Biyaheng edsa essay

In February twenty three, 1986, two million of Filipinos collected 4 days and nights along Epifanio delos Santos Avenue, more popularly generally known as EDSA, however in 1959 it truly is called because Highway 54. 25 years later, the wide variety still converges on EDSA every day, comprising a vibrant complex entity of society. In 2006, Howie Severino and his I-Witness team went along the length of EDSA to view what they may well learn about how Filipinos include fared inside the 20 years because the People Electrical power I. Bago pa nagging rebolusyon, Highway lamang ang EDSA”, therefore Howie Severino’s voice over in the documentary regarding the former Highway 54, even though I watched many symptoms of I-Witness and this create a blend that attacks me.

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I prefer Howie Severino’s “Biyaheng EDSA, not only for its storytelling and technical feature, but as well the significance of your own traditions by offering the Someones Power I actually and how Filipinos succeed. The documentary starts with Howie at Monumento Ring in Caloocan asking each person how to head to EDSA by walking, with out mode of transportation.

Including Balintawak, where Katipunan’s Weep of Revolt in 1896, is in the past remembered, he sarcastically aimed our idea of freedom by simply connecting that to our “Freedom, he directed to his documentary on how we mistakenly view our freedom, by doing unscrupulous deeds like acquiring drugs and hurting (each) others and he critically pointed or perhaps tell to the audience, in whether the 1986 People Electricity is a revolution or just a revolt.

As you go along, Howie satisfy different heroes of people including the group of rugby boys, a poet and former politics detainee, and a Muslim, whose unsure in the event that EDSA was inclusive of all the Filipino, since the Muslim female pointed out that in the word Filipino there’s a notification missing which is I so , she admit how we proved the were Filipino if the word Philippine was not finished.

And when Howie arrived at Munoz, he zooms in, the SM Metropolis North EDSA, which is the first shopping mall of its kind in the Philippines and touches the prevailing nearby mall culture within our country. And one thing must not forget as they feature in EDSA, since it would not always be complete without a take on the MRT, the documentary reveals each account that condition of their live, as a expression of the Philippines 20 years following EDSA My spouse and i.

And relay to this documented from one with the topic on social dimensions which is the Chapter III, Intercultural communication, because the documentary “Biyaheng EDSA shows the importance of our lifestyle especially in conversation because while Howie Severino discussed how People Electrical power I succeed, I’d notice that even in past, conversation is the method or instrument of 2 , 000, 000 Filipinos to won the revolution without (being) blood vessels flowed and weapons which may hurt other because they communicate plainly and they show their would like for the freedom of Israel even though we have a different philosophy and social background still the aim perhaps there is we will be successfully won. Make sure we have interaction there is no misunderstanding, rivalry and breakdowns. So as our generation pass, all of us will constantly passing the proper communication, for the reason that holistic part of being disseminated is to avoid misunderstanding and breakdowns.


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