unseen Composition from SECTION III – Poetry • ONE problem on Recommended Poetry via SECTION 3 – Beautifully constructed wording N. N. Candidates need to answer about Shakespearean Drama.

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They may do it in SECTION I, The Single Text (Hamlet, As You Like It) or perhaps in SECTION II, The Comparative Study (Hamlet, As You Like It) M SILAS MARNER – George Eliot (i) “The history of Silas Marner has got the magic of the fairy-tale, which will leaves someone feeling very good about persons. ” Create a response to this view with the novel, promoting your solution by reference to the text. OR (ii) “Godfrey Cass is certainly not perfect, but , in the eye of the audience, he is constantly a better guy than his brother, Dunsey. ” Create your response to this statement, supporting that by mention of the the text.

C AMONGST LADIES – John McGahern (i) “Michael Moran undoubtedly adores his sons, but his love adds little to their happiness. ” Discuss this view of the relationship among Michael Moran and his daughters. Support the answer simply by reference to the written text. OR (ii) “Unlike the boys, the women in Amongst Ladies support the other person very well. ” Discuss this kind of statement limiting your focus on the female character types in the book.

Support the answer simply by reference to the text. Page two of eight D HAMLET – William Shakespeare (i) Within your opinion, what is the appeal of the perform, Hamlet, for a twenty-first 100 years audience? Support the factors you make by reference to the written text. OR (ii) “We enjoy Hamlet as much for his weaknesses for his advantages. ” Write a response to this view in the character of Hamlet, helping your factors by reference to the text. E AS YOU LIKE IT – Shakespeare (i) “Rosalind’s attitudes and qualities produce her an extremely attractive figure. ” Do you agree with the above view?

Support your answer by mention of the the play. OR (ii) “The perform, As You Enjoy it, presents various opportunities pertaining to dramatic functionality. ” Publish your response to the above affirmation, supporting it by reference to the perform.

Page a few of 8 A 1. THE GENERAL VISION AND VIEWPOINT “Each text we read shows us with an lifestyle that may be glowing or dark, or a combination of brightness and darkness. ” In the mild of the previously mentioned statement, assess the general perspective and viewpoint in by least two texts you could have studied inside your comparative program. (70) OR 2 . (a) With reference to among the texts you may have studied in your comparative program, write a be aware on the standard vision and viewpoint in the text and how it really is communicated to the reader. (30) Compare the typical vision and viewpoint in two various other texts in your comparative study course. Support the comparisons is made by reference to the texts. (40) (b) Page four of 8 B 1 . LITERARY GENRE Write a speak with be given to Leaving License students when you explain the definition of Literary Genre and show them how to assess the telling of reports in at least two texts from your comparative course. (70) OR PERHAPS 2 . “Powerful images and incidents are features of great story-telling. ” (a) (b) Show how this affirmation applies to among the texts with your comparative training course. (30) Compare the way in which powerful images and incidents happen to be features of the story-telling in two different texts with your comparative study course.

Support the comparisons you make by mention of the the texts. (40) Page 5 of 8 1 ) (a) Do you like the world which the poet explains in this poem? Give reasons for your solution supporting all of them by mention of the the text. (10) Choose a series or two that you find especially appealing and explain why. (10) (b) OR 2 . Write a personal response to the poem ‘Back Yard’. (20) Page 6 of 8 B PRESCRIBED POETRY (50 marks) Individuals must response one of the subsequent questions (1 – 4). 1 . “The appeal of Eavan Boland’s poems. ” Making use of the above title, write an essay setting out what you consider to be the benefit of Boland’s beautifully constructed wording.

Support the points simply by reference to the poetry of Eavan Boland on your course. 2 . What impact would the poetry of Emily Dickinson make on you like a reader? Your answer should deal with this: – Your overall sense with the personality with the poet – The poet’s use of language/imagery Refer to the poems simply by Emily Dickinson that you have analyzed. 3. Write about the feelings that T. H. Eliot’s beautifully constructed wording creates in you and the aspects of his poetry (content and/or style) that help to create these feelings.

Support your factors by mention of the the poetry by Big t. S. Eliot that you have go through. Write a write-up for a institution magazine launching the beautifully constructed wording of Watts. B. Yeats to Giving Certificate students. Tell them what he published about and explain everything you liked in the writing, indicating some poetry that you believe they would delight in reading. Support your points by mention of the the beautifully constructed wording by Watts.

B. Yeats that you have studied. 4.

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