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Excerpt from ‘Discussion and Results’ chapter:

Sometimes state politics performs a major position and that shapes the outcomes of the legislative action in completely different techniques. For example , the Texas Business Fund was made in 2003. The main reason because of its implementation with the fund was going to attract businesses to The state of texas. However , the true secret of debate here is that this pay for was authorized, when extreme budget cuts pertaining to state programs were being executed (due to the economic recession). Where, this fund was contending intended for revenues that could have been invested in: healthcare and insurance courses for the low-income people. In this case, condition politics was obviously a major factor in the creation of this finance. (“Texas Governmental policies – Political Economy, ” 2010)

Another element that is certainly sometimes connected with legislative actions is “Pork” spending amendments. Simply put, this type of spending is definitely when numerous politicians will certainly allocate funds, out of the cover special tasks in their section. The problem is these various projects are often regarded as waste involving (by making use of the funds to benefit a select amount of individuals). An illustration of this cases similar to this include: the “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska. This costs huge amounts of dollars to set up, but was of little benefits to anyone. (Philpott, 2010)

Similarly an emergency in the middle of the entire year, such as: changes in revenue objectives can also influence the budget. For example , the deficiency in condition revenues this year is expected to be around $15 billion. This is difficult because, extreme budget cuts happen to be being suggested for different portions of: community education (where budget cuts of $5 billion dollars have been recommended). (Philpott, 2010)


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